Chapter 43 - 43: Slaughtering Long Su

Chapter 43 of 150 chapters

"I will go down and look for that treasure," Long Su said while looking at the pond.

"We will come with you, Young master Su, it will be faster searching with the 4 of us compared to one" one of the three suggested.

"Ahhh..." Before Long Su could reply, he heard a grunt coming from behind. He looked back only to see that the guy standing farthest from them had his body lying on the ground dead with a large stab wound in his heart.

"Who is here? Show yourself!" Long Su took out his sword as he got ready to fight. The other two did the same. Long Su had a blue mid-level Spirit grade sword in his hand which he received from treasure Hall; we then passed the second stage of treasure Hall.

Although it was a mid-level Spirit grade sword, it was one of the weakest amongst them, as Long Su had only passed to the second stage of the trial.

"We just met a few days ago, and you already forgot me so soon seen elder brother Su. And here I thought I will get more treats from you after you achieve more success in your Martial skill "Lion's Roar" like last time." Long Chen said as he slashed apart another 7th stage Spirit Establishment cultivator, killing him.

'This king's sword is really nice. Makes it a lot easier to fight.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he held the king's sword.

"You... you here?" Long Su couldn't help but take a step back as soon as he saw the guy he had thrown at the bottom of the heavenly cliff and assumed dead, standing in front of him, perfectly safe. For a brief moment, he assumed it to be a ghost as he stepped back.

"You are alive? How did you survive and came back after falling at the bottom of the heavenly cliff?" After a few seconds, Long Su came back to his senses and had realized what was actually happening.

"Why can't I be alive, brother Su, do you want me to die so badly? And here I thought that we were part of a big happy family," Long Chen said with a sad mocking expression on his face.

'Looks like this trash recovered.' Long Su thought in his mind.

"How can this bastard survive such a fall and he even recovered?! His luck is really too great to be alive.' Long Su thought as he looked back at him.

"You survived and still came to me to die? Hahahaha... It's true that you are a retard." Long Su laughed as his expressions turned vicious.

"Young master Su, who is this kid?" Chu Liang asked as he pointed his blade towards Long Chen.

"Just a little trash that should have been long dead," Long Su said in disdain.

"Peak level Spirit grade sword!!!" Long Su suddenly exclaimed as he noticed the sword in Long Chen's hands. Even Chu Liang was shocked as well, as he noticed it after hearing Long Su's exclamation.

"So you got a new sword, that's why you were able to kill those two? But how can you get a sword like this?" Long Chen said, keeping his eyes on the sword.

"Patriarch Ren must have given you this sword, what a loving grandfather you have. And then there's my own father, always telling me to work hard for things, giving me nothing special except a few things even when I am his own son!!" Long Su commented with jealousy clear on his face.

"It's fine since you are here to deliver this sword to me, I will reward you by sending you to hell in one hit. It is a pity that I won't be able to take that sword out in public after I get it from you, but it will be very useful in life or death situations when away from the clan."

Before Long Su could move, he saw Long Chen moving towards Chu Liang. Chu Liang defended with his own blade but cracks started developing on his blade as he was thrown away more than 50 meters crashing into a tree.

"Now there won't be any distractions for a while," Long Chen smiled as he turned back facing Long Su.

"You little bastard!" Long Su roared as he started accelerating towards Long Chen.

"Flash steps!" Long Chen accelerated as well and he took Long Su's attack head-on.

Long Su was pushed back over 20 meters while Long Chen took 10 steps back and balanced himself.

'How... how can he be this strong! Isn't he an ant that anyone can crush? The genius turned trash of the clan! What is happening??

Even if he recovered, he should not be stronger than what he was before!! It's only been a few days!' Long Su thought after being pushed back by Long Chen.

"No matter what! You will be dying today!!" Long Su said, looking into Long Chen's eyes.

"Lion's Roar!!" Long Su used his strongest Martial skill as he attacked Long Chen.

"What? Just What? How????" Long Su couldn't believe his eyes as he saw two beautiful wings appearing behind Long Chen as he flew like an angel dodging Long Su's attack.

"That's the skill you achieved success in? It's a pretty strong skill, brother Su. Let me show you mine." Long Chen smiled looking at Long Su. Long Su couldn't help but shiver as he saw this smile.

"Seven forms of saint sword! Fourth form- desolation!"

As Long Chen used this move, air stopped flowing for a moment. Empowered by the sword aura of the king's sword, this devastating sword light moved towards Long Su at a rapid speed, spreading desolation wherever it passed through.

Long Su wanted to dodge, but he realized he could not dodge it in time as it's speed was too fast, he could only move his sword to counterattack Long Chen's sword light, but as soon as this sword light touched Long Su's sword, he felt like all the bones of his hands were broken as he flew away and crashed on a large tree behind.

"Ahhhh!!" Long Su cried in pain as he tried getting up, but the pain of broken bones was hurting him a lot. Suddenly he noticed Long Chen standing in front of him, his wings disappeared just like they appeared.

"Little Tian! No matter what happened, I am still a part of the clan, part of your family. I apologize for everything I did before. You can't kill me!" Long Su started apologizing, looking at Long Chen.

"I only have two family members, my mother, and my grandfather! I don't know anyone else." Long Chen said with a serious look on his face.

"My father is the supreme elder of the Long clan, don't kill me or there will be trouble!!" Long Su tried threatening Long Chen when he noticed his pleading not working.

"So what? My grandfather is the patriarch." Long Chen said as he smiled.

"Also, do I need to consider your backing when killing you? Did you consider my backing before trying to kill me? Anyway, even if I kill you, there is no proof I am the one who did it, isn't that right brother Su." Long Chen said while looking into Long Su's eyes.

"I… I..." Long Su tried saying something but noticed Long Chen already stabbed his sword in his heart. He died soon after.

'Hah, that felt good,' Long Chen smiled brightly as he turned back looking at Chu Liang.

Chu Liang had gotten up just then and was thinking about running away when he noticed Long Chen staring at him. He stood still on his spot.