Chapter 35 - 35: Entering Black Forest

Chapter 35 of 150 chapters

That carriage driver was shocked when he heard Long Chen calling himself Long Tian. He had been a servant of the royal family for a long time, so of course, he knew who Long Tian was.

The heavenly genius of the Shui kingdom who was destroyed before he could flourish. The most favourite grandson of Long Clan's patriarch, Long Ren. He could not understand how Long Tian could be standing in front of him talking to himself.

"You must be jesting young master Long. Everyone knows that young master Long Tian is... I mean that he cannot mentally function like a normal boy anymore, I am sure you also know Young master Long Tian had never come out from his clan mansion in the last 4 years since the attack on him." Long Chen understood that this guy was about to call Long Tian a retard, but controlled himself, noticing that he was in front of a long clan member.

"Hahaha, you are right, you are pretty smart. I am Long Chen. I have been training alone in the Long clan since the start so I am sure not many people will know about me." Long Chen changed the topic agreeing with that carriage driver as Long Chen did not want to waste any more time trying to prove his identity.

"Indeed, young master Chen, I have never heard of you, but since you can use that golden carriage, you must have an important position in the clan?" Long Chen could see that this carriage driver was trying to get information about his identity out of him.

"Just so-so." Long Chen replied.

"Anyway, you did not tell me who arrived in this carriage, and did they go inside together with someone from the Long clan?" Long Chen continued asking.

"No. When we arrived then the Long Clan's carriage was already there, we don't even know who arrived in it. As for our carriage, His highness the second prince and the 3rd princess both arrived in this carriage together. As for what purpose they came here, I wouldn't be able to tell you even if I knew." He answered Long Chen's questions as he looked at him.

"Oh, second prince and third princess. Thanks for informing me, I will be going now." Long Chen said as he walked inside the forest as well.

"Since he's from the main bloodline of the Long clan and is brave enough to come here, he must be pretty strong. Still, it's strange that I was not able to sense any cultivation from him." That carriage driver looked Towards Long Chen as he muttered to himself.

Long Chen entered the forest. He could see that there were various plants and trees in the forest. Long Chen spread his divine sense around him, which covered an area of 200 meters, but Long Chen could not sense any presence.

Divine sense was an ability that every Spirit Establishment cultivator had, it was mainly used to sense the surroundings and keep an eye on nearby areas, but its uses increased with an increase in realms of their cultivation. Long Chen had read about the range of divine sense in every stage of the Spirit Establishment realm.

First stage Spirit Establishment realm cultivator having divine sense range of 10 meters, its range kept increasing with the increase in cultivation. But Long Chen knew that his divine sense was different as well.

As generally a 5th stage Spirit Establishment realm cultivator will have a divine sense range of 50 meters, but Long Chen already had a range of 200 meters while being in the same realm. In terms of divine sense range, Long Chen knew that he was already slightly Superior to normal 10th stage Spirit Establishment realm.

As Long Chen didn't find anything near him, even after spreading his divine sense, Long Chen knew there were no beasts or humans nearby. Long Chen guessed it was probably because he was still on the outer edge of the forest. Long Chen decided to go deeper as he needed to find Long Su.

Long Chen walked for 10 minutes but still did not find any beast, but he found many medicinal herbs on the way, as Long Tian read a lot, he always had good knowledge about the medicinal plants. With the help of this knowledge, Long Chen kept picking up useful medicinal plants and putting them in his storage ring.

After walking for a little more, Long Chen met his first beast. It was a stone crushing bear having a strength of the 4th stage of the Spirit Establishment realm. Long Chen knew that stone crushing bears had a high defense and attack but less agility. Still, instead of using his agility to defeat this Spirit beast, Long Chen decided to use his strength.

Long Chen was pretty confident about his strength against a 4th stage Spirit beast, stone crushing bear. That's why Long Chen did not even bring out his King's sword and only took out his Mountain destroyer. Long Chen stood still with a sword in his head.

"Seven forms of saint sword: first form - cleansing."

Long Chen attacked with his sword before this beast could even understand what was happening head was separated from his body and it had died. Long Chen decided to keep the body of this stone crushing bear in his storage ring as Long Chen had a lot of free space in there and if he needed it in the future, he could sell it for a good amount of money in the market.

After putting a stone crushing bear's body in his storage ring, Long Chen continued his journey forward.

While Long Chen was entering the northern black forest and killing beasts, Long Su and his party were going even deeper in the forest.

"Dammit, All we faced in this forest were a few 6th and 7th stage Spirit beasts, where are the stronger ones, how can we strengthen ourselves without a good fight." Long Su muttered to himself as he continued walking.

There was another important pair of people in the forest.

A handsome boy was walking inside the forest. He looked to be around the 17-18-year-old boy and had dark black hair and light blue iris, a prince like face. This black-haired boy was wearing a light blue robe, with a moon symbol on it and he was walking with a 15-16-year-old girl.