Chapter 149 - 149: Are You Stupid?

Chapter 149 of 150 chapters

"Me? I don't have a badge with me as I don't consider myself an alchemist by profession. It's just a hobby for me" Long Chen replied with a smile.

"Oh, Are you saying that you don't carry your badge with you? Just out of curiosity, Which Alchemy hall is senior associated with?" Branch Master Gu asked as his expressions became somewhat doubtful.

Long Chen was stumped for words as he tried to think of a reply. He didn't know much about the places where Alchemy Hall's higher-level branches were situated and he couldn't make up a name either as it might expose his lie if the person in front of him knew about all the branches.

"Me? I'm not associated with a branch. As I said, it's just a hobby for me and not a profession. I only go to branches in whatever area I'm in at that point in time to take the ranking upgrade exams just to test myself as an experience but I never associate myself with any branch. " Long Chen replied in a confident tone as his golden eyes gazed at the man.

'Why do I feel like there's something wrong with this explanation? Is he only bragging about being a high ranking alchemist? That would be such a shameless behavior for such a strong cultivator like him but it's possible. " Branch Master Gu thought with a doubtful look on his face.

"Ah right. That makes sense. By the way senior, I'm having a problem which I think only a high ranking alchemist like you can solve for me. Are you willing to help me out?" Branch Master Gu said as he gazed at Long Chen with pleading eyes.

"What do you need my help with?" Long Chen answered his question with a question of his own as he neither agree to his request nor denied. He had seen the doubtful look on Branch Master Gu's face so he decided to be careful.

"I've been trying to create a 6th rank pill known as 'Yang convalescence pill'. As you know, I need 60 percent purity for a pill to be considered a 6th rank pill. Even if the pill is made with a 6th rank recipe, it won't be considered a 6th rank pill without the necessary purity level. I have tried hundreds of times and I am able to make the pill successfully but its purity does not reach sixty percent. It's an old recipe and some instructions are missing, but still, I need to make it as it is really important. Can senior tell me how I can achieve success?" Branch Master Gu asked with a slight smile.

"Yang convalescence pill? Are you having trouble in bed with your wife?" Long Chen blurted out with an amused look on his face.

"Something like that" Branch Master Gu replied to Long Chen with a somewhat red face.

"I think I can help you by telling you your mistakes, but I won't make the pull for you as you need to do it yourself to learn and grow. Tell me the process you're following for the concoction ?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile behind his mask.

Branch Master Gu soon began describing the steps that he followed while creating the pill. He described each and every step carefully as he occasionally glanced at Long Chen's expression. After a brief period of time, he finished.

" Let me just ask you one thing... Are you stupid?"Long Chen asked in a somewhat disappointed voice.

"What? Why?" Branch Master Gu blurted out with a shocked look.

"You've grown so old and still can't spot such a simple mistake that you're making? Are you sure you're a 5th rank mortal grade alchemist? Is the Alchemy Hall's standard decreased by so much that they're giving anyone their ranks now? Che... It's so painful hearing about such a stupid mistake" Long Chen let out with anger clearly distinguishable in his voice.

The old man's face kept turning red as he heard Long Chen's constant scoldings like he was a young child.

"I apologize, senior, I'm not smart enough to understand. Can you tell me my mistakes to teach me?" The old man said with a downcast face.

"Red Crystal Grass and Nine Yang Root can never be mixed without adding a third component. Although they don't create a violent reaction, their incompatibility can cause the purity level of the pill to decrease !!! Such a simple logic. I can't believe that I'm having to tell such simple logic to someone other than my 5-year-old grandson " Long Chen let out as he stared at the old man. The man's expressions changed as he clearly thought about Long Chen's words. He became stunned to see the plausibility of Long Chen's words

"Can senior enlighten me? What can I add in the mix to achieve proper results? " Branch Master Gu asked with a pleading gaze as he looked at Long Chen.

"Add some finely crushed lingzhi powder and it will be successful" Long Chen smiled as he replied.

"That simple?" The man replied with a doubtful look on his face.

"Do you doubt my words? Do you think that there is a reason for me to lie to someone like you? You can check it after I leave if you don't believe me " Long Chen let out in a somewhat angry tone.

"I would never doubt senior. Thanks for solving my troubles" Branch Master Gu said with a grateful smile.

Suddenly, a few servants entered the room with bags in their hands. They placed all the bags near Long Chen as they silently left. The helper entered as well, carrying a large cauldron in his hand.

"What's that cauldron for?" Long Chen asked with curiosity.

"That is a gift from me to your grandson. He is going to be learning alchemy, so I am sure that he will need a good cauldron as well. The cauldron in front of senior is a spirit grade treasure which we just received from the higher branch. It was ordered by the Dong Clan patriarch quite some time ago, but I don't think that we need to give it to him now. It will be his punishment, for having a son that caused ruckus in Alchemy Hall. It might teach them a lesson" Branch Master Gu smiled as he said to Long Chen.