Chapter 38 - 38: Massacre

Chapter 38 of 150 chapters

"Ah, Young master Tian. Why are you up as well?" Yue Fei spoke in her cute voice.

"You should speak more often, your voice is really nice." Long Chen complimented her as he looked at her.

"I could not sleep well, so I came out to get some fresh air. Anyways, why is princess Fei here?" Long Chen decided to continue as he noticed Yue Fei's cheeks turning red at his compliment. He started walking towards her.

"I couldn't sleep either, I came outside. As I looked at this beautiful sky, I couldn't take my eyes off," Yue Fei said as she noticed Long Chen coming towards her.

Long Chen stopped just 5 meters ahead of her and sat down as well.

"Yea, this sky is really beautiful. Just like princess Fei. Even I can't take my eyes off." Long Chen said as he kept looking into Yue Fei's eyes.

Yue Fei's cheeks turned red as she diverted her eyes, but Long Chen still kept gazing at her.

"Princess Fei, the Second prince said that you proposed coming to this forest with him. Why would you do that?" Long Chen decided to change the topic.

"Oh, I just wished to look at the outside world more, I have spent most of my time in the palace. Even when I went outside, it was just to shops and places in the Royal capital.

My Royal father never permitted me to go anywhere else. When big brother said that he will be coming to this forest to train, I joined in on this opportunity." Yue Fei said as she kept looking at the sky.

"I never thought Princess Fei would have such a side to herself as well." Long Chen smiled.

"Ah... it is getting late, I should go to sleep or Brother will scold me when I get up late. Good night young master Tian"

"Goodnight princess Fei. I hope you have sweet dreams," Long Chen smiled as he got up as well. He watched Yue Fei enter her tent and entered his as well.

Early morning Yue Luan and Yue Fei woke up but noticed that Long Chen's tent was not here, neither was he.

"That little guy. He already left. Why is he in such a hurry? It's not like you will eat him up." Yue Luan said as he looked towards Yue Fei.

"You're always bullying me, brother". Yue Fei hit on Yue Luan's shoulders like a kid as she complained.

Long Chen continued advancing and defeating spirit beasts obstructing his path.

Long Chen was continuing walking ahead when he sensed 3 people hiding behind trees 150 meters ahead of him.

'Hmm. Those three hiding there? There are traces of fresh blood on the ground, but I don't see any bodies or any remains of people. Interesting.' Long Chen thought in his mind.

"Should I play with them? I haven't fought any human Spirit Establishment cultivators, and these three are a pretty good choice. One in the 7th stage of Spirit Establishment realm and two in 6th. If I can't even defeat them, how will I be able to kill Long Su?" Long Chen muttered to himself.

He kept his golden robes, having the Long clan symbol in his storage ring as he continued walking forward. He knew that if he kept wearing these robes, those bandits wouldn't even dare Target him and if they do not target him, they won't show their real selves giving him a perfect reason to kill them.

As Long Chen got closer, those three finally noticed him.

"Boss Guan, there's a kid coming, his clothes are pretty nice, he must be from a fairly Rich family," A bearded short guy said to the bald guy standing on his front.

"You're right, Wuya, he looks like a 12-13-year-old guy. He must be really weak, probably a naïve kid thinking he can survive here. I guess we should be kind enough to teach him a lesson of humility in the place of his parents. Take positions." Boss Guan said smiling.

'They are getting ready to attack, I guess my hunch was right.' Long Chen smiled as he kept walking forward.

"Hahaha, Little boy, this isn't the place you can walk into so easily," Wuya walked out from his left as he laughed while a muscular guy came out of his right.

"Right. Little friends, the world outside isn't so nice. Anything could happen when you go out, especially in dangerous areas like this. You could be killed and no one will know." A bald guy stood in his front as he said. He had an evil smile on his face.

"Oh? And you are here to teach me about this world?" Long Chen smiled as he looked straight at this bald guy.

"Yea, we are kind enough." Wuya took his knife out as he ran towards Long Chen utilizing his cultivation of the 6th stage Spirit spirit Establishment realm.

'This kid is so young, he won't even know how he got killed.' Wuya thought as he attacked but as soon as he covered half the distance, He could see his focus changing from Long Chen and a headless body running towards Long Chen.

Before Wuya could think anything, his vision turned dark, and he had died. His body fell a little ahead of his head.

Boss Guan was smiling the entire time as he noticed Wuya attack Long Chen, thinking that Long Chen was already dead. But as soon as he saw his body fall to the ground, he knew that he had provoked trouble. This boy in front of him wasn't normal.

"Dammit. This kid is strong. Tichuan attack him together with me," Guan screamed, looking towards the muscular guy as soon as he processed what happened. But as soon as he turned his face towards him, he noticed that this muscular guy was already lying on the ground dead.

Guan looked towards where Long Chen was standing but saw no one was there.

"And here I thought you guys could give me some fighting experience, but you guys are even weaker than 5th stage spirit beasts. I wasted my time needlessly." Guan heard Long Chen's voice filled with disdain from behind him, but before he could move, a sword pierced through his heart from the back.

Guan died regretting provoking this calamity.

Long Chen wore his golden robe back as he started walking forward like nothing happened.

Half a day later, two more people appeared at that site. They were Yue Luan and Yue Fei.

"Such a massacre! These are sword wounds, probably done by a human cultivator." Yue Luan commented after seeing the wounds of those three. While Yue Fei could not help close her eyes seeing a headless body.