Chapter 37 - 37: Bonfire

Chapter 37 of 150 chapters

"Young Master Tian, is there something you want to say to my sister? You have been looking in her direction a lot since we met." Yue Luan asked in a serious tone.

"Ah. Oh right, I was just curious about why the third princess would be here with you in this forest. Also, she is still pointing her weapon at me," Long Chen gave a wry smile as he said.

"Ahh. I apologize, I forgot to keep my weapon." Yue Fei finally said as she blushed and hurriedly put her weapon back as well.

"Hahaha... Oh, I thought it was something else." Yue Luan laughed as he looked at Yue Fei then back at Long Chen.

"It's fine, your highness. Anyways, what're you both doing in this forest?" Long Chen asked.

"As you might have known, Little Fei has strong cultivation but not much fighting experience as she had always been in the palace. I thought it would be a good experience to get some practice in this forest, and she suggested coming with me.

Our Royal father agreed to this request after her constant pestering. Although there are beasts here, none of them are stronger than the 10th stage of Spirit Establishment. So it's a good practice ground. By the way, why are you here?" Yue Luan continued.

"I am here for the same reason as you. To get some practice." Long Chen smiled as he said.

"I can't believe your clan agreed to you coming here. Although this place isn't dangerous for us, this place is basically a death ground for someone in a body refining realm like you. You should go back, little friend." Yue Luan suggested.

"I can handle it, your highness, I broke through to the Spirit Establishment realm a while back. I am sure I can handle this forest."

'This Long Tian, he probably just broke through to the Spirit Establishment realm and came here to fight beasts. That's pretty stupid. But I somehow don't get a feeling like he is stupid. Does he have something to rely on?' Yue Luan thought.

"If you say so. Anyways, do you want to travel with us? Although you say that you can handle Spirit beasts on your own, it will be better for you to stick with us. I don't want Patriarch Ren to cause another chaos in dragon city if something happened to you." Yue Luan suggested.

"Well, I was looking for a place to rest tonight. But I can't travel with you guys. Only the battles I endured myself will make me stronger. So I want to go by myself," Long Chen said with confidence.

"Oh? Well, if you say so." Yue Luan said.

"I am sure you brought a tent with you. You can place it near ours. Our formation will inform us when someone enters our range, so it is pretty safe here. You can decide what to do in the morning."

"I will accept your highness' kind offer then." Long Chen said as he started laying his tent nearby.

After preparing his tent, he noticed that it was already pretty dark. And Yue Luan and Yue Fei were sitting outside near a bonfire.

"The view here is pretty nice." Long Chen said as he sat near Yue Luan.

"I have something I am curious about. We never met each other before today, and don't know each other that well. Why did his highness allow me to stay here without worrying for his, and third princess' safety?" He decided to ask.

"Hahaha, why? Do you think there is a need to worry? Firstly, our Royal father would never allow us to go out alone without any protection. So although you can't see them, our Royal guards are nearby observing your every move, young master Tian.

And secondly, no offense, but even if we were alone, I don't think you could even hurt us. You're not strong enough." Yue Luan laughed as he said.

'I already sensed that there were 2 warriors nearby through my divine sense, both in the gold core realm. Since I couldn't sense any malicious intent from them, I guessed that they were from Royal guards here to protect Yue Luan and Yue Fei. Now I've confirmed it.

I need to go alone and be fast in finding and killing Long Su. If these guys somehow catch up and meet Long Su and his friends, I wouldn't be able to kill him under the observation of Royal guards without being found out.' Long Chen thought to himself.

"Why do you look so serious? Don't worry little friend. They won't hurt you." Yue Luan smiled as he said.

"Ah, it's nothing. I was just thinking about something. Anyway, I have only heard the third princess speak once. Does she not like to talk much?" Long Chen asked in a low voice.

"Hahaha, she doesn't like to talk much?? She is like a chatterbox when she speaks, never stopping. It is just that she is shy around people she doesn't know well. You'll see if you stay with us." Yue Luan laughed as he said.

"Brother! You are badmouthing about me again. I won't talk to you again." Yue Fei said in a low voice as she looked at Yue Luan. But when she noticed Long Chen looking at her, she started looking down at the ground.

'Interesting girl. They are both really nice. I wonder how these two could be so kind when they were born in the Royal family full of schemes. Their father must be really kind as well to have kids like them.'

"I wasn't saying anything bad about you, Fei'er. I was just telling little brother Tian about the things I love about you." Yue Luan laughed as he said.

"Hmmph ... I am going to sleep." Yue Fei got up and ran inside her tent.

"Hahaha, she is so easily embarrassed. Still, I am really lucky to have her as my sister."

"Anyways, I should go to sleep as well. See you in the morning little Brother Tian." Yue Fei got up as well and went inside his tent.

'Those two are so close. It is nice seeing such a close bond between Brother and sister. But that's probably because they are from the same mother. I wonder if it is the same between all the princes and princesses of the royal family born from different mothers as well.' Long Chen thought to himself.

"I should focus on my own matters. No need to think about the Royal family." He muttered to himself as he went inside his tent as well.

Long Chen started cultivating as soon as he went inside his tent. His cultivation kept advancing at an astonishing speed, but he knew it would still take a few more days to get to the peak of the 5th stage Spirit Establishment. Long Chen stopped cultivating after 2 hours and got outside to get some fresh air.

"Third princess Fei. You're not sleeping yet?" Long Chen came out of his tent and noticed Yue Fei sitting outside her tent looking at the stars.