Chapter 29 - 29 : First Killing

Chapter 29 of 150 chapters

"We meet again, why don't you give me another cup of your famous tea? I liked the previous one a lot. Helped me sleep really well," Long Chen said to this servant as he tightened his grip around his throat with a smile on his face.

"Mmmm... Mmm... For... Give..." That servant kept trying to ask for forgiveness with tears in his eyes as long Chen kept tightening his grip.

"LONG SU! COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!" Long Chen said loudly as he kept looking for Long Su while still holding the servant in his grip.

"Last time you said you broke through a technique and wanted to celebrate! This little brother is here to witness its might. Won't you show me?" Long Chen said loudly, taunting Long Su.

Long Chen looked everywhere, but could not find Long Su anywhere. Long Chen started wondering, 'Did Long Su run away after finding out that I am back? He can't leave the Long clan just like that.'

"Speak! Where is Long Su!!" Long Chen finally started concentrating on the servant he was holding up by the throat. Long Chen released his grip as he asked. The servant fell on the ground just as Long Chen released him, and he started coughing loudly.

"Will you speak or not?" Long Chen asked with anger clearly showing on his face. Long Chen did not know, but while he was angry, his blood conversion speed had increased, although only by a little bit.

"I... I will speak. Don't kill me, young master Tian. I was only following orders," the servant said, grovelling as the tears kept falling from his eyes.

Long Chen grabbed him by his throat again, but this time Long Chen just threw him towards the wall. The servant crashed heavily into the wall, but he wasn't badly hurt. Long Chen had already seen that this guy was a 7th stage Body Refining realm cultivator.

"That is not what I asked, I asked where Long Su is!!" Long Chen asked him again as he walked towards him.

"Northern Black Forest!!! Master Su went towards the Northern Black Forest in the North of the capital city this morning with some of his friends to hunt some demonic beasts!! That is all I know... Please forgive me, master Tian." Long Su's servant told him everything as he continued asking for forgiveness.

Tears kept coming out of his eyes, but in his mind, the servant was only thinking one thing.

'Little bastard, you can only show your measly strength to me, but you are nothing in front of master Su. I am sure you will die when you enter the Northern Black Forest if you find master Su. I just need to endure only for a little longer and survive as you won't ever be returning.'

"You know, I feel pity for you. You were just following orders, I don't even want to kill you anymore." Long Chen said as he turned back.

"But you know, I read a quote somewhere in a book. It said something like 'the soul that had conceived wickedness, can nurse no good thereafter.' I'm sure you're not one of those, right?" Long Chen stopped and looked back at him as he asked. The servant started moving his head up and down like a broken machine.

"Whatever, I guess I won't take the risk. Who knows, you guys already technically killed me once by drugging me and throwing me down a cliff. I do not want to be the one releasing the evil in this world. I am sure you guys deserve it," said Long Chen as he took out his peak mortal grade sword, 'Mountain Destroyer' from his storage ring and slashed forward, separating his head from his body.

Until the moment this guy's body fell to the ground and he died, he didn't believe that Long Chen would actually kill him.

Long Chen realized that he had just killed someone, but he felt strange that he didn't feel bad or sick after taking a life, just as he had thought he would feel in the beginning. Long Chen didn't think about it for too long.

After killing him, Long Chen kept his sword in his storage ring again as he walked out of Long Su's courtyard.

Long Chen had decided that he needed to go to the northern Black Forest and find Long Su. But before that, he decided to go to Treasure Hall and choose a spirit grade weapon as he was already in the 5th stage Spirit Establishment realm now and he knew Long Su would most probably have his spirit grade weapon with him as he had gone hunting the demonic beast.

Long Chen started walking towards Treasure Hall and soon reached it. Long Chen entered the treasure Hall and could see the interior looking as luxurious as always. Although Long Chen already knew how it looked from inside, he was still amazed.

Just as Long Chen took a few steps inside, he noticed Elder Yang sitting on a chair next to the entrance. Elder Yang was the Elder in charge of Treasure Hall.

Long Chen had a good opinion of Elder Yang, as he still remembered that Elder Yang had saved him last time and cleared up the misunderstanding with Long Xue Ying. But Long Chen knew that he couldn't thank Elder Yang for that, as then Elder Yang would know that Long Tian had recovered at that time.

Long Chen started walking towards Elder Yang.

"Little Tian, I heard that you recovered. Is it true? I wanted to come to congratulate you but thought that I should let you rest for a while as you have just gotten back. How come you are here?" Elder Yang asked Long Chen, looking at him.

"Uncle Yang, it is true. I am way better now. By the way, I am here this time to go to the second floor of Treasure Hall and pass through the test and choose a Spirit grade weapon for myself," Long Chen said with a smile on his face.

Elder Yang tried looking at Long Chen's cultivation, but he wasn't shocked when he could not see his cultivation, as Elder Yang had already heard from other elders about this anomaly.

"Little Tian, you know that to go to the second floor, you need to be at least at the 5th stage in the Spirit Establishment realm. I cannot give you any special privilege." Elder Yang said to Long Chen calmly.

Elder Yang didn't even think of a possibility that Long Chen had broken through to the 5th stage of spirit Establishment from the 10th stage of body refining in the 2 days that he was missing.

"You do not need to worry, Uncle Yang. I don't want any special privileges. You know there's a barrier at the entrance of the second floor, and only those who are qualified can pass through. I just want to try it. You do not need to change any rules for me," Long Chen said to Elder Yang while looking towards the entrance of the second floor. A green barrier was shining brightly at the entrance.

"If you still want to do it, then you can go ahead. If you pass that barrier, I will bring you to the place of the test." Elder Yang said to Long Chen as he got up as well.