Chapter 47 - 47: What To Do

Chapter 47 of 150 chapters

"You Little Liar." Yue Fei said with a cute angry expression on her face making her look even more beautiful

"Didn't I tell you, princess, that I am always honest? I am not lying," Long Chen said while smiling.

"Oh? So you were honest in front of my brother last night? I don't remember what great stories and achievements I was telling you about him." she said while smiling too.

"Ah... that. I was just kidding with him at that time. Anyway, when I said that I am always honest, I meant when I am praising someone." Long Chen said, keeping a straight face.

"Why is it that every time I come out, you two are talking secretly like little love birds? Oh, Little brother, you already packed everything?" Yue Luan said as he came out of his tent.

"It's nothing, I was just saying farewell to princess Fei. And yes, I think it is time for me to go. I was just waiting for you guys to wake up." Long Chen said with a smile.

"Oh, you are going now? Well, at least you didn't secretly sneak away like last time. That's good." Yue Luan said.

"Right. He sure didn't try to sneak away today." Yue Fei said as she looked at Long Chen.

"Ahh… Right. Of course, why would I sneak away?" Long Chen asked with a wry smile on his face as he noticed Yue Fei's expressions.

"Since my elder brother is up as well, I should get going now. I hope you both have a great journey ahead. I am sure we will meet again. I will be waiting for that moment." Long Chen said his farewell as he started walking away, but Yue Fei noticed him looking at her for a moment as he said his last line.

"We sure will," Yue Luan said as he smiled.

"Brother, why was he calling you elder brother just now?" As Long Chen walked away, he could still hear Yue Fei's voice talking to Yue Luan.


"How long do you think the young master will stay inside? It has been over 2 days?" Mei asked as she looked at Xue sitting near her.

They were the same girls whom Long Chen saved inside the forest. Long Chen told them that he would accept them as Long Clan's servant when they requested for it and asked them to wait near his carriage. They had been waiting for him here since then.

"You have asked this same thing to me over 10 times already, and I always answer the same. How would I know, it could be a day or a week? We will just have to wait and we will know how long it takes," Xue said with an annoyed expression.

"Young master was going deeper in the forest by the time we separated. You know that there are really strong peak level Spirit beasts in the depth of this forest. Young Master will be safe, right?" Mei continued asking, ignoring Xue's annoyed expressions.

Xue facepalmed herself and stopped talking, but Mei kept asking again and again. After a while, Xue stood up and got closer to Mei as she brought her face closer to hers. Xue brought her lips closer to Mei's ears.

"You know how easily young master killed them inside the forest in front of us. There is no way he will be defeated by some beasts. Have some faith in him!" Xue whispered in her ears.

Just at that moment, Long Chen walked out of the forest and started walking towards his carriage.

"Young master Long!" Long Chen heard a man's voice and stopped.

"Yes?" Long Chen replied as he noticed that it was the royal carriage driver who called out to him.

Xue and Mel also heard this guy's voice as they looked in that direction and noticed Long Chen. They hurriedly got up as they started walking towards him.

"Young master Long, did you meet my young master and young miss inside?" The Royal Carriage driver asked.

"Yes I met them, they were still going ahead as I walked out. They will probably take a little longer to come out," Long Chen said as he continued walking towards his carriage.

'Of course, they will come out later. My master and miss are really powerful. Since this guy is out this early, it must mean that he wasn't really strong.' He thought in his mind as he heard Long Chen's reply.

"Young master!" Xue and Mei both greeted Long Chen.

"Let us get inside the carriage, it is time for us to go." Long Chen spoke as he continued walking ahead.

Long Chen told the driver to bring them back as they all entered his carriage.

Xue sat on Long Chen's right as Mei sat on his left. Long Chen did not say anything as he took out his book and started reading, and ultimately he fell asleep.

He found himself in a dream when he was back in his old life. He was in the college and looked to be 22-23 years old. He was going to a college event with his 2 friends that looked exactly like Xue and Mei

All 3 of them were sitting in the back seat. While the car was moving, Xue and Mei's shoulders kept touching Long Chen's, who pretended to ignore that as he kept his eyes on his book. It was the same book that he was reading in the carriage.

"Ah... Long Chen?" After they covered half the distance, Xue said in a small voice.

"What is it?" Long Chen said without taking his eyes off the book.

"I wanted to thank you again for giving us a lift," Xue continued.

"You don't need to mention that... Hmmm?" Just as long Chen answered, he noticed Mei's head resting on his shoulders as she fell asleep. Xue noticed it as well.

"It is ok, let her sleep. I'll take her up when we are at the college," just as Xue was going to wake her up, Long Chen stopped her.

"I apologize for that. It's just that both of us haven't slept well in the last few days, so she fell asleep," Xue said with an embarrassed expression.

"It is fine, no need to worry about it." Long Chen smiled as he said.

Long Chen could feel Mei's big chest touching his arms as she slept on his shoulders, Long Chen did not move his hand and continued reading the book.

After some more time, Long Chen was suddenly distracted from his reading as he felt a shock running through his body. He noticed Mei was still sleeping on his shoulders, but her hands were now resting on his thighs, just about an inch away from touching his little guy.

Xue was looking at the scenery outside through the window, so she didn't see it either.

'What is going on! What should I do...? A part of me thinks that I should be a gentleman and take her hands off there, but another part of me wants it to stay that way and do nothing.' Long Chen thought in his mind about what to do.