Chapter 3 - 3 : Dead Or Alive?

Chapter 3 of 150 chapters

Eventually, the masked man moved. He disappeared from Long Tian's sight. Without wasting any time, Long Tian crushed the talisman in his hand.

In this world, medicine, treasures, weapons, and talismans were all categorized by grades. The lowest grade being mortal grade, above which came Spirit, Earth, Sky, and more. Long Tian had only heard about Sky Grade and above but he had never seen any treasure of such a high grade. There was no Sky grade treasure in all of Shui. Even in a nearby kingdom, there was a similar case. The highest grade treasure in all of Shui was only at Earth grade.

The talisman that Long Tian had used was a mid-level Spirit grade talisman called Divine Protection Talisman. It was so expensive that ordinary people couldn't even afford it. Only large clans were able to buy one. Its primary advantage was that it could stop the attacks from early gold core realm cultivators.

Although, after repeated attacks, it could be broken. It would nevertheless provide some protection. This talisman was another life-saving treasure given to him by his grandpa for his protection. It cost a great fortune, but the Long clan could still afford it

Long Tian could only hope that his grandfather would arrive to save him before his shield got broken through. The assassin kept attacking in all likelihood because he knew that it could be broken.

After being attacked repeatedly for 2 minutes, cracks finally started to appear in the shield.

'It would not hold out longer.' Long Tian thought.

"I'll see how long you can hide in there, kid." Said the assassin.

The masked man stood in front of Long Tian with his Knife in his hands. This knife was a low-grade Spirit treasure as well, but it was still weaker than the mid-grade Spirit talisman of Long Tian. Long Tian could now feel qi in the air, getting restless.

"Sky Shattering slash!!" Roared the masked man as he used his Martial technique. Before Long Tian could ready himself, a blinding knife slash came towards him.

Although this skill was not pretty strong in the eyes of a stronger cultivator, from Long Tian's point of view, it looked like a skill that could stir the heavens, destroying the sun and the Moon. As soon as this attack touched his barrier, the barrier broke like shattered glass. Although this attack was strong, Long Tian knew that his shield could've broken off at least one attack like this, but since it was already cracked after being attacked so much, it shattered instantly.

"Flash steps!" Long Tian used his movement skill and dodged the attack, but as the attack was too fast, it was still able to cut graze shoulder. Blood began flowing from the cut.

Although this was Long Clan's movement skill that Long Tian had practiced since the beginning and had high success in, it still wasn't fast enough to save him from the onslaught of a Gold Core Realm cultivator ultimately.

Long Tian grunted from the pain after being injured; blood flowed from his shoulder continuously. Long Tian knew that if he wasn't at the peak of Body Refining Realm and had a strong body, it was a high possibility that his whole shoulder would've been cut off.

Long Tian turned back to look at the assassin, but he wasn't there. He looked around but couldn't find the assassin. He felt someone's gaze lock onto him like a poisonous snake that was looking at his prey.

"Playtimes over, kid," Said somebody from the back.

He turned around, but before he could do anything, a large hand caught him by his neck. He fought to free himself, but couldn't do anything. That masked man smashed him on the ground again and again.

Long Tian felt like every bone of his body was broken. He was shedding blood all around.

"Time to go, he'll be here soon," muttered the masked man before he tossed Long Tian in the air.

Before Long Tian could fall to the ground, a voice came. It was the assassin's voice.

"Roaring Tiger Fist." A fist landed on Long Tian's chest, making him fly off like a broken kite smashing on tree after tree, before finally landing on the ground. His pulse and breathing had stopped.

The assassin checked his body before smiling.

"Mission accomplished," The assassin muttered, but suddenly his face changed. He could feel a tsunami of killing intent coming towards him.

'Looks like he'll be here in a few seconds,' the assassin thought as he looked towards the south. Without wasting any time, he disappeared from that spot.

After nearly 10 seconds, somebody else arrived at that spot. An older man. He possessed a head full of white hair and a long shiny white beard. He was wearing a bright robe with dragons on it. He was Long Clan's Patriarch and Long Tian's grandfather Long Ren. Although he looked old, he was full of vitality and strength.

He looked around and soon caught the view of Long Tian. He immediately appeared beside him. He held him in his arms as he checked on him, but he couldn't feel any heartbeat. He got scared. If anyone else were there, they would be shocked after witnessing one of the strongest men in the kingdom with such expressions. But he wasn't frightened of any enemy; he was scared for Long Tian's safety.

"Although I couldn't save your father, I'll save you Tian'er. You deserve to live and witness more of this world," muttered the old man as he looked at Long Tian.

He brought out an ordinary-looking box from his spatial ring and opened it. Abruptly, a vast amount of Qi spread in the atmosphere. Within that box was an ancient-looking pill with some strange patterns wriggling around. He instantly took it out and put it inside Long Tian's mouth.

"I truly hope that this pill is as miraculous as that person described," Long Ren muttered to himself. This pill was something that Long Ren had received after saving the life of a Mysterious cultivator.

That mysterious cultivator was being trailed by a group of people and was heavily injured. At that time, Long Ren was just passing by from there, and when he noticed it, he decided to lend a helping hand.

He was taken aback to see that the people chasing him were all above the gold core realm and only slightly weaker than himself; they were probably not from the Shui kingdom. But even so, since he was stronger, he killed them all with ease and saved that person.

That guy was extremely thankful and gave him this pill as thanks. He said that this pill was called 'life-giving pill.' Long Ren had never heard of this pill, but the description made him shocked. That mysterious cultivator said that this pill could cure most of the injuries and even revive a dead person, if that person hadn't been dead for more than 2 minutes and if no vital part had been cut off like the head.

Long Ren waited with eager breath for the effects to take place, and finally, it did. He could see the wounds healing with naked eyes. Long Tian's breathing returned as well; his heart started thumping again.

Long Ren was now very happy.

Eventually, Long Tian opened his eyes slowly.