Chapter 23 - 23 : Meeting Tu Yue

Chapter 23 of 150 chapters

Long Su was worried after hearing the knock on the door, but acted calmly as he asked his servant to open the door. His servant opened the door and came back with a letter after a few minutes.

"Master, it was a guard. He said that someone gave him this letter and asked it to be given only to you. He said that it is really important and that he will regret it if you found out he did not give you this letter," Long Su's servant told him as he handed over the letter.

"It is alright, you can go back now," Long Su said after looking at it for a few seconds. Long Su opened this letter and started reading it. This letter wasn't very long, but Long Su's expressions clearly changed as he read it.

The words written in this letter were:

'Master Su,

I went outside the Long clan to do something last night when I was informed by one of my subordinates that one of them betrayed me and told clan master Long Ren about me. And now everyone in the Long clan is searching for me.

I know that I can't come back to the Long clan anymore and I'm going to some other city to escape their pursuit. But before going there, I wanted to meet you one last time.

I am really grateful for all the great moments I spent with you, and I will always cherish you and those memories. But I want to make one last memory with you and see you one last time before I go.

I will be waiting at the Brave Warrior's tavern in West of dragon city for you until tomorrow morning. Please come meet me one last time.

Yours, Tu Yue'

Long Su finished reading the letter and burned it. Then he looked towards the West of dragon city with a thoughtful expression.

"At the Brave Warriors' tavern in the West... Although that place is very crowded and full of wild people, it's a good place to hide. Still, it is really lucky that Tu Yue could escape the Long Clan's pursuit till now,'' Long Su said to himself in his mind.

'The Long Clan's warriors are everywhere looking for Long Tian and Tu Yue. It is dangerous to go outside right now, and it might bring suspicion to me. But there's a need for it to be done. You helped me a lot till now, so I will be there to meet you one last time.' Long Su thought.

After thinking for a while, Long Su decided to meet Tu Yue and go out. He told his father, Long Hua, that he was going outside to buy some materials. After preparing everything, Long Su went outside and sat in his carriage telling the carriage driver where to go.


While Long Su was involved in his own troubles, Long Chen was cultivating in peace.

Long Chen had already reached the peak of the second stage of the Spirit Establishment and was close to a breakthrough.


Long Su entered the Brave Warrior's tavern with his face covered in a mask. Long Su had already changed his clothes from Luxurious clothes to normal ones. Also, Long Su did not come here in his carriage.

As soon as Long Su's carriage reached near the center of Dragon city at an empty place, he told his carriage driver to go on without him and take a tour of the city, and meet him back in three hours right here as he got out of the carriage.

Long Su had already changed his clothes inside his carriage before getting out so that no one would recognize him as he entered the Brave Warriors tavern.

Inside the tavern, Long Su could see a large crowd drinking and talking.

"This place is so messy and crowded," Long Su thought in his mind as he continued his search for Tu Yue. No one paid him any special attention for wearing a mask as there were many warriors who liked to come here with their faces covered and it wasn't anything special.

Long Su looked around for a while before he saw someone. That person was covered in a black robe and had a mask as well. But Long Su could see that this person's figure looked familiar, and that it was a woman. Hence Long Su decided to check.

Long Su walked towards that woman. After getting near her, he stood on her side and said,  "Yue?"

"Master Su?" that person said in a surprised voice.

"Yes, it's me. Finally, I found you," Long Su said to Tu Yue as he put his hands on her shoulder.

"Master Su, let's go to my room upstairs so we can talk freely," Tu Yue said to Long Su as she brought him towards her room, holding his hands.

After getting inside the room, Tu Yue closed the door and took off her mask and robe. Her body looked just as amazing as before, Long Su couldn't help taking a few glances at her bountiful chest.

"It had been such a tough time hiding from the Long Clan's warriors. But at last, I found this tavern to hide as it is a confusing place and it provides rooms for staying without any identity verification as long as you pay them enough money. The Long Clan warriors had already checked it before when I was hiding in some other place," Tu Yue told Long Su all about her troubles and how she hid from the Long clan in great detail.

Long Su was amazed and understood how she could hide for so long. But Long Su knew that if she stayed here, she would not be able to hide for much longer.

"Tu Yue, I am sorry you got in trouble all this time because of me," Long Su said in an apologetic voice.

"It is fine master Su, I can do anything for you. Although I cannot stay in this city anymore, I'll go to some other city in the meantime and come back after everything calms down," Tu Yue said to Long Su.

"I wanted to go right away, but waited to see you one last time before I go. I wasn't even sure if you would come. I am so happy to see that you did," As Tu Yue said this, she hugged Long Su tightly.

Long Su could feel her big and soft chest pressed tightly to his body. Long Su could not help but put his hands around her as he hugged her back.

"You can always have faith in me, Yue'er," Long Su said as he kissed her.


While Long Chen was busy in cultivation and Long Su was busy with Tu Yue, two beautiful girls were flying towards Dragon city from a faraway place on two beautiful Moonlight swans, which were spirit grade beasts.