Chapter 150 - 150:Duan Clan

Chapter 150 of 150 chapters

"That is a gift from me to your grandson. He is going to be learning alchemy, so I am sure that he will need a good cauldron as well. The cauldron in front of senior is a spirit grade treasure which we just received from the higher branch. It was ordered by the Dong Clan patriarch quite some time ago, but I don't think that we need to give it to him now. It will be his punishment, for having a son that caused ruckus in Alchemy Hall. It might teach them a lesson" Branch Master Gu smiled as he said to Long Chen.

"Hahaha...I like it" Long Chen couldn't help but laugh as he heard the words of Branch Master Gu.

The old man stood up as he grabbed the cauldron.

"It's called the 'Heavenly Dragon cauldron.  It can aid your grandchildren in learning initial levels of Alchemy. I know that senior can probably get him much better cauldrons but I would still like to gift it to him. " Branch Master Gu said as he placed that cauldron in front of Long Chen.

"I will accept this gift from Branch Master. I should thank you instead of my grandson for such a wonderful gift" Long Chen smiled as he said to Branch Master Gu.

Long Chen smiled as he waved his hand making all the bags of herbs and the cauldron disappear from the room.

'As expected of someone from a higher kingdom. He has a storage treasure' Branch Master Gu thought as he gazed towards Long Chen.

"How much is all this stuff worth?" Long Chen inquired from Branch Master Gu.

"As these are only lower-level herbs, it won't cost senior much. Everything combined will only cost two white gold coins. But since senior helped me so much, I will leave the earnings of our branch aside and sell it to you at the actual cost. At the cost, we had to pay for it. You only need to pay 1 white gold coin and Sixty gold coins or you can pay 160 gold coins whatever is convenient for senior" Branch Master Gu said with a smile.

"Alright," Long Chen acknowledged as he gave the money to Branch Master Gu.

"Oh right, when I was coming to this City, some beasts stupidly obstructed me and I killed them. I wanted to leave them there to rot but then I thought why waste it as they can be used for Alchemy. You people buy beasts right?" Long Chen inquired from Branch Master Gu.

"Yea, Of course, we do." Branch Master Gu acknowledged with a confused look on his face.

"Good, here you go then," Long Chen said to Branch Master Gu as bodies of hundreds of beasts appeared inside the hall. As the hall was pretty large, it didn't have much problem keeping such a large number of bodies but still, it created a shocking scene with so many bodies there.

"There are 73  Gold Realm beasts and 153 spirit  Realm beasts of various levels of cultivation. Adding the total value of the Gold Realm beasts that you brought, It would be 2678 Gold coins. Factoring the additional 153 Spirit Realm beasts which are worth 1530 Gold coins, the total amount senior will get is 4208 Coins" Branch Master Gu said after finishing his calculation.

"That's not good enough in exchange for the seconds that I had to waste to kill them but it's fine." Long Chen let out as he heard the numbers.

The man smiled as he handed over the money to Long Chen. Long Chen received 42 white gold coins and 8 gold coins which combined with the 16 white gold coins and 50 gold coins that he had from before, bringing the total money he had to 58 white gold coins and 58 gold coins.

Long Chen and Branch Master Gu chatted for a bit longer, after which Long Chen took his leave and left.

Long Chen left the Alchemy hall as he walked back towards the Inn. As soon as he reached near the Inn, he saw quite a few people waiting in front of that place. The man who told him the address of this inn was here as well along with a white-haired man in green robes who looked to be in his sixties. That green-robed man was at the tenth stage of gold core realm cultivation which alerted Long Chen.

"You are?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at the green Robed man.

"I am Duan Guanli. The patriarch of Duan Clan" The green-robed man said with a serious expression on his face.

"Oh? I've heard about your Duan Clan twice since I came to this city. Firstly from the guy behind you who told me the direction of this inn and that you control the 'Starfall inn'  and maintain the safety of this place. The second time was because of your son, Duan Shu. First impression was a positive one while the second impression was a negative one. I wonder what your intention is for the third impression which you'll create right now. " Long Chen gazed at them with an amused smile on his face.

"I'm not here to create trouble for senior. I'm just here to apologize to master because of my son's sheer stupidity. Although he made a mistake, he came home and told me all about it. From his face, it was clear that he was regretting his earlier stupid actions. After hearing about all this, I immediately came here to ask for senior's forgiveness." Duan Guanli said as he bowed slightly.

"It's alright. Just tell him to tread with care in the future. Not everyone is as gentle at me" Long Chen replied in a nonchalant tone.

"I will heed to master's kind words. Uhmm... Great Master, I bought a gift for you. It took me a whole day to select this gift for master " Duan Guanli said as he looked at Long Chen.

"Didn't I just beat your kid a few hours ago? How come you were selecting gift from yesterday then? Can you predict the future as well?" Long Chen asked with a confused look on his face.

"This gift is not because of my kid. I had already known about master being in this city since yesterday. I had decided to meet with senior since the moment I heard about you. I immediately started looking for a gift but it took me a whole day to find something suitable. I was just about to come to you when I was informed of this incident. " Duan Guanli explained to Long Chen.

" Oh, what gift did you bring for me by the way? It must be good since it took you a whole day" Long Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Here… it is what I want to give master as an apology and as a token of my gratitude towards master"Duan Guanli said as he gave a bag to Long Chen.

"A pill?"Long Chen inquired as he saw a pill inside the bag after opening it.

"It's called a 'life-healing pill'. It's an 8th tier mortal grade pill that is said to be able to heal any physical wound. Although it's not miraculous at the legendary 'Life-giving pills' of first rank kingdoms, it's still very useful and rare. " Duan Guanli described the pill.

" Pretty good pill..." Long Chen muttered to himself.

" Alright, I like your gift. I'll give you a better gift when I return in the future but for now, you can leave as I need to leave and I'm getting late" Long Chen said as he looked at Duan Guanli.

" Of course, I can't let Master to be late. I'll be taking my leave then" Duan Guanli said with any change in his smiling expression at he left with his people.

Long Chen watched them leave and went towards the ranch and got the second rank spirit horse as he hurriedly strode towards the exit of the city.


In a faraway place, there existed an empire ...