Chapter 27 - 27 : Unknown Cultivation?

Chapter 27 of 150 chapters

Long Ren was in a meeting with other elders about what to do next. The meeting included the Supreme Elder and Grand Elder, and the topic of finding Long Tian. One of Long Ren's trusted subordinates entered this room and passed on the information he received from a guard about Long Tian.

Long Ren came running as soon as he was informed that Long Tian had come back and was safe. All the other elders were shocked as they heard Long Tian was back and saw Long Ren hurriedly leaving the meeting.

Most Elders in the meeting decided to go with him. In their eyes, Long Tian was useless since he had suffered a misfortune 4 years ago, and they didn't place any importance on him. However, since Long Ren was worried for him, they needed to seem so as well, at least on the outside.

Long Ren entered the courtyard and saw Sima Ziyi hugging Long Tian tightly as she kept crying. Long Ren sighed in relief as he saw with his own eyes that Long Tian was back, safe and sound.

"Tian'er, you are safe! Grandpa missed you so much. You worried this old man to death," Long Ren said to Long Chen in a voice filled with relief.

Long Ren did not ask him anything about how he went missing and what happened, as in his mind, Long Tian could not answer even if he was asked. Long Ren had decided to keep searching for the answer himself. He had to find Tu Yue.

Long Chen stopped hugging Sima Ziyi as he noticed Long Ren, they then separated. By now other clan elders were there as well.

"It's actually Long Tian. He is back safely!" The Elders said to each other in shock.

'If he is safe and not hurt, that is good, but why couldn't we find him throughout the city when we were searching for him?' Supreme Elder Long Hua was wondering how someone like Long Tian, who couldn't even think properly, stayed missing for so long and found his way back so suddenly. He was curious as to what this whole matter was about. He still did not know that it was all because of his son that Long Tian was missing.

"Father... Our Tian'er has rec..." Sima Ziyi looked towards Long Ren as she said, but Long Chen's voice came midway and interrupted her.

"Of course, grandpa. How can I get hurt so easily? I am your own blood after all," Long Chen said, smiling as he looked towards Long Ren. His golden eyes shone brightly as always.

"Hahaha... Of course. You're as brave as your father was." Long Ren said with a smile, but he suddenly stopped as his expressions changed. All the other elders noticed this as well.

Long Ren went close to Long Chen and kneeled. He faced Long Chen as he asked if he had recovered. Long Chen answered him with a confirmation.

All the elders were shocked when they found out that Long Tian had recovered. The previously hailed once in a millennia genius had returned and was back to normal. Some of the elders were hopeful and looking forward to his future achievements, while some were looking at him with condescending eyes.

Long Tian's golden years have already passed, what can he do even if he's recovered, these were the thoughts in many of the elder's minds.

While everyone was shocked at Long Tian's recovery, there were a pair of eyes looking at him with malicious intent, but no one saw it.

"It is so good that you have recovered... Wait a minute... why can't I see your cultivation?" Long Ren tried looking at Long Tian, trying to find if he was healthy when he noticed an odd thing. He was not able to see Long Tian's cultivation.

After Long Ren pointed it out, all the elders started checking it out and confirmed they couldn't see his cultivation either

Previously, every time Long Ren tried, he was able to see Long Tian's cultivation at the 10th stage of the body refining realm, but now he couldn't see it at all.

"Did someone kidnap you to destroy your cultivation and then release you? Tell Grandpa who it was. I will make sure that a person dies without a burial," Long Ren said angrily.

According to Long Ren, there were only 3 cases in which he would not be able to see a person's cultivation. One is that they were mortal and did not have cultivation, or a cultivator whose cultivation was destroyed.

Second, being that person had stronger cultivation than Long Ren. But Long Ren knew that Long Tian couldn't be in a stronger cultivation realm than his.

The third being that a person had an artifact that could be used to hide cultivation. But that was impossible for Long Chen, as Long Ren didn't think it was impossible that Long Chen had gotten one. Long Ren knew that the artifacts that could hide a person's cultivation were rare and the weakest grade an artifact like that could be was sky grade.

Long Ren did not believe Long Tian would have an artifact at sky grade or above as he himself only had a few Earth grade weapons. So, he thought that only the first scenario was plausible. As Long Chen wasn't a mortal, in Long Ren's eyes there was only one explanation. It was that his grandson was crippled.

"What? You can't see my cultivation?" Long Chen said with a shock. Even he himself didn't know about it as it was the first time he heard that his cultivation level couldn't be seen.

Long Chen started wondering if it was because of his special cultivation technique or because of the secrets of the ring. Long Chen would have also doubted his necklace, which he got from the ring and wore, but he had dropped it somewhere and he couldn't find it, or that's what he thought. Long Chen didn't know that this crystal had already entered his body and was changing his life

"I promise grandpa, I am not crippled," Long Chen said to Long Ren.

"Let us go inside grandpa, we can sit down and talk about everything that happened. After that, I need to go meet a friend as well and take back the stuff that they owe me," Long Chen said to Long Ren in a calm voice as he thought about Long Su and what he had done.

Long Ren agreed and went inside his courtyard with Long Chen and Sima Ziyi. Other elders decided to disperse and go back. As they walked back, the only thing that could think about was that Long Tian had recovered.