Chapter 16 - 16 : Inside The Ring

Chapter 16 of 150 chapters

As soon as Long Chen saw the things that were inside in this storage ring, he was amazed. Only a few things could be seen inside the huge space that this ring contained, making it seem almost empty.

The first thing Long Chen saw inside this ring was a beautiful and transparent crystal necklace. It looked so shiny and beautiful that Long Chen couldn't help but gaze at it for a long time. He brought it out from his storage ring and held it in his hand. He could feel its smoothness and texture. Without thinking much, he decided to wear this crystal necklace around his neck.

The second thing that Long Chen noticed inside the ring was a strange egg.  He had never seen an egg as strange as this. It looked to be the size of a football from his previous world.

Long Chen brought this egg out of the storage ring and tried to study it. The only special thing that made it look strange were the strange ancient characters that were present on its shell which only made it look even more mesmerizing.

Long Chen tried sending some of his Qi to it through his fingers, but he was shocked to see that this egg absorbed all of his Qi like a hungry wolf that hadn't been fed for a long time.

After sending a little more Qi to this egg, he decided to stop sending Qi as he noticed that his Qi had started depleting. After he stopped sending his Qi to this egg, he noticed that there were no changes in the egg and no movements could be felt inside.

Long Chen decided that he would feed this egg a little Qi every day, and maybe this egg might hatch later. He couldn't help but wonder about the beast this egg contained.

This world was vast and other than cultivators, this world also contained many more creatures that Long Chen did not know about.

Amongst these creatures were animals and beasts. Although beasts had similarities to animals, they were different as they were a lot stronger.

Beasts had their own rankings. The weakest beasts were called Wild beasts. Although they were the weakest amongst beasts, they still had the strength similar to a Body Refining Realm expert of the human race. Wild beasts were also divided into stages. The weakest wild beast was a first stage wild beast, whereas the strongest was the 10th stage. This was also a piece of common knowledge in this world that a beast was normally always stronger than the Normal human cultivator at a similar level of cultivation.

Stronger beasts were called Spirit beasts; even stronger ones were called golden beasts, earthly beasts, sky beasts, and heavenly beasts. Their classification was mostly similar to human's rankings. This was the strength system that the humans had decided. It was to make it easier to categorize the beasts based on their cultivation.

Beasts also had various bloodlines. Beasts were also classified based on their bloodlines. While the weakest beast bloodline was called a normal bloodline, the stronger ones were called King grade, Emperor grade, Saint grade, and finally God grade bloodlines.

Beasts with Saint grade bloodline were only a legend in this world, let alone God grade bloodline, which was only said to be a myth.

Bloodlines played an important role for beasts, as these described their potential for cultivation and strength. Sometimes a King grade bloodline demonic beast was way stronger than a normal bloodline Spirit beast at a similar cultivation level. They also had a faster cultivation speed and an easier time reaching the higher Realms. It was similar for stronger bloodlines, which had even better potential.

Long Chen wondered which beast this egg contained, if any. He was excited thinking about the moment it would hatch so he could see the beast who was inside.

Other than these two things, he could not find anything else in such a vast space. He decided to put the egg back in his storage ring and started looking for something to eat again.

Even after looking around for a long time, he could not find anything to eat, so he decided to go back. On the way back, he passed through the same tree containing golden fruits. This time he decided to pick them up and put them in his storage ring on the way back.

Long Chen reached the lake.

"That's better," Long Chen muttered when he saw that his clothes had already dried up. He did not like being naked in this jungle for long, so he decided to put his clothes back on.

After wearing his clothes, he sat down on a stone and started looking upwards, wondering how he could get out. Unfortunately, he could not see any path out.

While Long Chen was looking upwards, he did not realize that the transparent crystal in his necklace had started turning violet in color very slowly.

Finally, night arrived and Long Chen was so hungry that he could not help but take a golden fruit out from his storage ring.

"Fuck it, I'll be here for a long time. I'll die if I don't eat anything. Better to take the risk now than suffer from hunger and still end up eating it. I will take the risk of eating it," Long Chen said as he stared at the fruit.

He decided to take the risk, as he thought that dying from poison would be better than dying from hunger.

As soon as he took the first bite of the fruit, Long Chen felt that all his tiredness was gone. In fact, he felt even stronger than before.

"These fruits are so amazing, only one bite and I'm already feeling so energetic. And they are quite tasty as well,"  said Long Chen as he took another bite and slowly finished this fruit happily.

Although he liked eating this fruit, he decided to only eat one tonight, as he did not know how long he would have to stay down here. After eating, Long Chen began cultivating and his speed of cultivation was just as fast as before.

He thought that he would break through to the next realm soon. After a while, he finished his cultivation and decided to sleep.  He spread a few tree leaves on the ground and went to sleep on them.


While Long Chen was trapped at the bottom of the heavenly cliff, his clan was searching for him madly.

When Sima Ziyi went to Long Chen's room to give him his food, she found that his room was empty. She thought that he probably went out to play again, but even after evening arrived, her son hadn't returned.

She started getting worried. She began searching for him everywhere but could not find him anywhere. At least she decided to inform Long Ren about this. Long Ren was cultivating, but as soon as he heard about Long Chen going missing, he stopped his cultivation immediately and issued a clan wide order to search for Long Chen.

After searching for a while, they finally found some clues. They found out that a few people had seen him inside the library, but no one saw him after he left.

Everyone started searching for Long Chen, including Long Xue Ying who was actually worried about him. Even Long Su started searching for Long Chen and he looked really worried about his safety, but inside he was laughing happily.

After searching every corner of the Long Clan Mansion and even searching in everyone's room, they still did not find Long Chen anywhere.

Inside Long Ren's courtyard, every important member of the Long Clan was there trying to come up with ways to find Long Chen. Long Ren was sitting in deep thought while Sima Ziyi was crying in a corner, worried for her child.