Chapter 144 - 144: I Have Kids Of My Own

Chapter 144 of 150 chapters

Long Chen left the guard as he walked back towards the Inn. As soon as Long Chen entered the inn, he attracted the attention of everyone inside.  All the eyes turned to look at him.

'Quite a few strong ones are here' Long Chen thought as he noticed a few Gold Core Realm Cultivators inside, who couldn't help but frown at the sights of a man who was wearing a mask.

From the information Long Chen collected, he knew that this place had two floors. While the ground floor was a restaurant as well as the bar for people to eat and enjoy,  the second floor was the place where rooms were situated for guests to stay in.

Long Chen's gaze was soon captivated by the people in red robes who were sitting at the corner most table enjoying their meal. Long Chen noticed that there were only three people. Amongst the three, One of them was a guy who looked to be 17-18 years old. He had 8th Stage Spirit Establishment realm cultivation. It looked like he had just broken through to the 8th Stage Spirit Establishment Realm a few days ago as his Cultivation Realm seemed unstable. The second person was a girl who also looked to be of similar age, though she had a slightly higher cultivation than him. She was at the peak of the 8th stage Spirit Establishment Realm. The third person was a middle-aged person who was surprisingly a tenth Stage Gold Core Realm Cultivator.

Long Chen walked towards them under the watchful eyes of everyone as he sat on a chair on the same table as those three people.

"Who the hell allowed you to sit with us?" The young girl exclaimed in an arrogant tone as she looked at him conceitedly.

"I can sit anywhere I want and no one here can stop me" Long Chen chuckled as he said. He still faked his voice.

" Oh? Do we know you? Take off that mask and we might recognize you. Why are you hiding your face? It can't be that ugly, right?" The young guy near her chuckled as he said. The middle-aged man didn't say anything as he just stared at Long Chen.

"I don't have time to waste with kids. You look responsible. I will talk with you. I want to buy that 2nd stage Spirit Realm horse from you. Although a Spirit realm beast is too low in my eyes, for my nephew it would be a good gift as his birthday is near and I don't want to give him a stronger beast for now. You have three spirit horses, the other two will be enough to pull your carriage" Long Chen said with a smile but his mask hid his expression.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think we need money? Do you know who we are? We can buy many people like you without batting an eye" The guy said in a mocking tone as he looked at Long Chen.

"Second Prince Biming! Have some respect for the person in front of you. This sir is an Earth Realm Cultivator!" The middle-aged man said loudly as he gazed at the boy shocking both the guy and the girl sitting with him. Even the people who were sitting on other tables heard him and grew stunned.

"I'm not excluding my aura? Did you guess my cultivation because you can't see through it?" Long Chen smiled as he said.

"That's right. I can't see your cultivation and that can only mean that the Master in front of me has a stronger cultivation than me. Which can only mean Earth realm. " The man said with a smile.

" Well, you're right but I might be using an artifact to hide my cultivation as well" Long Chen let out with a smile.

"I highly doubt that from your confident tone" The man let out with a smile.

"You're right," Long Chen said softly as he excluded his Earth Realm Aura. The whole inn was scared silly as they felt this strong aura. Some even stood up from their seats. The middle-aged man grew even more serious as he came in contact with this aura.

'The person in front of me is way stronger than I imagined. The aura he is excluding is way stronger than his Majesty's. He definitely is stronger than the 7th stage Earth Realm! Such a strong existence in this Kingdom? The king of Shui has the same cultivation as his majesty. They are both at the 7th stage Earth realm, While this guy is stronger than both of them. He is definitely from a first rank kingdom.

The only first rank kingdom nearby is Xuan Kingdom which is holding the sect entrance exams! Is the person in front of me a master from a sect of the Xuan kingdom? ' The middle-aged man thought with a grave look on his face as he felt Long Chen's Aura.

"So what if you're an Earth Realm cultivator of Shui? Our Royal father is one as well. He is as strong, if not stronger, as your king. Do you think you can intimidate us just because we are in your kingdom? " The young boy sneered at Long Chen. Although the young boy felt this aura, he still faced it bravely as he said to Long Chen. He believed Long Chen to be a Cultivator of Shui. He didn't understand the difference of Long Chen's aura compared to his father's, unlike that Gold Realm Cultivator sitting right beside him.

"Shut up!" The middle-aged man roared in anger as he stared at the prince.

"Senior, I hope you forgive this stupid kid. I apologize for this kid's disrespect towards you. I will tell his Majesty, about his disrespect towards seniors. I'm sure he will be punished for behaving like this in front of Senior. Also, why don't you come to our kingdom as a guest? We would love to treat you like our valuable guest" The middle-aged man muttered with a flattering smile as he looked at Long Chen.

Both the young girl and the boy sitting with him were stunned as they saw the respectful attitude of the man towards Long Chen. They couldn't help but feel that something was wrong.

"It's alright. I don't mind the foolishness of kids. The Young ones are always reckless. I have kids of my own, they always create so much trouble for me, so I can understand" Long Chen Chuckled as he said. Xun, who was right beside him, couldn't help but laugh loudly as she heard Long Chen's bragging but no one could hear her beautiful laugh other than Long Chen

"I would like to thank the senior for his grace. You wanted a horse right, treat that horse as a small gift to Senior from our mingxu kingdom. I wish we were in our kingdom, his majesty would have personally gifted you a way stronger horse. " The middle-aged man said with a bright smile.

"It's alright, I don't need a gift. I can get one myself if I wanted. It's just that I don't have time, that's why I am buying it from you. Generally, a horse like that is worth 15 gold coins. Here, take thirty gold coins as my payment"Long Chen said as he threw a small pouch towards the middle-aged man who grabbed it