Chapter 141 - 141: That Could Be My Family

Chapter 141 of 150 chapters

A strange scene occurred on the streets of the Moonsilver city. A girl running in a hurry followed behind by a crowd of people, including the heads of the most prominent clans of Moonsilver city.

Qin Ruo ran for a long time in search of that familiar silhouette. She reached the spot she saw that figure at and ran even farther but that familiar figure wasn't seen in the slightest.

With a disappointed look on her face, she gave up as she stopped. She couldn't help but be stunned as soon as she turned around. A large crowd of people was standing behind her breathing heavily and more people could be seen running towards them from behind. The people behind her gave a wry smile as they saw her look at them with a strange expression.

"Why are all of you following me?" Qin Ruo asked with an expressionless face as she looked at them.

" Oh, Miss Ruo. You are the heir of our main family in the dragon city. You are our most valuable guest. This city is in a state of confusion right now. When we saw you running in such a hurry, we couldn't help but dread what could have happened to make you so restless. Under the influence of our worries for this city and for your safety, we decided to follow you. I hope you don't mind" The Head of Qin Clan's branch family explained with a wry smile on his face.

"It's nothing for you to be concerned about. I apologize for making everyone worry" Qin Ruo said as she began walking back towards the Qin Clan mansion. Others walked back as well, again making the scene similar. The ones who were still running to catch up to Qin Ruo and others joined them as well with a confused expression on their faces.

Far away from that spot, on the roof of a tall residence, Long Chen was sitting alone as he gazed at Qin Ruo and others leaving that place and walking back.

"Never thought I would see the scene of a guy hiding from a girl again" Xun chuckled as she appeared near Long Chen.

"I am not hiding" Long Chen refuted as he gazed at Xun

"Oh, they why did you not stop when you definitely heard her calling for you? Instead, you decided to ignore her. And when she ran here for you, you decided to hide up here. If it isn't called hiding from a girl, I don't know what "  Xun said with a smirk.

" I'm not hiding from her. I just don't want to see her at this moment. I lost my medallion but thankfully it didn't have my name on it. I don't want anyone to see me here in this city at this time as that might make me a suspect" Long Chen replied with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Oh, why do I feel that it is not the only reason?" Xun said softly as she fell into a deep thought.

"It's time to get going," Long Chen said as he jumped down from the roof after finding the street completely empty.

Long Chen continued walking through the city for half a day as the number of residences started decreasing. It was dusk when he finally reached the edge of the city.

Long Chen was continuing ahead when he saw a small gathering of crowd. Many people in normal clothes were standing there along with many guards. The sound of crying and weeping was clearly audible. Out of curiosity, Long Chen slowly walked towards the gathering of the crowd with a grave expression on his face. Reaching there what he saw shocked him to his core.

Long Chen saw people burying the bodies of the guards that he had killed. People including old men, women, and kids could be seen crying as they gazed at the bodies of their loved ones. A small girl could be seen crying as she called out 'father'. A woman was weeping for her husband.

Even the guards around had tears in their eyes as they saw their friends, whom they had worked with, being buried in the ground. With a heavy heart, Long Chen turned back and left. His emotions were getting out of control as sadness was again engulfing him.

"It's not their family's fault but if I am soft-hearted, that could be my family crying over my grave" Long Chen let out in a serious tone but still pain could be seen in his eyes.

With a heavy expression, Long Chen walked near the boundary wall of the city and using his wings crossed the walls of Moonsilver city as he exited the city. He never said one word in between as he again entered the forest instead of going through the road.

Long Chen hoped to ease his discomfort by drowning himself in battle against stronger beasts. It was a known fact that stronger beasts could be seen, the closer one reached to the edge of Shui as the armies of the kingdom didn't hunt beasts on the border of the kingdom as much as they hunted near the capital city as keeping the capital safe from strong beasts was their first priority. Long Chen knew that every kingdom had a different set of priorities, Unlike Shui, some kingdoms left stronger beasts near the capital so that their younger generation could train and become stronger.

Long Chen only knew about the strength distribution of beasts of his own kingdom therefore he knew that the beasts became stronger as he went further away from the capital city. He was hoping to meet stronger beasts and have a battle to his fullest potential. He wanted to forget everything and lose himself in the battle so that he could perform his best.

Long Chen continued in this forest for more than four hours and fought a few battles before he started feeling slightly better. He decided to rest as he used his hammock and got seated. After feeding the egg, Long Chen began his cultivation for the night. He cultivated for six hours as he used his unnamed cultivation technique.

Long Chen noticed that his cultivation speed was noticeably faster than before.

'Is it because if the blood conversion thing she talked about? If it's like this, I'll definitely break through to the next realm before the time I expected' Long Chen thought but decided to focus on his Cultivation instead of thinking about the reasons.

He continued cultivating for another hour before he decided to stop and take a short nap.

Long Chen woke up the next day, walked through the forest, fought vicious gold realm beasts one after another throughout the day and fed his egg and  Cultivated during the night. Things continued like this until the tenth fast, Long Chen finally exited the forest. He saw the boundary of the next city.

"Finally out of the forest. The battles of the last ten days had been really beneficial though as I have gained more control over my physical strength and achieved a breakthrough in cultivation. I am a 9th Stage Gold Realm Cultivator now. It will be my sixteenth birthday in a few months. It would be so amazing if I could achieve another breakthrough" Long Chen muttered with a smile as he walked towards the city.