Chapter 33 - 33: King's Sword

Chapter 33 of 150 chapters

Long Chen noticed that there was a Spirit weapon floating in solitude, and no other weapon dared to intrude in its area. Long Chen knew that there must be something unique about this weapon. It was a golden, heavy sword.

Long Chen started walking towards it, and as soon as he reached in front of it, Long Chen could see this golden sword clearly. Long Chen could feel that there was something special about it.

Although physically it looked just like any other heavy sword floating there, there was something unique in it. A kind of arrogance and pride. Long Chen decided that he will get this sword.

Long Chen put his hands on its hilt and As soon as he gripped this sword, he could feel a strong resistance coming from this sword.

Long Chen utilized his full cultivation and kept this sword in its place. But it was getting difficult for him to hold this sword with time. Finally, this sword got out of his hands and slashed towards him. Long Chen dodged this attack on time but was still grazed by it.

Just as this sword wounded Long Chen, some of his blood touched the sword. Although it was completely red, if one were to look very closely, they could see a small particle of violet inside. This sword then stopped in its place, doing nothing.

Long Chen kept looking at this sword for a while, but when this sword did nothing, Long Chen decided to get closer to it, while being ready to dodge at a moment's notice. As Long Chen got closer, there was still no movement.

Long Chen finally decided to touch it's hilt again. As soon as he did it, he noticed that there was no resistance this time. Instead, Long Chen felt like this sword was scared of him when accepting him as a master.

Long Chen wanted to put this sword in his storage ring, but he decided against it after thinking for a moment. Long Chen was sure that Elder Yang would be waiting outside for him and would want to see the weapon he chose.

If Long Chen did not have a weapon when he came out, Elder Yang might suspect that he had a storage ring.

Although Long Chen knew that Elder Yang was an honest man and wouldn't steal his ring, Long Chen nonetheless felt like it was better to not expose his secrets.

As Long Chen looked back after thinking about everything, he noticed that there was no weapon in the room. All the other weapons had disappeared.

"Interesting, Maybe this is to stop people from taking more than one weapon out. As soon as you choose one, other weapons go out of the room." Long Chen noticed a small opening in the room and could guess that all other weapons had entered that opening, going to some unknown place for the moment. Long Chen then decided to walk outside.

While Elder Yang was waiting in the formation room, he saw Long Chen come out from the entrance. He noticed the weapon Long Chen was carrying, and could not help but open his mouth wide.

"Uncle Yang, why are you so shocked? Although I got a peak Spirit grade weapon, it's nothing worth being that shocked about?" Long Chen laughed as he looked at Elder Yang.

"Little Tian, so you know what this sword is?" Elder Yang asked with a weird expression on his face.

"No? Can you please explain more, Uncle Yang?" Long Chen realized something was wrong from Elder Yang's expressions.

"Have you heard about Saint King Xianwu?" Elder Yang asked Long Chen while looking at this sword.

"Of course I have, uncle Yang, in this world who hasn't heard about Saint King Xianwu?"

"He was the first ruler of this continent. The heroic king, known for his bravery and strength. He was the one who brought salvation to humans," Long Chen continued talking. He had known all these from the memories of Long Tian.

"Exactly. Many centuries ago, humans were nothing. We were at the bottom of the food chain amongst all races on this continent. Although humans were able to cultivate and become stronger, we were still nothing in front of other races, especially beasts.

Although we were able to live in coexistence, humans had no territory. That was until Saint King Xianwu came to be." Elder Yang continued telling Long Chen the story.

"Saint King Xianwu was strong and talented since childhood. He was a miracle child, achieving feats that no other human could. When he grew up, he was the one who established the first human kingdom and protected it against invasions.

In fact, Saint King Xianwu was so strong that he even kept extending human territory and made humans into a prominent race. But that's only the simplified explanation." Elder Yang finished explaining.

"Uncle Yang? What has this sword got to do with Saint King Xianwu?" Long Chen still did not understand why elder Yang was talking about Saint King Xianwu when the topic was about his sword. He couldn't help but think, was his sword somehow related to Saint King Xianwu.

"This sword... It's called the king's sword. It is said that it is the sword Saint King Xianwu used when he was in the Spirit Establishment realm and above." Elder Yang told Long Chen, shocking him as he continued.

"Really? Why is it here in the Long clan?" Long Chen asked, shocked. He did not expect that the Saint King's sword could be in the Long clan waiting just beneath the trial of spirit weapons.

"I am not sure. It is said that the Long Clan's first patriarch found this sword from someplace. He allowed every Spirit Establishment and gold core realm expert to make contact with it, and become this sword's master if they were worthy of it. Many geniuses tried, but none could make this sword accept them as the master."

"Long Clan's first patriarch was disappointed, he placed this sword with other peak Spirit grade weapons, and decided on the test to access those peak Spirit grade weapons."

"Only those who passed the 5th level of the test could come in contact with this sword and try to make it accept them as the master. Maybe it was his way to find someone worthy of this sword, but unfortunately no one passed the 5th level since then." Elder Yang finished telling Long Chen.

"Even though you passed the 5th level of this test, I still cannot believe this arrogant sword recognized you as master." Elder Yang continued looking at this sword.

This sword started buzzing like it was getting angry at someone calling it arrogant. Long Chen couldn't help but smile at this childlike behavior.

"Maybe it's my lucky day." Long Chen joked as he looked at Elder Yang.

"Uncle Yang, it is getting late, I have something else to do, I should be going now. I will see you later." Long Chen decided to say his farewell as now that he had the weapon it was time to finish what was left.