Chapter 39 - 39: Courting Death

Chapter 39 of 150 chapters

"These guys must have provoked someone whom they should not have. Anyways, these things have nothing to do with us, let's just continue onwards." Yue Luan held Yue Fei's hands as he brought her forward.

'I hope little brother Tian walked in a different direction. I don't want him to somehow accidentally provoke whoever did this.' Yue Luan thought to himself.

Long Chen kept experiencing various battles and even met an 8th stage spirit beast, but he killed them all. Another day passed and night arrived.

"It's been 2 days and still no clue of Long Su, I never expected this forest to be so big," Long Chen said to himself as he looked at the sky. He spread his divine sense to its limit, but seeing that the area was clear, he decided to rest at this place.

"It would be so good if I had a warning formation like that as well, I should have asked Elder Yang if he had something like that in the treasure hall before leaving." He muttered to himself.

'Still, it is good that I prepared something for myself before coming.' Long Chen smiled as he thought.

Long Chen decided it was time to use a little trick. He picked two nearby tall trees and brought out a hammock from his storage ring that he had asked his servant to get for him before leaving.

"Heavenly demon wings!"

Since it was night and Long Chen knew that no one was nearby, he used his heavenly demon wings and flew upwards, but not too high. Long Chen tied both ends of his hammock on two nearby tall trees so that no one sees him when in daylight.

"Hah, it is pretty comfortable here. I just hope there is no rain tonight, or it would really suck," Long Chen said to himself as he lay on his hammock and fell asleep.

'Mmmm... I can't even sleep in peace with all this noise,'

Sun was still rising in the sky when Long Chen was woken up by some noise from below. He got up and looked down.

"What is happening down there? 5 guys surrounding two girls? They do not look like bandits though." Long Chen muttered to himself as he kept looking down.

He could see that two 20-25-year-old girls were surrounded by 5 middle-aged guys. These girls were wearing normal clothes, they were probably from a commoner family while the other 5 who surrounded them were wearing matching clothes.

"That's interesting. Those two girls are at the 2nd stage Spirit Establishment realm. While one of those 5 is at 4th stage spirit Establishment and another 4 at 3rd stage of Spirit Establishment realm."

"You two! Stop making things difficult for Brother Chun. He said he wanted you since the moment he saw you in this forest. Why do you keep running away from us?" One of those 5 said.

"Yes, attracting Brother Chun is due to the good karma of your ancestors or someone like Brother Chun would not even look at you. Just come with us without resisting." Another one said.

"You should know Brother Chun is the son of the clan master of the Fu clan. It is one of the top 10 clans of the northern territory of dragon city. Many girls like you plead with our brother Chun on a daily basis just to spend one night with him. It is your good fortune that he is interested in you two!" 4th stage cultivator amongst the 5 said.

"Never! I will die, but I won't let me and my younger sister become playthings of that Fu Chun. Everybody in the northern territory knows your brother Chun and his evil ways!"

"Little girl, we were talking nicely till now just because we did not want to hurt you before brother Chun got to play with you. Do not force us to resort to violence." One of the 5 said.

"Yea, do not think someone can save you. No one would dare interfere in our Fu Clan's matters. People will pee their pants if they heard they obstructed Brother Chun's work."

"Oh, is that so?" Just as they were boasting came a voice from somewhere. They all looked around but could not see anyone.

"Who is it? Don't try to be a hero, or you will die without a grave!" The leader of those five said.

"Fu clan of northern territory? Isn't that just a third rate clan even in the northern territory? They aren't even in the top 100 when considering all of the dragon city. Never knew they'd be roaming around here with such pride," Long Chen said from above.

"Oh, there's someone who dares talk about my Fu clan like that?" An average-looking guy walked out from nearby as he said with a face full of anger. He looked to be about 20-25 as well. He was wearing black robes and had a pretty average looking face.

"Brother Chun!" Those 5 guys greeted Fu Chun as they kept surrounding those two girls.

'A 5th stage Spirit Establishment realm? And here I thought he would be a little stronger.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he looked at Fu Chun.

"This friend! Since you have so many things to say about my Fu clan, why don't you come outside instead of hiding? I promise I will only cut two of your legs and one tongue," Fu Chen said with an evil smile on his face.

"But if you don't come out, then I will have to come find you myself, and I promise your ending won't be well. Even your family will be buried with you."

"Cutting two legs? Ok, let me see how you do that." Long Chen said as he landed on the ground in between those two girls and those 5 guys.

He had already kept his hammock in his storage ring as he jumped down.

. "Kid! You dare talk bad about our Fu clan in front of Brother Chun! You're courting death!" One of the four 3rd stage Spirit Establishment cultivators said. He was so angry that he did not notice Long Chen's clothes as he scolded him. But as soon as he did, his face turned white.

"L... L... L... Long clan!!!" He fell to his knees as he realized who was standing in front of him. There was probably no one in the kingdom who did not recognize the Long Clan's symbol and clothing. Someone From the 3 supreme clans of the kingdom!

Fu Chun had his mouth opened as well, as his face was filled with fear.

'I... I just threatened someone from the Long clan that I will cut his legs! I even said I will bury his family with him.' Fu Chun wanted to cry, but no tears came out from his eyes.