Chapter 45 - 45: Mask Of Mischief

Chapter 45 of 150 chapters

As soon as Long Chen wore the mask, the knowledge about this mask entered his mind. He did not know if it was because of this mask or something else.

'Mask of Mischief, what a peculiar name,' Long Chen thought in his mind as he went through this knowledge.

After going through all the information, Long Chen finally understood a few things about this mask.

''So there are three things that I need to remember about this mask, first, that it can change my looks, making me look like a different person. I just need to imagine what I want to look like and it will change my looks.

Second, there is a time limit and it can only be used for ten minutes in a day and third, that this time limit will increase with an increase in my cultivation realms. So it will probably last longer when I am in the gold core realm compared to now.' Long Chen thought to himself.

"Too bad that there is nothing about its grade, I don't even know if it is Spirit grade or profound grade treasure. It could even be higher. There's another limitation as well, that it cannot change my body type. But it is still pretty good that I can change my face and hair with it." Long Chen muttered to himself.

"I can use it just as a normal mask too, but that will be too eye-catching," Long Chen thought as he took off the mask and looked at it.

Long Chen kept this mask in his storage ring as he decided it was time to go.

"Should I go deeper and gain more experience or go back?" Long Chen said to himself as he looked ahead.

"No, I should go back for now since I have done what I needed to do. There will always be a next time, I can come here later on," Long Chen muttered as he started walking back.

"I just hope that mother did not find out that I lied to her about grandfather allowing me to come here," Long Chen thought as he increased his speed. Long Chen kept using his divine sense at regular intervals to sense his surroundings.

He met a few Spirit beasts on the way but killed them easily as he continued.

After half a day of walking, as the sky turned dark, Long Chen decided to prepare his sleeping arrangement, but Long Chen finally smiled as he used his divine sense. He started walking towards a certain direction, intentionally entering a formation.

'Still using the same formation,'' Long Chen thought as he continued ahead. After walking for a few seconds, he saw who he was looking for.

"We meet again. Greetings to your highness, the second prince and the princess." Long Chen greeted Yue Luan and Yue Fei as she smiled brightly.

'This little guy is even more handsome when he smiles.' Yue Luan thought as he looked at Long Chen.

"Little brother, do you intentionally wait until it is the night to meet us so that you can enter our formation and make us restless?" Yue Luan joked as he smiled back.

"I can only say that it is my luck that I can see two moons at the same time. That would not be possible during the day time, would it?" Long Chen said as he looked at Princess Yue Fei, who turned red at his words.

"Little brother, flirting with my sister in front of me. Do you not have any shame?" Yue Luan said, looking into Long Chen's eyes.

"You can call it for flirting, your highness. But in my eyes, it's just being honest," Long Chen smilingly said.

''Hahahahah... You are an interesting guy, my friend. Just the kind of person my sister likes... aagghh." Yue Luan laughed as he jokingly said, but could not help but scream like a baby when Yue Fei pinched him.

"Anyways, you are coming from that direction, right? That means you were ahead of us. Did you see the bodies on the way?" Yue Luan changed the topic as he asked.

"I saw them in two places. It was probably done by the same person," Long Chen said with a serious expression.

"Yes, I thought the same thing. Did you notice anyone ahead who could have done this?" Yue Luan asked again.

"Nope, I kept walking ahead, and saw quite a few guys. None looked out of the ordinary to me, and after some time, I finally decided that I should go back home. I was on my way back when I met you guys." Long Chen said, looking at Yue Luan.

"Why? Don't you want to fight more and grow stronger?" Yue Luan asked.

"I have already fought to my heart's content. My family allowed me to be here for only a few days. They will be worried if I am late coming back." Long Chen looked towards the South as he said.

"If you say so. Anyway, you will stay with us tonight right?" He asked again.

"Of course, since it is the safest place in the whole northern black forest. I will have to impose on your highness for tonight,"

"Go on, you can set up your tent," Yue Luan said as he went back and sat down with Yue Fei, while Long Chen set up his tent.

After setting up his tent, Long Chen went and sat with Yue Luan as they started talking about their experience in this forest. Long Chen decided to hide most of the things and only said about the few weak beasts he met. After talking for a while, they all decided to walk back.

As he entered inside his tent, Long Chen decided to start his cultivation. He cultivated for two hours, making a significant improvement in his Cultivation before finishing his cultivation. Long Chen took out his egg and started feeding it his Qi like his usual routine.

Long Chen was not worried about Royal guards finding out about it if they used their divine sense, as long Chen realized long ago that this egg was immune to divine sense, just like his mask was.

"Come on, little guy, come out faster. How long are you going to make me wait?" Long Chen said while looking at the egg.

After feeding this egg, Long Chen kept it back in his storage ring and decided to go outside.

'I was hoping for this to be the case,' Long Chen thought to himself as he saw princess Fei sitting in front of her tent just like the day she was when he first stayed with them.

"You are here again. You must really like Natural beauty." Long Chen commented as he attracted Yue Fei's attention.

"Isn't that the case with you as well?" Yue Fei commented.

"Of course, I like natural beauty as well," Long Chen said with a smile to Yue Fei.

"Are you like this in front of every girl?" Yue Fei laughed as she asked.