Chapter 15 - 15 : A Ring?

Chapter 15 of 150 chapters

Long Su's carriage traveled for a little over an hour while he was sitting inside comfortably looking at Long Chen, before his carriage finally stopped.

Long Su came out of his carriage and looked around. He could see that he had reached the Heavenly cliff and finally smiled. He got Long Chen out of his carriage and brought him closer to the cliff. As he was dragging Long Chen, Long Su noticed Long Chen's eyelids moving slightly.

"It looks like this drug's effect was not as good as he had described. It hasn't even been 5 hours, and he is already about to wake up," Long Su muttered to himself.

"Hah. Whatever. It's fine. Even if he wakes up, we are already outside of the Long Clan. At least now he can see how he died with his own eyes," Long Su laughed as he brought Long Chen closer to the edge of the cliff.

Long Chen slowly but steadily opened his eyes. As soon as his eyes opened, the first thing that he saw was Long Su's face. But before he could register what was going on, he felt someone push him as the gravity around him changed. Long Su smiled as he pushed Long Chen over the edge of the Heavenly cliff.

"Goodbye, little bastard! Say hi to your dad in hell for me," Long Su said loudly, like he was worried that Long Chen wouldn't hear him.

Long Chen could see Long Su's laughing face as he fell down. There came one thought in his mind.

"Why... Why..... Why did he do this to me? I never did anything wrong to him. I had never even met him before; why would he do this to me? My own clan member is killing me? Is this the reality of this world? The true face of relations?" Long Chen thought within his heart as he started feeling disappointed.

"Long Su!!! I will kill you with my own hands if I ever survive this calamity! I promise you!!!" Long Chen screamed as his disappointment turned into anger.

Long Su could only see Long Chen's mouth moving, but he could not hear what he was saying. He was enjoying the view of Long Chen falling down the cliff and stayed there with a smile on his face until Long Chen finally disappeared from his view.

He told the carriage driver to take him back to Long Manson. The driver saw everything that had happened there, but he ignored everything as he was only loyal to Long Su. He then started driving back.

While Long Su was going back towards Long Mansion, Long Chen was still falling. After falling for over five minutes, Long Chen had calmed down. At this speed and from the height he fell from, he started wondering if he could even survive this fall on impact. He had already thought that it was nearly impossible for him to stay alive.

Finally, he fell below the fog covering the Heavenly cliff. As he looked below, he could see the ending of the Heavenly cliff. There was a lake just below him at the bottom.  The lake seemed to contain water, but at the same time, it looked different from water.

Although the water looked as transparent as normal water, it was slightly green in color. Instead of being relieved, he grew even more anxious. Long Chen realized that if he fell from such a height, even if he fell into the body of water, he would most definitely be crushed to death.

He thought to himself, 'If I keep falling like this, I will certainly fall inside this lake and die because of the heavy impact.'

He started praying for a miracle to happen, praying that he would survive the impact. Just as he was 5 meters above that lake, he closed his eyes.

He fell into the lake, but strangely enough, there was no solid impact as he predicted. Long Chen felt like he hadn't even fallen into the water. Once he realized that he was in the water, he started swimming upwards towards the lake's surface.

He was so happy that he learned how to swim on the Earth. The original Long Tian did not know how to swim. If he did not know either, he would have drowned right here and right now.

Long Chen started swimming towards the edge of the lake. After swimming for a few minutes, he reached the shore and came out of the water.

After getting out of the water, he laid on the ground.

"What a strange lake… Why was the impact so soft?" Long Chen wondered. He sat up after a brief moment and gazed at the lake. Even after thinking for a while, he couldn't come to a conclusion.

'It looks so normal… Nothing like I ever assumed the bottom of the Heavenly cliff to look like.' Long Chen thought as he looked at his surroundings, and what he saw did not amaze him in the slightest. There were only trees as far as his eyes could see, and he couldn't even see what was on the other side of the trees. He just assumed there were more trees.

"It looks like there is only this lake and forest below the Heavenly cliff. It's so disappointing that there isn't anything interesting," Long Chen muttered to himself.

After looking around for a few seconds and finding no traces of anyone else, he took off all of his wet clothes and put them on a stone to dry.

He then started looking for something to eat. After walking for a few minutes, he finally found a fruit tree. The fruits looked like apples but were golden in color. Long Chen had never seen or read about this kind of fruit, so he couldn't help but be wary about eating them.

"I wonder if these fruits are poisonous? I should probably look around more. I can probably find something else to eat that isn't so intimidating,"  Long Chen thought as he continued his wander.

As Long Chen was looking around for trees with more common fruits, he found a beautiful ring that caught his attention. This ring looked old and ancient, and there were a few strange patterns on it. Long Chen picked the ring up and looked at it closely. Other than a few ancient patterns that he wasn't able to recognize, he couldn't find anything else on it.

"Why is there a ring here? It looks so ancient and expensive. It must be worth a lot," Long Chen questioned as he examined the ring closely.

Long Chen knew from the memories he had inherited that this world contained some special rings called storage rings. The rings could be used to contain various items inside them. He wondered if this was one of those rings. Long Chen tried sending his Qi inside the ring, but nothing happened.

Long Chen had read about storage rings and how they were used. Storage rings often needed someone to send a bit of their Qi inside them to open up the ring or put things inside, but nothing happened when he sent his Qi inside the ring.

'This ring probably isn't a storage ring, but it still looks pretty good,' Long Chen thought with a disappointed look on his face. He decided to wear the ring, anyway.

He decided to place the ring on his right middle finger. Just as he put the ring on his finger, he felt a sensation inside him that was connecting him to the ring.

He knew a lot about storage rings, but he had never read or heard anything about there being a mental connection that occurred between a cultivator and his storage ring.

This time, he tried to send a thought to the ring without using any Qi, and just as he did it, he was able to access the space inside it. He realized that this ring was truly a storage ring, but it worked on a different principle than the ones used in this world.

Long Chen was amazed as he saw the space inside it. It was filled with things that he had never heard about or could ever imagine existing in this world. The most expensive storage ring he had heard about was said to have a storage area of a few hundred meters, but there seemed to be over a few square kilometers of a storage area that was available inside this ring.

Long Chen also noticed that there was something already inside the ring.