Chapter 46 - 46 : Reason

Chapter 46 of 150 chapters

"You mean honest? Not just girls, I am honest like this in front of everyone, girls and guys." Long Chen said, with a serious look on his face.

"Not that. I mean, do you always praise every girl you meet just like this?" Yue Fei smilingly said.

"Not at all, since the beginning, I have only praised one girl, and that is you, princess. And it is not just praising, it is the reality." Long Chen said as he sat just a few meters away from Yue Fei who looked a little flustered as she heard him.

"Oh? You both are still up? What're you both talking about all alone?" Just as Yue Fei was about to respond to Long Chen, came the voice of Yue Luan from behind.

"Oh, Princess Fei was just telling me a few stories about the great achievements of your highness, the second prince." Long Chen looked at Yue Luan as he said that.

"Oh? Little sister? I never knew that you admired me so much. I'll achieve more great things in the future so that you'll be more proud of your brother." Yue Luan said smiling.

'Pffff… Didn't you say that you're honest in front of everyone just now? And now you're lying to my brother in front of me. But Big Brother is really easy to please. He even believed it." Yue Fei couldn't help but laugh as she thought.

"What happened?" Yue Luan asked with a confused expression as he noticed Yue Fei controlling her laugh.

"Nothing, I'll be going now. Goodnight to both of you." Yue Fei wished them as she went inside her tent. She couldn't help but take one more look at Long Chen before she entered.

"Now that she's gone, I can only talk to you." Yue Lian smiled as he walked near Long Chan and sat beside him.

"What does your highness want to talk about," Long Chen asked.

"Enough with the honorifics. I don't want you to call me as the second prince or your highness." Yue Luan said seriously.

"What should I call you then?" Long Chen asked.

"Since I call you little brother, you can call me elder brother. And if you don't like it, you can just call me by my name."

"I can't call you by your name as you're older than me and as I respect you. So I'll call you Elder brother then," Long Chen while smiling.

"That's better. By the way, there's just one thing I'm curious about. I noticed the last time when we met, I couldn't sense your Cultivation. That only happens if your cultivation is way higher than mine, or because you're using an artifact to hide your cultivation." Yue Lian said, as long Chen looked at him.

"I didn't even consider the possibility of you having a higher cultivation than me, seeing your age. So the only possible explanation was that you were hiding your cultivation." Yue Luan continued.

'I think I can guess where this topic is going.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he listened to Yue Luan.

"It is still the same. I am really curious about how you did this and why you would hide your Cultivation. Can little brother enlighten me? You don't have to tell me anything if you do not want to." Yue Luan said.

'Just as I thought. I cannot tell him the real reason, and I can't even say that I can't answer, as that will just make him think that I am carrying a priceless artifact that can hide cultivation. That will be even worse.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he heard Yue Luan.

"There is no specific reason, Elder brother. It's just that I wanted something that could hide my cultivation when I went out so that I don't bring shame to my clan due to my low Cultivation.

After hearing my request, An Elder from the treasure Hall gave me a talisman. It was because of that treasure talisman that I can hide my cultivation." Long Chen lied to Yue Luan without a single change in expression.

"Too bad that it was only a one-time use item like most talismans are, and its effects only last for 1 week. There are only a few days left until its effects disappear." Long Chen continued without giving a chance for Yue Luan to continue.

"Oh, I have never heard about a talisman like must be a pretty expensive talisman for having such miraculous effects. No wonder the Long clan is one of the three supreme clans of our dragon city. They even found something like this." Yue Luan commented looking at Long Chen.

"Does little brother have another talisman like that? If you can sell it to me, I will pay a really good price," Yue Luan asked as he fell into a deep thought.

"I apologize, elder brother, as that was the only one in our clan, and I used it on myself. By the way, why do you need one?" Long Chen asked him with full sincerity.

"Ah... nothing. It is fine. I should go to sleep as well, it's pretty late. Goodnight, little brother. Also, do not disappear before we get up like you did last time." Yue Luan said seriously as he went back to his tent.

'There is definitely something he needs it for! Anyway, that has nothing to do with me. But I still need to do something about people not being able to see my cultivation. This may bring a lot of troubles for me.' Long Chen thought to himself as he thought about Yue Luan's expressions from before.

After staying there and thinking for a little longer, Long Chen went inside his tent to sleep.


'Time to get going.'

Early in the morning, Long Chen woke up as he thought to himself. He went outside as he started packing his tent.

"Trying to sneak away like last time?" Just as Long Chen finished his packing, came the voice of Yue Fei from behind.

"Princess Fei, how could I leave before seeing your beautiful face? It's not like I always have an opportunity like this. I was just packing my stuff and then I was going to wait for you guys to wake up before saying my farewell." Long Chen said as he smiled gently.