Chapter 40 - 40: Big Mistake

Chapter 40 of 150 chapters

"I am still waiting for my legs to be cut off since I came out myself. Who is going to do it?" Long Chen smiled as he looked at Fu Chun and asked.

"M… M... Misunderstanding. It was all a misunderstanding master Long," Fu Chun said as he waved his hands rapidly.

"Misunderstanding? I think someone said they will bury my family with me!" Long Chen said, as his expressions turned serious.

"M... Master Long. I apologize for disrespecting you. I did not know it was someone from the Long clan, or I would not dare to do it even in my dreams. I... I had eyes but couldn't see the mountain. I hope you can forgive my mistake." Fu Chun apologized again.

"It's fine, everyone can make mistakes. Since I am such a kind soul, I wouldn't mind much and Will forgive you. Just cut two of your legs and I will let you walk back." Long Chen smiled as he said to Fu Chun.

'How can brother Chun walk when both his legs are cut off?' One of Fu Chun's underlings couldn't help but think in his mind.

Brother Chun! This guy is too arrogant. So what if he's from the Long clan. He is just a kid, we can kill him fast and no one will know.

As for these two girls, after you enjoy their bodies you can just throw them to us. All of us brothers will take our turns and make love to them and kill them after since they will see him being killed and be witnesses." Said the 4th stage Spirit Establishment cultivator taking his weapons out.

"How dare you talk about master Long like that!" Fu Chun slapped this guy, making him fly 50 meters back and crashing on a tree. After struggling for a while, he got up and came back to Fu Chun and apologized. He understood this point after seeing Fu Chun's behavior.

'That idiot! How can he say such things in front of this guy! There is no way a kid from the Long clan could come here without guards protecting him. They must be hidden somewhere nearby' Fu Chun thought.

"You're pretty clever, young master Chun. But you will still have to cut your legs for insulting my family. Oh, by the way, I did not bring anyone with me. There are no guards nearby."Long Chen smiled as he said.

'That idiot? Does he think I will believe him.' Fu Chun thought.

"Young master Long, that doesn't matter. I will never dare attack a heavenly genius like you. I have always admired you. If I had known that you were here, I wouldn't dare say what I said before." Fu Chun continued.

"I... Aaaaaahhhhhh" Fu Chun wanted to praise him some more, but before he could say anything he felt a terrifying pain coursing through his body as he fell on the ground. He could see that his legs had been cut off.

"You talk too much, young master Chun." Long Chen said, looking at him on the ground.

"YOU BASTARD!!! I don't care anymore, kill him!!!!" Fu Chun screamed, losing his mind in anger.

All of the four guys ran towards Long Chen holding their weapons in their hands. Long Chen brought his mountain crusher out and carried out a single attack before putting his sword back.

Fu Chun was lying on the ground with his face distorted in pain as he was looking at his men attacking Long Chen. But what he saw next scared him to his core. He saw Long Chen killing all four guys with a single sword move.

"How!!! How could you be this strong at this age!!!" Fu Chun screamed in fear looking at Long Chen.

"You made a big mistake. Although I am not sure if I would have left you alive if you didn't give orders to attack me just now, but now that you did, thanks for making the choice for me young master Chun."

Fu Chun could only see a sword appearing in Long Chen's hands and died just a second later.

'What's happening to me? Even after I killed so many people, although they were bad, there is no remorse in me. Although it might be because they were in the wrong, still why is killing becoming a normal thing for me. There's a part inside me that wants me to kill everyone that offends me, but there is another part as well that tells me to stay calm.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he turned back towards these two girls.

"What?" Long Chen asked with a weird expression on his face as he saw both girls looking at him like he was some kind of monster.

"Ah… Ah… Master Long. I and Mei would like to thank you for helping us today. If you weren't here, me and my sister would have been humiliated by those guys." One of the two girls said as she walked ahead and thanked him. She had a black robe and wore cute glasses on her eyes.

"Oh. It's nothing. I didn't do it to help you guys. I did it because they offended me by saying no one would dare protect you from in front of him and ending at burying my family with me. I could not help but come down at this point." Long Chen said as he looked at the one with glasses.

"You should go back to your family, this place isn't safe for you girls." He continued.

"Oh, but Xue is right. We would like to thank you nonetheless. You saved our lives. Also, we don't have any family. We came here to kill some beasts and get some money to pay our debt." Mei explained.

"Good luck with that. I will cheer for you guys!" Long Chen said as he continued walking ahead.

"Master Long please wait!" Mei and Xue called out to Long Chen as they saw him walking forth.