Chapter 44 - 44: Treasure

Chapter 44 of 150 chapters

"And where are you going?" Long Chen asked, looking at Chu Liang.

"Ah... Ah... Young master Tian, you and I do not have any enmity between us, there is no need to fight between us. In fact, I didn't even know Long Su that well. I hated that guy too. But not you, I like you. You are like my little brother, how about we let things go, Can I call you little brother Tian from now on?" Chu Liang said with a fawning expression.

"I am like your little brother? You remember that I killed someone like an elder brother from my own clan, right?" Long Chen smiled as he said scaring Chu Liang

Chu Liang took another step backward as he heard Long Chen.

"Little br… Ah… I mean young master Tian, I have never offended you, and I never will, I promise you. I won't tell anyone that it was you who killed Long Su and others, in fact, I will even say that they all died fighting against a Spirit beast as I ran away. Please don't kill me young master Tian!!!" Chu Liang fell to his knees as he said.

"Whatever you say about Long Su and others, how does that matter to me? As I've never met them, as I've never met you in this forest. How you all died has nothing to do with me." Long Chen smiled brightly and said.

"Give me one reason why I should not kill you?" Long Chen continued as he took a step forward.

"I… I... Although my clan isn't a supreme clan like yours, it is still in the top few, and as its patriarch's son, I have a few good things that I wanted to gift young master Tian to strengthen our friendship," Chu Liang continued.

"Oh? What things, that is a little interesting," Long Chen said as he looked at Chu Liang.

When Chu Liang heard Long Chen's first statement, he had lost all hope. But as soon as he heard what he said next, he felt like there was a little hope for his survival after all.

"So this demon understands the language of Treasures. If I can survive, I am even willing to give up all my belongings. The few treasures I carry are nothing in front of my life. It will be worth it.' Chu Liang thought.

"Here you go, young master. It is called the demon warding necklace. It is said that this necklace can decrease the chances of cultivation deviation occurring due to inner demons. It is useful up to the earth realm. My old man gave it to me on the day I started cultivation. It is pretty expensive as it is a low-level Spirit grade treasure and is useful." Chu Liang said as he took off the necklace around his neck, giving it to Long Chen.

This necklace had a green crystal at the center and a chain made from complete gold.

"It is quite good, I like it. What else do you have?" Long Chen said as he observed the Demon warding necklace.

"Ah right, I also have this blade here. It is called wind chaser. Although... Ah, it somehow cracked on its own today, but still, it is a low-grade Spirit weapon, a skilled artisan would be able to repair it to the way it was." Chu Liang said as he gave his cracked blade to Long Chen.

'Damn, if only I had not attacked so fiercely, this blade would not have cracked. But now that it happened, even getting a damaged Spirit treasure is good.' Long Chen thought as he looked at this 'wind chaser'.

"Young master, that's all the important things I have for now. I hope it's enough to show my sincerity," Chu Liang said after giving all the expensive things he had to Long Chen.

"Yes, they all are quite good," Long Chen said as he looked into Chu Liang's eyes.

"But not enough to make me take the risk of leaving you alive," Long Chen covered the distance between him and grabbed Chu Liang's throat before crashing him on the ground.

"You… you..." Chu Liang coughed out blood as he tried to say something but died before he could say anything as Long Chen stabbed his sword in his heart.

"I apologize, but that's the only option for me," Long Chen said as he looked at Chu Liang's body.

After some time, Long Chen buried all of them and kept their belongings in his storage ring.

"This map looks quite old, I wonder how they all got it. So whatever this map leads to, is inside this pond." Long Chen muttered to himself as he looked at the pond.

'Such a slaughter, it feels like the work of the same person who conducted the previous one. But this time, the victims are not nobodies, they're from a pretty decent clan. From the clothes, they look like they're from the Fu clan of the northern territory.' Yue Luan thought as he looked at the dead bodies.

"Such viciousness," Yue Fei couldn't help but comment.

"Looks like we're going on the same path as the guy who did this. We will probably meet him soon." Yue Luan muttered to himself with fighting intent in his eyes as they continued walking ahead.

Long Chen dived inside the pond as he started looking for the treasure.

'Strange, I had used my divine sense when I was outside, but I couldn't sense this being inside, but now that I'm inside, I can clearly see it through my eyes.' Long Chen thought as he looked at an object lying in the bottom center of the pond.

Long Chen picked up that object as he started swimming upwards until he was finally out of the pond.

'This mask, there is something special about it, I can't even sense it using my divine sense.' Long Chen thought to himself as he observed the mask he found lying at the bottom.

It was a golden mask with bright blue stripes going in random directions, like electricity was buzzing on its surface, making this mask look even more mysterious. Out of curiosity, Long Chen tried putting this mask on his face.

"What?" Long Chen was shocked as soon as he wore that mask on his face.