Chapter 147 - 147: Destroying Saintly Reputation

Chapter 147 of 150 chapters

"What bones did you want to break? Were you talking about hand?" Long Chen let out as he stepped on top of Duan Shu's hand with force as he crushed his bone, making him roar loudly in pain.

"Stop!!! Let Young Master Shu go!! You don't know who you are messing with! If you don't leave him right now, you will regret your choice all your life!" The girl said loudly.

Long Chen looked at her as he smiled. Although his mask hid his face, his eyes were clearly visible as they gazed at the girl. Long Chen moved from his spot as he appeared right beside the girl in the blink of an eye. Before the girl could react, a hand rapidly moved towards her throat.

Before the hand touched the girl, a strong aura appeared suddenly as the girl was pushed to the side. Long Chen's hand grabbed nothing but empty air.

A white-bearded old man stood near Long Chen as he looked at him with his sharp gaze.

"Does this respected Sir knows how big of an offense he is committing by creating disturbance inside the Alchemy Hall? " A bearded old man said in a deep voice as he gazed at Long Chen.

"You must be the Branch Master Gu that they were talking about. Branch Master Gu of course I know what I'm doing. I'm just teaching these arrogant youngsters of Alchemy Hall a life lesson. They need to learn that some people should never be offended." Long Chen replied with a chuckle.

"I don't think it is your place to teach the people of my Alchemy Hall a lesson." Branch Master Gu replied with a serious expression on his face as he looked at Duan Shu who was groaning in pain.

"Oh? Does Branch Master Gu think that only the people of Alchemy Hall have the right to attack their guests and others don't have the right to retaliate?" Long Chen replied in a light voice but behind his mask, he was frowning as he wasn't able to see the cultivation of this old man. That only meant one thing. His actual cultivation was higher than Gold Core Realm. He was a real Earth realm cultivator. Long Chen didn't know what this man's actual cultivation in Earth realm was but he hoped it was at a lower stage. If he was below the 8th stage Earth realm, maybe Long Chen could still influence him with his aura of 8th stage Earth Realm Cultivation.

Branch Master Gu gazed at Duan Shu and the girl he had just saved with a questioning tone.

"Is this sir telling the truth?" He asked as he looked at the girl with a thoughtful look.

"No Master!!! He is clearly lying! He entered the hall with an excuse to buy herbs and plants but he started misbehaving with me and touching me inappropriately after finding me alone in the hall!!! Young Master Shu arrived on time and tried to stop him but he instead brutally attacked him. I called for the guards to save us but he was stronger than them and defeated them as well. He was about to attack me when you arrived and pushed me to the side. If you hadn't come on time, this monster would have killed us" The girl started roaring loudly as she gazed towards Branch Master Gu with tears in her eyes.

Long Chen couldn't help but laugh out loud as he heard the girl's words. He kept laughing for a brief period of time as others kept staring at him.

"I have seen many shameless people throughout my years, but I don't think that I have ever seen someone as shameless as you." Long Chen barely stopped laughing as he said while gazing at the girl with his golden eyes.

"You created violence inside the Alchemy Hall and you are the one who is hiding his face. Why don't you tell me why I should believe your words instead of my own people? " Branch Master Gu said as he looked at Long Chen.

"I'm sure Branch Master Gu will think of a reason if he doesn't want to regret this day all his life" Long Chen said with a chuckle.

"You're right, there are several reasons I can think of. First of all, I can't see your cultivation. Which can only mean that you are either using an artifact to hide your cultivation or are way stronger than me. Since you dared to attack someone inside the Artifact Hall, I assume it's the latter?" Branch Master Gu said with a smile. The girl and Duan Shu were both greatly shocked when they heard the words of Branch Master Gu. They realized that they had just offended an Earth Realm Cultivator.

Long Chen couldn't help but smile behind his mask as he finally felt relieved. He had confirmed that this man was weaker than his fake cultivation made him look.

"Your guess would be correct" Long Chen chuckled as he spread his 8th Stage Earth Realm aura. The old man couldn't help but frown as he felt this aura. He was only a first stage Earth realm cultivator and couldn't judge the actual strength of this aura but knew that this was the aura of a Cultivator who was at the peak of Earth Realm or even higher.

"You should teach your disciple some manners, especially that girl behind you. Attacking a senior is already bad enough and she still wanted to accuse me falsely? If it was someone else instead of me, her head would have been lying on the floor by now. It's only because I am so merciful that she is still alive.

"Senior!!! Senior please forgive me!!! I made a horrible and tremendous mistake." Duan Shu's brain worked fast as he thought about utilizing the moment when Long Chen's anger was focused on the girl. He started begging for forgiveness as tears kept falling from his eyes.

Long Chen took his legs off of Duan Shu's hands as he walked towards Branch Master Gu.

"This little miss here didn't have time to help me by giving me the herbs that I wanted… She cursed me again and again and she tried to destroy my saintly reputation. Do you want to give her a suitable punishment or should I do it myself?" Long Chen asked Branch Master Gu in his heavy voice as he gazed at him with a serious look in his eyes.

"Is that true? You denied serving him and your accusations were false? If you try lying to me, I promise you that your ending won't be good. " Branch Master Gu looked at the girl with a fierce expression on his face. The girl grew scared as she took a step back.

"I... I'm sorry...I lied…. Please don't kill me...!!!" She let out as she got on her knees.