Chapter 34 - 34: From The Royal Clan?

Chapter 34 of 150 chapters

As Long Chen walked out of the treasure Hall, Elder Yang stood there silently. After a while, he walked out as well, going towards the center of the Long clan, the place where Long Clan's patriarch Long Ren lived.

Long Chen walked out of Treasure Hall and started walking towards his mother's courtyard as he wanted to tell her before going, since Long Chen did not want to worry her and realized that this trip may take a long time.

On his way, Long Chen noticed the skill hall but decided against going inside. As he had faith in the skills he had, and also because Long Chen thought that even if he chose a Spirit grade Martial Skill now, he would not be able to master it in such a short time.

As Long Chen reached his mother's courtyard, he knocked on the door. As soon as Sima Ziyi opened the door, Long Chen told her that he will be going out for a while, Long Chen told her that since he has recovered now, he wanted to continue training. Long Chen told her that he wanted to go to the northern Black forest and fight some wild beasts and increase his strength and that it might take a few days at most until his return.

Sima Ziyi was against it, but Long Chen lied to her saying that grandfather had given him permission and 2 peak golden core protectors this time for his safety. He affirmed to her that he will be fine and that she has no need to worry.

"Alright, since father-in-law had already agreed and gave you two peak gold core protectors and the northern black forest don't have any beast stronger than in the spirit realm. I will allow it this time." In front of Long Chen's constant requests, Sima Ziyi finally agreed.

"Wait for a little bit, I will get someone to pack some food for you. When are you leaving?" Sima Ziyi asked.

"Ahem… Right now if possible." Long Chen asked, looking in her eyes.

Sima Ziyi was shocked but calmed herself down and hurriedly left the room and got the food prepared and packed. Long Chen was amazed when he saw how much food was prepared. It was probably enough to say that this food would last him longer than a week.

Long Chen said his farewell to Sima Ziyi as he walked towards the North exit of Long Clan. His luxurious carriage was already prepared and waiting there for him as he had anyway told a servant before going out today to get everything prepared. Long Chen entered the carriage as it started driving towards Northern territory of dragon city.

As Long Chen left the mansion, Elder Yang was coming back from Long Ren's courtyard. He went there to tell Long Ren about what happened on the second floor of Treasure Hall, and his grandson's wonderful achievement.

Just as Elder Yang reached Long Ren's courtyard, he was informed that Patriarch Long Ren had left the clan a little while ago.

Elder Yang was told that Long Ren went to a nearby city for some important purpose and that they did not know when they'll be back. Elder Yang could do nothing but come back to treasure Hall and wait for Long Ren to return.

While Long Chen's carriage was going towards the Northern black forest, he was comfortably sitting inside reading a book. When Long Chen was on Earth, he did not read many books in his free time, except the ones related to his studies, that too only when the exams neared.

But now Long Chen realized that reading books and gaining knowledge had become one of his hobbies. He felt like maybe it was the influence of Long Tian's memories that made him like this but for the moment he enjoyed this hobby.

While Long Chen was reading, his carriage was passing through streets without any problem. No one dared obstruct Long Clan's carriage. After a while, this carriage finally entered the northern territory of dragon city.

Long Chen opened the window of his carriage and looked outside.

Long Chen noticed that this territory wasn't as flourished as the southern territory that the Long clan resided in. Long Chen knew that it was because there were no great families residing in this territory and managing it. As Qin and Gu clan had occupied the Eastern and Western territory, respectively.

Another reason being that this territory was not that rich in resources. Although it was not bad, it was not great either. The houses were not luxurious and fancy, but they weren't poor and weak either. Since it was still a part of the royal city of Shui, the Royal family somewhat maintained the standard of living here.

After riding through the northern territory for a while, Long Chen's carriage finally reached the northern territory's edge, where the northern black forest was located.

Long Chen got out of the carriage, told his carriage driver to stay here and wait for his return. As Long Chen looked nearby, Long Chen noticed there were two more carriages already present here.

He recognized both these carriages through the symbol inscribed on them. One carriage had a dragon symbol on it and looked just like Long Chen's carriage. Long Chen guessed that it was Long Su's carriage, proving that he was here.

What shocked Long Chen the most was the second carriage. Long Chen could see that there was a moon symbol on this carriage.

"Why are they here?" Long Chen muttered to himself as he looked at this carriage.

Long Chen knew what this moon symbol signified. It was the symbol of Yue Clan, the symbol of the royal family of the Shui kingdom.

'Someone from the Royal family is here too, but why? It will be problematic if whoever it is, is with Long Su. I need to find out who it is.' Long Chen thought to himself as he started walking towards this carriage.

He could see the carriage driver sitting there with his eyes closed.

"Excuse me. Can you tell me who arrived in this carriage?" Long Chen asked the carriage driver as he got closer.

"Get lost, can't you see it's the royal family's carriage," that carriage driver scolded as he opened his eyes. But as soon as he saw Long Chen's luxurious clothes and the dragon symbol on his golden robe, he shut his mouth.

He looked around and noticed the third carriage that just arrived there. Sure enough, it was from the Long clan. Although he was a driver of the royal family's carriage, he did not dare offend someone from the main bloodline of the 3 major clans. He realized this after seeing that this 12-13-year-old kid was allowed to have his own private carriage, there was no way that this kid wasn't someone important. He knew that this person in front of him was probably from the main bloodline of the Long clan.

"Young master Long, I apologize for not recognizing you. Since I arrived here, there had been many people who entered this forest, but before entering they all asked me this same question. I thought it was someone like that again. I did not realize it was someone from the Long clan." The carriage driver said to Long Chen while apologizing

"It is alright, I am Long Tian from the Long clan, so can you tell me who arrived in this carriage? I noticed someone else from my Long clan arrived here as well. Did they go inside together?" Long Chen continued asking.