Chapter 17 - 17 : A Dream?

Chapter 17 of 150 chapters

While Long Chen was sleeping soundly near a beautiful lake at the bottom of the Heavenly Cliff, a strange event was happening in that beautiful transparent crystal necklace that he received from this ancient storage ring. That transparent crystal had turned completely violet as if it was the purple thunder of Heaven itself.

As soon as this crystal became violet, it changed from a crystallized form to a liquid form. It took the shape of a droplet of blood, but it was different from a normal human blood drop. It was a completely violet blood drop, pulsating with extraordinary energy.

This blood drop seemed like it contained immense power that could change the Heavens and Earth itself. It also looked like it contained a strange power that was resonating with that ancient ring. Too bad no one could see it, as the only person there was Long Chen and he was still sleeping soundly on the ground. However, even if others were here and could see it happening themselves, they would not be able to understand what was happening.

After changing its shape completely, this violet blood drop started moving and suddenly entered Long Chen's body, going inside his heart as it slowly integrated itself with Long Chen. This process lasted for nearly an hour.

After this process ended, there was a slight change in Long Chen's body. The original blood of his body had started turning violet. Although it was happening at a very small pace on a molecular level, if it continued changing, every drop of his blood would be converted. It would probably take a long time for this to happen, but all of his blood would eventually turn violet.

If Long Chen knew what was happening with his body, he would not know whether to be amazed at the events that were transpiring or to be scared about it. However, Long Chen had no idea that it was happening as he was still sleeping.

That night the violet blood drop entered Long Chen's body, Long Chen dreamt of something interesting.

In Long Chen's dreams, there was a handsome man with long, flaming red hair and golden eyes sitting on a chair. This man had a handsome face that looked unordinary when paired with the demonic charm that he possessed. This person looked to be only 25-30 years old and was wearing a pretty luxurious blood-red robe.

Although Long Chen could not feel the slightest bit of cultivation from this guy, he could feel that this person was a really strong existence and one whom Long Chen was not even eligible to come in contact with.

While Long Chen was observing this man curiously, this red-robed man was focused on writing something in a book. The strange thing was that he was not using ink to write inside the book.

He was using his Qi to write in this book, and his Qi looked like nothing he had ever seen before. It was very dense and powerful. Its purity was nothing like Long Chen had ever seen before.

He could feel that just this negligible amount of qi that he used for writing, was many times stronger than the amount of Qi used in his grandfather's strongest attacks. Similarly, the Qi contained in the attacks of the King of Shui was too weak to compare. Long Chen knew this because he had once seen his grandfather spar with the Emperor of Shui.

Although it was a friendly spar, they both used everything they had, and Long Chen's grandfather was defeated in the end. At that time Long Chen was amazed at their strength, but right now he felt something different.

He felt like comparing this man with the Emperor of Shui would be an insult to a strong person like the man in front of him. Long Chen thought that in front of this person here, even the strongest person in his kingdom, the Emperor, would be like an ant. Long Chen could not even imagine how strong this person would be in reality.

As Long Chen was thinking about it, he realized that he was inside a dream as he could remember himself being near the lake at the bottom of the heavenly cliff, and now suddenly he was here.

Long Chen walked towards this guy until he stood right in front of him, but that person did not look at him in the slightest. It was like he could not even see him.

Long Chen tried talking to him and waving his hands in front of the man's eyes, but he received no response, which confirmed his conjecture that it was all just a dream. Instead, this man was only focused on writing.

After a while, this red-robed man stopped writing and closed his book. He looked at this book for a while with a thoughtful look on his face and just as he was about to get up, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Long Chen saw this red-robed person get up as he put the book in his hand on the table nearby. He then walked towards the door.

As this guy opened the door, Long Chen was able to see the person standing outside. He saw that there was a young girl standing there. The girl looked to be in her early twenties. Although Long Chen could feel that this girl was very strong as well, it was not at the level of this man. From the way she looked at him and the expressions of this woman, Long Chen could guess that she was this man's servant.

The girl gave the red-robed man a letter. After getting this letter, this red-robed man said something to the girl as she left. But he did not close the door, instead he stood there as he read the letter. He smiled a little after he finished reading it. Long Chen could feel that this man was happy about something.

"Such a nice smile," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the red-robed man.

When the man smiled, Long Chen could see how handsome this guy looked with a smile. He thought that if this guy was in his world, no girl would be able to control herself in front of him if he smiled and would fall in love with him instantly.

After reading the letter, this person kept the letter in his storage ring and went outside. Long Chen was shocked when he saw all this.

Long Chen noticed that the storage ring that was used by the red-robed man looked just like the ancient ring that he had found while roaming around this evening inside the forest at the bottom of the heavenly cliff. He was stunned at the discovery.

He wanted to go after the red-robed man as he walked towards the exit, but he was unable to pass it.

"Ahh… this strange barrier! Looks like I can't leave this room," Long Chen muttered as he felt a barrier preventing him from exiting the room.

"Let's see what I can find inside," Long Chen muttered with a smile as he decided to give up. He knew that he would not be able to exit the barrier, and even if he could exit, he wouldn't be able to keep up with such a strong existence.

"I wonder why that guy did not keep this book inside his storage ring before leaving. There could only be two possibilities as far as I can guess. Firstly, either the person who wrote that letter or the content inside was very important to that man which made him leave in a hurry. In his hurry, he forgot to take the book with him." Long Chen muttered as he gazed towards the book on the table.

"The second possibility could be that this book might not be that important in his eyes, and he casually wrote something inside. So he didn't bother putting it in his ring as he went out. Whatever the reason, I should check the book out." Long Chen continued with a thoughtful look on his face

Long Chen walked towards the table as he looked at the book. He picked it up and observed it carefully. He could see that the book was made of some really good material, but there were no actual words written on its cover.

He opened this book and started reading it. It did not take him much longer to finish reading it, but his expressions became strange as he read it. After reading the book, Long Chen closed the book and placed it on the table just as it was.

He was shocked when he read what was inside.