Chapter 25 - 25 : Rapid Breakthroughs

Chapter 25 of 150 chapters

Long Chen only had one thought in his mind, as he saw this Red-haired man killing all his opponents. His thought was that this man was like a demon god when he was angry.

The man had a blood-red sword in his hand, which had a few ancient characters on it. Long Chen could not understand the meaning of the characters that were shining brightly. There was destruction wherever this sword passed through. No one could survive its attack.

Space warped as this man swung his sword towards his enemies, and spatial cracks appeared everywhere whenever his sword moved. He slashed towards the enemies, killing tens of them with a single move.

These golden armored cultivators kept attacking this demon god, even using formations powered by their combined strength, but they could not stop this man's advances.

The ground cracked as this red-haired man with blood-red eyes walked towards a certain direction, destroying every obstruction in his way. Long Chen could only think that he was so powerful, he was just like a reincarnation of death itself...

He was also able to see an ancient storage ring on his fingers. It was exactly the same as the one Long Chen had on his finger. The ancient symbols on it were just like the ones on Long Chen's ring and the one he had seen on this guy's finger in his last dream.

After slaughtering hundreds of heavenly warriors along his path, that guy reached a majestic looking palace. He slashed towards the door with his red sword. Space warped and the door was blasted apart.

Just as this red-haired man was about to enter the palace, a large energy wave came crashing out from inside the palace, and a heavy aura enveloped the area, but it was quickly countered by the red-haired man's own aura before it could even get near him. Long Chen could see a silhouette of a person walking from inside the palace towards this golden-haired man. Before Long Chen could see who it was and what happened next, his dream broke and he woke up.

Long Chen was confused at all these events happening in his dreams.

"Who was that person and why was he slaughtering everyone in his sight? In my first dream, he just looked like a proper scholar with a beautiful smile… What was it that he was so angry about, is there a reason I am seeing the dreams related to that guy? Was this really just a dream?" Long Chen talked to himself.

Long Chen's head started aching the longer he thought about it, so he gave up and decided to cultivate and get out of here as soon as possible.

Long Chen got up, took his clothes off, and jumped into the lake to take a bath. After a while, he came out and got dressed.

Long Chen started cultivating using his second supreme grade Mana Crystal.

He was already at the peak of the third Stage Spirit Establishment Realm, so he easily broke through to the fourth stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm after a short cultivation period.

He continued cultivating and finally broke through to the 5th Stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm as well before night fell.

He did not stop as he wanted to use the remaining Qi of his last supreme grade Mana crystal to break through to the 6th stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm as well.

He cultivated all night. His supreme grade Mana crystal finally got exhausted in the morning. Long Chen looked at this Crystal and was disappointed.

"If only it could have lasted a little bit longer..." Long Chen said in disappointment

He had already reached an advanced level of 5th Stage of Spirit Establishment Realm and was so close to reaching the peak level. He was just a single step behind another breakthrough, but the crystal had been exhausted before that could happen.

Long Chen sent his consciousness inside his body to look at his Spirit Sea. It was a place that contained all his Qi reserves. He could see that its size had increased by a lot, and his Martial soul was standing at the very center of this sea.

Long Chen's Martial soul's eyes were closed as it held a blood-red sword in his hands, dressed in golden armor. It just stood there like it was a god of this land. Its facial features started looking a lot like Long Tian. And he could see that the similarities had increased a lot more compared to the time he first broke through to the 2nd Stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm.

Long Chen brought his consciousness out and put this exhausted supreme grade Mana crystal in his storage ring as he stood up and looked upwards. He could feel his body filled with energy. He was already at the 5th Stage of the Spirit Establishment realm and was only 12 years old.

If Long Chen wanted to, he could claim in Long Tian's stead that he was a genius before and was still a genius, but he had his own plans.

"Although I am at the 5th Stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm, I'm not sure if my spirit sea is enough to sustain heavenly demon wings until I reach the top of Heavenly cliff. Time to test it out," Long Chen muttered to himself.

Long Chen started using his Heavenly Demon Wings Martial skill. Two beautiful angel-like wings made from Qi appeared on his back, one golden and one black.

Long Chen started flying upwards. He could feel his Qi depleting fast, but now that his spirit sea was bigger, he was able to fly for longer.

Just as Long Chen was about to reach the top, he could feel that his Qi was almost exhausted. He wasn't even sure if he would be able to make it to the top.

Long Chen put all his efforts into flying and reaching the top, and finally, he succeeded. Long Chen reached the top of Heavenly cliff the moment his wings disappeared.

"If this cliff was a little bit taller, or my Qi reserve just a bit smaller, I would have failed and fallen. Survived by perfect timing," Long Chen sighed in relief as he looked at the bottom of Heavenly cliff, but he couldn't see the bottom as it was covered by fog.

"I am finally coming home," Long Chen said with a smile as he looked in the direction of the Long Clan and started walking towards the North. Long Chen had already known that the Heavenly Cliff was on the South of Long clan, and to go back he would need to go north.

After walking for a few hours, he finally reached the Long Clan's Gates.