Chapter 143 - 143:I Need To Buy It

Chapter 143 of 150 chapters

"Wait a minute!" Long Chen called out in a fake voice as he stopped a person. He intentionally spread his Earth Realm aura.

Long Chen was 5 feet 8 inches tall with a normal athletic build. He used a heavy voice to make him look older and hide his young age. While his Earth Realm aura was helping him by making others feel that he was a man with years of experience.

The man Long Chen had stopped grew increasingly nervous as he saw a Cultivator in a mask stop him. He didn't know the cultivation of the man who stopped him as his own cultivation was only at Spirit Establishment Realm. All he knew was that this masked man who stood in front of him had a cultivation which was many times higher than the strongest cultivator he had seen. The strongest Cultivator he had ever seen was the patriarch of the strongest clan of greyfall city who was a tenth stage of gold core realm Cultivator but the aura the man in front of him was emitting was many times stronger than the aura of that tenth stage gold core realm cultivator.

'An Earth realm cultivator! That's what he must be!' He thought as he grew even more worried. Earth realm Cultivators were at the peak of this kingdom when it came to cultivation. Even the King of Shui himself was only at the Earth Realm Cultivation.

"Greetings to respectable master! What can I do for you, sir? " The man said with a nervous expression as he lowered his head respectfully.

"I am new to your kingdom and your city. I am looking for a place to stay. Tell me the best place this city has to offer?"  Long Chen said as he faked his voice.

" I can help you with that master! The best inn in this city should be 'Starfall inn'. It's the best inn in this city. Although it's pretty expensive, it provides the best of services and facilities that you can get in any inn of this city. It's the first choice of hunters, guests and people who arrive from other kingdoms." He explained while still keeping his head down

"The greatest feature of this inn is that it's one of the safest places in this city to stay in. Starfall inn is run by the Dong Clan which is the Strongest clan of Greyfall city. The patriarch of the Dong Clan is a tenth stage gold core realm cultivator. That's why no one creates a disturbance in the Starfall Inn owned by Dong Clan. Of Course, No one can stop an Earth Realm Cultivator, like the great master in front of me, from doing anything" The man let out as he gazed at Long Chen for a brief moment at the end of his sentence.

"Hahaha, You are a Spirit Establishment Realm Cultivator, yet you were about to guess my cultivation. You're pretty good" Long Chen said in a heavy tone.

" I'm not worthy of your praise, great master. Master's aura is like the rising sun! Of course, this stupid me was able to guess" The man smiled at he said to Long Chen.

"Oh, looks like I was still excluding my aura," Long Chen said as if trying to act like he wasn't doing it intentionally. He stopped excluding his Earth Realm aura.

"So where is that Starfall inn? " Long Chen inquired as he looked at the man.

"You just have to walk ahead for a few more minutes. Great master will be able to see a place with a board with that name on it. It would be right beside a stable" The man explained.

" Alright, you can go, little friend," Long Chen said as he tried to make his words sound like an old man's words. Long Chen walked ahead as he left that man behind.

"I must tell the patriarch that an Earth Realm Cultivator is in our city. If our Dong Clan can get close to him, it would be so helpful for the clan" The man muttered as he hurriedly walked away.

Long Chen didn't have to walk for long before he reached the place that man told him about.

A board was hung on the top of that building with the words 'Starfall Inn"  written in beautiful calligraphy. A small ranch was right beside that building which housed some horses and carriages.

"That's a beautiful horse!" Long Chen muttered as one particular horse inside that stable attracted his attention.

Although its looks were attractive, what Long Chen found interesting weren't it's looks, but it's Cultivation.

"2nd stage Spirit Realm beast" Long Chen muttered. This horse was a Spirit realm beast. There were three horses in that inn that had a spirit realm cultivation. Although this one was at the 2nd stage, the other two were only in the 1st stage Spirit Establishment realm.  Long Chen quite liked this horse. He hoped to have it for his travels.

"I need to buy it" Long Chen muttered as he walked to that stable.

" Who does this horse belong to?" Long Chen asked the man guarding that place.

" These three horses belong to a guest of our Inn. They were pulling that carriage" The man replied with a smile as he pointed at the three Spirit Realm horses and a beautiful carriage nearby.

"That symbol?" Long Chen muttered as he saw a rose symbol on the lavish carriage.

"Isn't that the symbol of the Royal family of the meixu Kingdom? that second rank kingdom on the other side of our kingdom? What are they doing all the way across our kingdom at the borders of ours and Huanji Kingdom? " Long Chen mumbled as he fell in deep thought.

"Whatever, all I need is the horse. I don't need to think about much else" Long Chen muttered as he gave up thinking about it.

"Are they inside?" Long Chen asked the guards.

" Yes, those guests are inside. They are wearing red Daoist robes with that flower symbol on it. " The man told Long Chen.

Long Chen left the guard as he walked back to the Inn. As soon as Long Chen entered the inn, A he attracted the attention of everyone inside.  All the eyes turned to look at him.