Chapter 36 - 36: Meeting The Royals

Chapter 36 of 150 chapters

Long Chen kept walking in this forest deeper and deeper. On his way, Long Chen met many spirit beasts and killed them without any hesitation, till now he hadn't met any Spirit beast stronger than the 7th stage of the Spirit refining realm

"Till now I have met many spirit beasts, but there is no clue about Long Su, I need to increase my speed to catch up with them. Too bad I cannot use heavenly demon wings right now as this forest is full of people, and I do not want too many people to know about it." Long Chen increased his speed as continued onwards.

Long Chen kept advancing and killing spirit beasts as fast as he could and kept increasing his battle experience at an astonishing speed.

"After all this fighting, even my skills are improving at a fast speed. No wonder people come here to fight Spirit beasts." Long Chen said to himself as he noticed his progress in Martial skills.

After a day of fighting and running, Long Chen finally decided that it was time to find a safe place to sleep as the sky turned dark.

"A formation? I guess someone is here," As Long Chen was walking he noticed that he had entered a formation. But he wasn't worried as Long Chen knew that it was just a warning formation, which notified the person who cast it that someone entered their surroundings.

Long Chen kept walking towards the core of this formation and noticed two people standing there in battle formation.

'Hmm... those two?... I guess we finally meet.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he recognized these two people from their clothes. One of these two was a handsome youth who looked somewhat sharp. This young boy had a head full of dark black hair and having light blue iris making him look even more handsome.

But what attracted Long Chen was the second person. It was a young girl looking somewhere around 15-16 years old. She had a cute, and somewhat naïve looking face while she had a head full of long shiny blue hair. She also had deep blue eyes just like that boy, but they were full of innocence like she had never seen or done any wrong in all her life.

"Someone from the Long clan? You look so young. What are you doing here?" That boy asked Long Chen as he noticed his clothes.

"Your Royal Highness second prince, 3rd princess. really surprising to meet you here, to say the least." Long Chen said as he greeted them both.

"Oh? Do you know about us? I am sure you guessed by our clothes that were from the Royal family, just like we guessed from your clothes that you are from the Long clan.

But how did you know that I am the second prince Yue Luan and that she is my sister and third princess of the kingdom, Yue Fei?" Prince Yue Luan asked Long Chen as he smiled and kept his sword.

"Our King only has 5 sons and 4 daughters. While the Crown price is already above 18, and you do not look that old. And the 4th prince is only 12 this year, so you could only be either the second prince or the third prince.

After that, it was quite simple as the third prince has red hair which he inherited from his mother. While the second prince has long black hair." Long Chen lied about how he knew that he was the second prince. But even if that carriage driver had not told him, based on his observations, Long Chen knew that he would have easily realized that in front of him was Yue Luan, the second prince.

"Pretty good thought process, but how did you know that I am the son of the king? Our Royal family does not consist of only my Royal father. There are many uncles and other family members and even more kids In the Royal family. How did you know that I was not one of them?" Yue Luan kept asking while looking into his eyes.

"What would you say if I tell you that I guessed it from your Royal aura? You had the king's aura around you." Long Chen answered, lying shamelessly.

"Hahahaha good answer, I like you, little friend." Yue Luan laughed proudly as he said.

"As you said, I'm the second prince Yue Luan, this is my dear sister Yue Fei, Third princess of the kingdom. What is your name, little friend?" Yue Luan introduced himself as he asked.

"My name is Long Tian, your highness." Long Chen said as he smiled.

"Long Tian? Really?" Yue Luan was shocked. In the back, even Yue Fei's expressions changed.

"Why is it so shocking? Are there any bad rumors about me?" Long Chen smiled as he asked.

"Not bad rumors, I would say, but the things I heard about you are quite different. Are you really Long Tian?" Yue Luan asked with a doubtful gaze.

Although Long Chen knew why they would be doubting him, he still decided to continue.

"Oh, what things?" Long Chen asked.

"Just things that probably everyone in the kingdom knows about young master Long Tian. I had heard about your achievements a lot of times before. About your breakthroughs, your talent which is quite normal considering that you achieved a peak of body refining at just 8.

My Royal father even used to joke about how amazing it would have been if you were his son and part of the Royal clan." Yue Luan said.

"But things changed when you were attacked. There were rumors that your mental health deteriorated after that. Even royal doctors were not able to heal you. I also heard that you went missing two days ago. Long clan was going crazy searching for you. I am sure the whole kingdom knows about you by now. So it is pretty shocking to see you here," Yue Luan continued.

"It is pretty normal for people to recover, your highness. As for the missing part, that problem is solved as well, I am coming here straight from Long mansion today." Long Chen said as he smiled. Long Chen could not help but glance at Yue Fei in between while talking to Yue Luan.

Yue Luan noticed it as well.