Chapter 28 - 28: Answering Without Answering

Chapter 28 of 150 chapters

Long Jin saw Long Chen entering the house and decided to go back as well. He decided that he would meet Long Chen again later and get close to him.

Long Chen entered his room with Long Ren and Sima Ziyi followed behind them closely.

"So tell me, what actually happened? Where were you and how did you recover?" Long Ren asked Long Chen with curiosity in his eyes as he looked towards Long Chen.

"I won't tell you," Long Chen said straight away.

"Why?" Long Ren didn't get angry and just asked curiously, as he could not understand why Long Chen wouldn't tell him anything.

"Grandfather, do you want to hear the truth or a lie?" Long Chen asked with a straight face.

"Of course, the truth. Why?" Long Ren asked, feeling baffled and trying to understand the meaning behind Long Chen's words.

"I won't tell you anything, because I do not want to lie to you since you are my family," Long Chen said, looking straight at Long Ren. Before Long Ren could say anything, he continued.

"It's not that I do not trust you. It's just that there are some things I want to keep to myself. And as for those who tried to hurt me, I will take care of them on my own. At that time you will find out who it was." Long Chen said with determination filling his eyes

Long Ren did not know what to say as he heard this. Long Chen had answered everything he wanted to ask without giving away anything, basically just saying that it was a secret. Long Ren just looked at Long Chen with his mouth open.

"What are you saying, Tian'er? Tell your grandfather everything, he will take care of everything for you. I do not want to see you in danger anymore." Sima Ziyi said to Long Chen worriedly as she held his hands tightly. Long Chen could feel the warmth of her hands.

"It is fine if you want to solve this problem yourself. I won't ask you anything, but just tell me this one thing. Can you handle it yourself without being in danger? Do you need my help to deal with anything? You have just recovered, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. You are only 12 years old, you do not need to put yourself in danger Tian'er." Long Ren said, trying to convince Long Chen.

"It's nothing serious mother, you don't need to worry. And I can take care of it, grandpa, I will be safe. I promise," Long Chen said to them both with a voice filled with self-confidence and determination.

They both finally gave up after trying to convince him a few more times. After conversing about a few more things, Long Ren decided to go back, as a servant came with food. Long Chen had already told a servant to prepare food for him, as he had heard that Sima Ziyi hadn't eaten anything since he went missing from Long Jin.

When the food came, Long Chen started eating with his mother. After they finished eating, Sima Ziyi wanted to stay for longer, but Long Chen sent his mother back saying that she needed to go to her room and rest as she hadn't had a peaceful rest in the last few days.

As Sima Ziyi went back, Long Chen decided to check her cultivation level, as Long Chen was always curious about it. Now he could finally check it himself as he had stepped into the Spirit Establishment realm.

Just as Long Chen saw her cultivation, he was shocked. Long Chen saw that Sima Ziyi was already at the peak of the gold core realm, the same realm his father, Long Jun, was at when he died. He never knew that this woman was so strong.

Long Chen closed the door and went back to his bedroom. He lay on the bed for a moment, as he felt so comfortable lying on the bed after sleeping on the ground for two nights.

After lying down for a while, Long Chen got up and decided to take a bath and change his clothes, as his clothes were already dirty after being in the wilderness.

After getting dressed, Long Chen decided it was finally time for him to go find Long Su. He stepped out of his courtyard and started walking towards Long Su's courtyard.

As Long Chen was walking in the Long Clan, some people ignored him as they still thought that Long Tian was a retard, while some people were whispering about him as they had already heard a rumor that Long Tian had recovered.

While Long Chen was walking, a person came running towards him.

"Young master Tian, there is a rumor that you had recovered and aren't dumb anymore' going around the mansion. I swear I didn't expose you! I don't know how people found out." That person said with a worried look on his face

Long Chen looked at him and smiled as Long Chen had recognized this person. It was Long Mantian, the person who mocked Long Chen when he went to the Clan's practice area on the first day of his arrival in this world. Long Mantian was the same guy Long Chen had beaten and exposed to that he wasn't a retard.

Long Mantian heard that Long Tian had come back home today, so he decided to stay away from him. But just as Long Mantian was walking outside later, he heard someone saying that Long Tian wasn't a retard. As soon as he heard it, he was scared.

Long Mantian thought that if Long Chen heard it, he would misunderstand him and think that Long Mantian exposed his secret and got revenge. That's why Long Mantian was running towards his courtyard, trying to clarify this.

"I know you didn't expose me, I did it myself." Long Chen smiled as he said to Long Mantian.

"But... But why... Didn't you tell me not to reveal this to anyone?" Long Mantian asked him confusedly, as he had first thought that Long Chen wanted to keep the fact that he recovered a secret, which was why Long Chen threatened him to not reveal this fact to anyone.

"You do not need to know why." Long Chen said as he continued walking towards Long Su's courtyard without looking back. Long Mantian kept looking at him as he walked away, feeling confused.

After walking for a while, Long Chen finally reached Long Su's courtyard. Long Chen knocked on his door for a while until someone opened the door.

Long Su's servant opened the door, but he was scared silly as soon as he saw who was standing outside.

Long Chen smiled as he saw the person who opened the door. It was the person he wanted to meet the most after Long Su.

But to this servant, this smile looked like a smile of a demon as he was the same servant who had given Long Tian that drugged tea on Long Su's orders.

Long Chen grabbed this servant by the throat as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.