Chapter 146 - 146: I'm The One Being Disrespectful?

Chapter 146 of 150 chapters

"Don't take too many things as you're already having difficulty with what you have. " Xun told Long Chen with a serious expression.

"I think you might be kind of right. I do need to learn the things I already have. Especially alchemy, that can be really helpful in my future cultivation" Long Chen let out with a smile as he imagined himself creating supreme pills and eating them like candies.

"I have decided! I will start practicing alchemy as well. When I go to sell the beasts in the alchemy Hall, I will purchase some spiritual herbs, medicinal plants and other alchemy materials" Long Chen said with a bright smile.

Xun gazed at Long Chen and couldn't help but facepalm herself as she disappeared.

Long Chen rested in bed for half a day as he finally got to rest in a real bed. Getting up in the evening, Long Chen began his cultivation after taking a shower. He cultivated for three hours without any break after which he further continued his body cultivation by using his heart demon. After a total of five hours of cultivation, he stopped. He took out the egg from his storage ring and started feeding it.

"You know little guy, If we measure the total amount of Qi that I have fed you so far, it would be enough to cause a nuclear explosion. I hope you are as amazing as I'm imagining you to be." Long Chen let out with a smile.

After completing all he had to do, he put the egg back in his storage ring. He again fell down to the bed and fell asleep. After a peaceful comfortable sleep, he woke up in the afternoon.

"Time to get to work" Long Chen muttered as he wore his clothes and covered his face with a mask. He walked out of the room and left the inn. He smiled as he noticed that the carriage of the Mingxu Royal family was missing and so was their horses but the horse he told them about was left behind.

Long Chen walked towards the stable. He stood near that horse and tried touching it but the horse resisted his touch.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you? " Long  Chen muttered with a smile as he slowly began spreading his Earth Realm aura making the horse finally submit.

"I can take this one right?" Long Chen asked the person who was guarding the stabbed.

"Yes, sir, the guests who brought this horse here already told me before they left that this horse now belongs to sir, " The guard said as he gazed at Long Chen.

"Take care of this for me for a little while, I'll be back to take it soon," Long Chen said with a smile as he left.

After walking for a whole, he soon reached the entrance of the Alchemy  Hall. As he entered, he attracted the attention of everyone inside.

"What services do you need sir?" One of the people wearing the Alchemy Hall uniform came towards Long Chen as he asked.

"I need to buy the alchemy materials like spiritual herbs, medicinal plants and more" Long Chen let out with a smile, but his mask hid his expressions.

"Oh, of course! You need to go to the first floor to purchase the materials. I'll bring you there" The person smiled as he looked at Long Chen. Although the man was making Long Chen look suspicious, the Alchemy Hall personnel were highly trained in this regard as they tried to be professional.

Long Chen followed the person as he got to the first floor.

"You can get the herbs and medicines you need there. Miss Mia will help you" The person pointed towards the girl standing at the front of the big hall on the second floor who was talking to a person. After pointing out the girl, he left and went back to the ground floor. Long Chen started walking towards the girl.

"Excuse me, I need to buy some spiritual herbs and medicinal plants. " Long Chen said as he got near the girl in his heavy voice.

The girl took a short glance at Long Chen before turning her attention to the man in front of her.

"Can't you see I'm busy with an important guest? Wait for a little, I'll get you the herbs you need in a short time. " The girl said in a grumpy voice without looking back at Long Chen.

"I'm in a hurry!" Long Chen said again with annoyance.

" So what? I'm not free"  She said as she still didn't look back at him.

" Is this how the Alchemy Hall treats its Guests? I never knew it had such an undeserved reputation" Long Chen again let out at dissatisfaction was clear in his voice.

" You..." The girl fumed as she heard Long Chen's sentence.

"Sir, you are being disrespectful" The man who was talking to the girl finally reached. He looked to be in his early twenties and from a well off family.

"Oh? I'm the one that's being disrespectful?" Long Chen couldn't help but laugh as he let out.

"Sir, I'm not liking your offensive tone at all. Please leave this premise immediately as we can't serve you" The man let out in a serious tone.

" Who the hell do you think you are to ask me to leave? Call the in charge of this branch of Alchemy Hall." Long Chen said in a heavy voice.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Why would Master Gu personally come out to throw you out? Young master Shu is his personal disciple who is learning alchemy from him. His words are the words of Master Gu and the final words of this Hall" The girl said in an angry voice as she looked at Long Chen.

"Hmmm... I wanted to leave this city without creating a conflict, but it looks like that's not in my destiny. I wasn't to see how you can get me to leave" Long Chen said with a smile. He saw a chair nearby and sat on it with an amused smile on his face.

"I'll take your challenge" Duan Shu walked towards Long Chen as he reached his hand out towards his collar to pull him up. Unexpected to him, Long Chen moved his right hand as a loud sound echoed throughout the hall. Duan Shu flew through the air as he landed far away. His right cheek had turned red and became swollen as a palm mark became clearly visible.

"Guards, someone is creating violence inside the Alchemy Hall!!! The girl shouted loudly as Alchemy Hall guards came there. They all ran towards Long Chen to grab him.

"I'll have you beg to young master Shu before breaking all your bones," She said with a venomous expression on her face as she saw the guards attacking Long Chen but what happened next turned her world upside down as all the guards were beaten to the ground by Long Chen in the blink of an eye. Painful groans echoed throughout the hall.

"What bones did you want to break? Were you talking about hand?" Long Chen let out as he stepped on top of Duan Shu's hand with force as he crushed his bone, making him roar loudly in pain.