Chapter 20 - 20 : Chaos In Dragon City

Chapter 20 of 150 chapters

As Long Chen was trapped in that place, the whole dragon city was in chaos. Warriors of the Long clan could be found everywhere in the city looking for Long Chen.

They were asking everywhere if anyone had seen Long Chen, and even checking the places they suspected he might have gone to. They were spread throughout Dragon City looking for Long Chen's whereabouts.

There were even a few clashes between cultivators of the Long clan and the other two major clans, the Gu clan and the Qin clan during this time. Although there were only a few minor clashes, things didn't escalate too much, and everything was handled by higher-level authorities of all the major clans.

Although these three clans were kind of rivals, the other two clans had decided not to interfere in Long Clan's search unless they trespassed their Clan's properties.

Even the emperor himself had called Long Ren to his royal palace, asking him about what was happening in his city. After Long Ren told him everything, he gave his consent to keep searching, but he specifically told him that there should be no damage to any property or else the Long clan would have to pay for those damages from their own pockets. And if an innocent was killed during this search, then the person responsible would be punished as per rules as well, even if he was a warrior of the Long clan. Long Ren had agreed to these conditions instantly.

"Why are the Long clan warriors everywhere creating a disturbance?" A drunk, scar-faced person was talking to his friend in a restaurant.

"Don't you know anything? A young master of the Long clan, Long Tian has gone missing yesterday. The Long clan is using all of their forces to find him," His friends told him while drinking beer.

"Long Tian? Isn't that the crazy guy? Shouldn't the Long clan be happy that they got rid of such a dumb kid? They have so many talented members. Why search like crazy for such useless trash who cannot even think like a normal person?" The scar-faced guy asked him.

"Shhh... Do you want to get us killed? Warriors of the Long clan are everywhere. If anyone of them heard you, we will both die without a grave," his friend closed this scar-faced guy's mouth with a scared look on his face as he whispered.

"Although Long Tian is not the best in the Long clan, he is still one of the main bloodlines of the Long clan. Most importantly, he is Long Ren's grandson, and you know how protective Long Ren is of his clan members, let alone his own grandson. Also, I heard Long Ren blames himself for his son, and Long Tian's father Long Jun's death and not being able to protect him, so he cares for Long Tian a lot." That person said to this scar-faced guy.

Many people were curious as to why the Long clan was behaving like this and conversations about this were going on almost everywhere. Slowly, everyone in the city knew of Long Tian's disappearance, but since those people had nothing to do with it, they continued going on with their work as usual.

While things were in chaos in Dragon City, inside the main hall of the Long clan, Long Ren was sitting on the main seat while other elders were sitting on the other chairs. Even Supreme elder Long Hua and Grand elder were here, sitting on Long Ren's left and right.

"Where the hell is Tu Yue, and why can't she be found anywhere?" Long Ren slammed the table as he asked in a loud voice.

"Master Ren, we tried looking for her everywhere, but no one has seen her since yesterday evening after she went out," a subordinate informed Long Ren.

"Are you sure it was her? Why would she do it?" Supreme elder Long Hua asked Long Ren.

"It is clear it was her, I already found out about the security lapse on South gate the day Long Tian went missing. One of the guards informed me today about the 20 minutes delay of shift change on the southern gate on that day, which was due to Tu Yue's orders," Long Ren said in a serious voice, while looking towards Long Hua. Long Hua fell into deep thought.

While the Long clan was searching all around the property for Long Chen, the guards that were delayed on that day due to Tu Yue's strange order started doubting this event and relating it to their delay to their posts. All other gates were heavily guarded on that day except their own. Most of them did not say anything and kept it to themselves, except one.

One of the guards found one of Long Ren's subordinates and informed him of this event, and this subordinate informed Long Ren straight away. Long Ren immediately ordered for Tu Yue's arrest to bring her in for questioning, but they found out she was missing too. She had not returned since she went out last evening.

Because of this event, they started doubting her even more, and now Long Clan's warriors were searching for her throughout the city along with Long Chen.


While lives were being affected due to his absence, Long Chen had no idea about it at all. Long Chen was simply focused on learning this technique so that he could get out of there.

He kept trying to get his Qi out of his body just the way this Martial skill suggested, but halfway through, just as his wings were about to take shape, his Qi would dissipate. He thought that this skill was tough, so he would need to spend more time on it.

Long Chen kept practicing for 4 hours, and finally, he could form his wings and achieved initial success in this Martial skill. Now Long Chen was able to bring his Qi out of his body to form heavenly demon wings.

"This skill is so tough, it took me 4 hours just to get the wings to appear," Long Chen muttered to himself. But if he were to know that even heavenly geniuses took more than a day to achieve the same as he did in four hours, he wouldn't know what to think.

Long Chen looked at his own reflection in the lake and was amazed. Although these wings were formed using Qi and could dissipate, they still looked so real in his reflection. What was even more amazing was how beautiful and unique they looked.

Long Chen could see that one side of these wings were shiny golden in color, while the other side was completely black, like that of the darkness. They formed such a beautiful contrast with each other, which made them look so beautiful and unique.

Long Chen thought that this Martial skill was really amazing.

He then decided to fly up, as it was finally time to go back home.