Chapter 24 - 24 : Another Dream?

Chapter 24 of 150 chapters

Long Su started kissing Tu Yue as he started moving his hand on her back slowly until he found his way to her butt and started playing with it. After kissing her for a while, their lips separated, and they both looked into each other's eyes

Long Su started taking Tu Yue's clothes off as well as his own until they were both naked. Long Su looked at her body greedily as he picked her up in his arms and brought her towards the bed.


At the bottom of the Heavenly cliff, Long Chen was still cultivating and had already broken through to the 3rd stage of the Spirit Establishment realm a little while back.

"Even after breaking through to the 3rd stage of Spirit refining realm, I have only consumed about 60 percent of this mana crystal's Qi. There is still about 40 percent left. And there is also one more supreme grade Mana crystal left. I can probably break through more," Long Chen smiled as he said to himself and looked at the Mana crystal in his hands. Long Chen then continued his cultivation.


Long Su was lying in bed with Tu Yue in his arms. After spending an hour with each other in bed, they were both tired. Long Su looked towards Tu Yue while she looked back at him with love in her eyes.

Long Su kissed her lips once more, playing with her chest with his free hand during the meantime. After a few minutes, he separated himself from Tu Yue and stood up.

"It is time for me to go," Long Su said as he got dressed. While Tu Yue looked like she wanted more, she gave up and got up as well.

"I had a great time with you Tu Yue, I will miss you," Long Su said as he hugged her.

"I'll miss you too young master Su, I ..."  Tu Yue looked like she wanted to say something but stopped midway as her expression changed, from infatuated a moment ago to heartbroken and sad.

She looked down and could see blood coming out of her chest, where a knife had been stabbed.

"Why..." Tu Yue could barely speak and had tears in her eyes as she looked at Long Su with a pained expression.

"You are a really nice and beautiful girl Tu Yue and I would have loved to use you for longer, but now you are a danger to me as well, as you are the only link that Long Ren can use to get to me. For me to survive, you need to die," Long Su said to Tu Yue with a cruel expression on his face.

"Thanks for the last hour, I really enjoyed playing with your body," Long Su said as he smiled.

Tu Yue touched Long Su's cheeks with her fingers like a loving wife and looked like she wanted to say something, but could not continue and collapsed on the ground.

If Tu Yue was alert, she could have survived and felt his killing intent, as she was only one rank below Long Su in cultivation, at the 7th stage of Spirit Establishment while Long Su was at 8th stage Spirit Establishment. But Tu Yue had no defenses against Long Su, as she could not even imagine Long Su killing her.

"Now there is nothing left that can be used to get to me, but I should get out of here first," Long Su looked at Tu Yue for a while before he put the mask back on his face and went out.

Long Su walked out of the tavern without any trouble and started walking towards the place his carriage was supposed to be waiting.

Long Su's carriage was waiting for him at the exact spot he had told his driver to stand at.

Long Su entered the carriage and took off his mask and clothes as he put his luxurious golden clothes back on. Long Su told his carriage driver to bring him back home. The carriage started moving towards the Long clan mansion


At the bottom of the Heavenly cliff, Long Chen was still cultivating and had reached the peak of the Spirit Establishment realm before his first supreme grade Mana crystal was fully consumed.

Long Chen decided to stop cultivating for today and continue tomorrow as he thought that he was breaking through too fast and should consolidate his realm a little as well as it was already night now.

Long Chen got up and stretched his body a little before walking towards the lake and sitting on a stone facing the lake. Long Chen was wondering how his absence from the Long clan would have affected everyone's life. He also thought that Long Tian's mother and his grandfather must be very worried for him.

"Although I am not your son, now that I am in Long Tian's body, his family is my family. I won't let you be worried for long," Long Chen said with a determined face as he looked in the direction of the Long clan.

Suddenly, Long Chen's stomach started making noises, and he knew it was because he had not eaten for a while. He smiled as he took out more golden fruits from his storage ring and started eating them.

After Long Chen finished eating, he decided to go to sleep.

That night, Long Chen had another dream. But it was a different one from his previous one. Last time he dreamt that he was in a room. But in this dream, Long Chen was in a beautiful city. There were massive buildings, all made from a material he had never seen before, but they looked really beautiful and strong.

There was chaos in this city. He could see hundreds of strong cultivators in golden armor and swords flying towards a person. Long Chen could not even judge their cultivation level but he knew they were really strong, as they could fly at such high speeds.

The person they were running towards was a man with blood-red irises, red hair, and a handsome demonic charm.

It was the same person he had seen in his last dream, just that his golden irises had turned blood red now. In his last dream this guy looked like a handsome scholar, but this time this guy looked like he was bloodthirsty and very angry at something or someone. He slaughtered his way through the realm of Gods, killing every god he could find standing in his sight as if they were just obstructions. He continued moving forward towards the large palace at the center of this city.