Chapter 21 - 21 : Mana Crystal

Chapter 21 of 150 chapters

Before Long Chen flew upwards, he decided to grab some of those golden fruits for the future. Long Chen went towards the tree containing the golden fruits and picked them all up, keeping them inside his storage ring.

After putting all these golden fruits in his storage ring, Long Chen went back towards the lake. It was now time for him to fly back home.

Long Chen looked at the scenery below the heavenly cliff one last time, trying to save this image in his mind as it was an experience that had changed his life.

Finally, Long Chen started utilizing the heavenly demon wings. Two beautiful wings formed at his back, one golden and the other black in color. Long Chen finally started flying, as he could feel his flying speed increasing and the rush of air on his face.

Long Chen was so happy that finally, he was about to go home. He wanted to see the expression on Long Su's face as he entered the Long Clan. He thought it would be priceless.

But just as Long Chen flew up to a height of 50 meters, his heavenly demon wings dissipated and he fell back on the ground. Fortunately, he was a cultivator and at the Spirit Establishment realm, so he wasn't hurt too much.

"Ahh, these few seconds of flying have consumed all my Qi, how can I go back home if it is like this?" Long Chen said to himself with a crestfallen and angry expression.

Just as Long Chen was 50 meters in the air, his Qi supply had ended as the heavenly demon wings consumed so much energy. When the supply was disrupted, these wings dissipated. Long Chen realized that this skill had consumed all his Qi in just a few seconds of flying.

"Although this skill is godly, its Qi consumption is also really high. To get back home, I'll need to get stronger. Only then will I have enough energy to fly to the top of the heavenly cliff," Long Chen muttered to himself.

'That works out as well, as I need more strength to kill Long Su, ' Long Chen thought.

As all his plans of going back were delayed because of him not being strong enough, Long Chen just sat there on a stone for a while. After a while, he decided to go for a swim in this lake to refresh his mind before starting cultivation.

Long Chen took all his clothes off and jumped into the lake. After swimming for a while, Long Chen found out that there was something strange about this lake other than its slightly greenish color.

When Long Chen first fell inside this lake as Long Su had thrown him down the Heavenly cliff, Long Chen did not notice this about the lake as his mind was more focused on surviving and also because he wasn't at Spirit Establishment stage. Now that he was swimming inside this lake, he could feel that this lake was full of pure Qi which could directly be absorbed, and would decrease cultivation time.

"Why is the Qi inside this lake much more than in the air outside?" Long Chen started wondering.

Long Chen finally came to a conclusion after thinking for a while. Either it was a godly lake, or there was a source from where this lake was getting this pure Qi from. Long Chen believed that the chances of it being the second option was higher, so Long Chen decided to find that energy source.

If he had an energy source, Long Chen could use it to increase his cultivation at a rapid pace by absorbing the pure Qi naturally from its source rather than cultivating and absorbing the Qi from the air. This way, he would be able to go back home faster.

Long Chen dove right inside this lake to look for the energy source. Since he was now in the Spirit Establishment realm, he could hold his breath longer and could dive deeper without having to breathe. Just as he entered around 100 meters deep, he could see a blue light shining at some distance.

Long Chen instantly started swimming towards that light. After diving another 50 meters, Long Chen was able to see where that light was coming from. There was a shining blue crystal lying there at some distance from him at the depth of the lake.

Long Chen picked this crystal up and put it in his storage ring as he started looking for more. After searching for longer, Long Chen found one more crystal just like the previous one. Long Chen picked it up as well and started looking for more. But no matter how much Long Chen searched, he could not find any more crystals. He also started feeling that he would not be able to hold his breath for longer.

Long Chen decided to give up and started swimming upwards towards the surface of this lake. After reaching the surface, Long Chen climbed out of the lake and wore his clothes.

After wearing clothes, Long Chen took one of those 2 blue crystals out and observed them.

"Finally, something here that I could recognize. Now that I have these, I have the hope of going back home faster," Long Chen said to himself, smiling.

Long Chen had recognized these crystals as Mana crystals. These Mana crystals were the crystallization of pure Qi of nature. These crystals were highly sought after as they could be used for cultivation and could be used as the currency amongst cultivators.

But the Mana crystals that Long Chen had were unique. Long Chen had read about them in a book. He knew that there were many grades of many crystals in this world, but most cultivators generally used poor grade Mana crystal, above which were high grade, then peak grade, and lastly supreme grade Mana crystals.

Most Cultivators generally used poor grade Mana crystals as higher grade ones were pretty rare. In this world's conversation rate, a high-grade Mana crystal was worth a thousand poor grade Mana crystals, and a peak grade Mana crystal was worth 100 high-grade Mana crystals.

As for the legendary supreme grade Mana crystal, it was like a legend as they were the rarest to find, and a supreme grade Mana crystal was almost impossible to see nowadays. The last supreme grade Mana crystal was seen in public over 100 years ago. If it were to be put up for auction, it would be worth over 100 peak grade Mana crystals.

What Long Chen had in his hands were these very supreme grade Mana crystals. He decided to use them wisely.