Chapter 48 - 48: Assaulted By A Beauty(*)

Chapter 48 of 150 chapters

While Long Chen was in a dilemma, he didn't realize that he was in a dream. Mei's hands moved and were now resting between his legs, right above his little guy.

'Ahh dammit, I should just remove her hand.' Long Chen gave up on thinking about it and decided on removing her hand. As Mei's hand rested there, he could feel the soft touch of her hand.

"It's taking so long today," as he was about to stop Mei, Long Chen heard Xue's voice. He instantly brought the book he had in his hands a little downward, blocking his lap from the view of Xue.

"Ahh, it is not too far now, just a little longer, and we will be there. It's just the traffic that's making us late," Long Chen said, keeping his normal expression, making it feel like there was nothing wrong.

"Oh, I am really excited. Hopefully, Mei will wake up before we get there," Xue said as she looked at Mei's face.

"Yeah, she might," Long Chen said, looking at Xue barely keeping his straight expression.

"Ah, So, what are your plans after graduation?" Long Chen asked, trying to distract her.

"I and Xue are both alone. Our mother died long ago because of a sickness, and father passed away a few months back. They have property back home, so we'll just shift back home," Xue said.

"Oh, I am sorry for your loss," Long Chen said as he smiled looking into Xue's eyes.

Xue felt her heart flutter as she heard Long Chen's words and saw his smile.

"Thank you," she thanked him.

"It's..." long Chen wanted to reply but suddenly stopped when he noticed that Mei had grabbed his little guy like it was a holy sword.

'What the hell is she dreaming about, is she doing it intentionally?!' Long Chen thought in his mind.

"Ah, sorry I was distracted for a moment, I meant that you don't need to thank me for that." Long Chen said smiling trying to focus himself on Xue.

"Of course, I do need to thank you. It's proper manners," she said, smiling.

After talking for a few moments, Xue again turned her attention towards the window and started looking outside.

'It doesn't look like she is faking her sleep from her breathing rhythm,' Long Chen thought as he looked at Mei, and saw that she was still sleeping.

Long Chen didn't remove his book from there as he kept holding it with his left hand. He wasn't sure when Xue might turn back suddenly.

While Long Chen kept looking back at Xue, trying to make sure that she won't turn back, Mei kept moving his sword here and there like she was playing with it. Long Chen tried his hardest to control himself from making a noise.

'I should just get her hands off me, although I am not doing anything wrong and just sitting still, that is still kind of wrong,' Long Chen thought as he brought his right hand below the book and grabbed her hand softly trying to free his little guy without applying much force as he didn't want to wake her up.

'If she woke up now, this situation will be really embarrassing for me.' Long Chen thought in his mind.


Mei was also having a dream in his dream. Mei was seeing that she was fighting sometime in the national sword tournament. Her sister and Long Chen were sitting in the stands cheering for her. She felt like she was about to lose when she grabbed her sword even more firmly as she started her assault and fought back.

After a long battle between her opponent's sword and her holy sword, her disadvantage seemed to have disappeared as she was now fighting on equal ground, until suddenly the enemy grabbed her hand by her wrist, trying to make her loosen the grip on the sword handle.


Long Chen kept trying to get her hands off of him without using much force so that he doesn't wake her up, but he wasn't achieving much success. Instead, it was becoming even worse, her grip was tightening, as Long Chen tried moving her hand up, she kept bringing her hand down.

Long Chen felt like this situation was becoming really dangerous and really fast. While trying to be a good guy, he was actually becoming a bad guy as he felt like his efforts to get her hands off, worked completely opposite and at the moment it felt like she was just toying with him.

Long Chen suddenly noticed Xue turning back. He quickly got his right hand out, leaving Mei's hands where it was, still grabbing his manhood. Long Chen turned a page of his book, making it seem like he was still reading, while Mei kept playing with his thing below the book.

"Hey, you keep reading that book. Is that book any good?" Xue asked in an innocent voice,

"This book? Yeah, it is indeed good. It's an action-adventure story about a person with a tragic past," Long Chen could barely focus himself as he said to Xue. Long Chen was already starting to feel the pleasure of Mei's hands playing with his sword.

"Oh, I understand. I will tell Mei as well when she wakes up. Maybe we will read that too," Xue said smiling.

"That's better," Long Chen said, smiling.

This situation continued for a pretty long time, as Mei didn't loosen her grip, and kept moving his little guy around, Long Chen had already given up and was now just enjoying the sensation of her soft hands which continued for a long time.

"You can never defeat me." Mei whispered in her sleep as she had a victorious smile on her face. Finally, after a few moments, her head moved, Long Chen could feel that she was about to wake up. He did not know how he would handle this situation.

Mei came to her senses as she slowly opened her eyes, while her head was still lying on Long Chen's shoulders. Before she could think anything, she noticed something odd.

'Hmm, what's this?' she thought in her mind.

She could feel her hand holding onto something like it was a sword handle. She moved her eyes towards her hands and couldn't help but be shocked as she noticed what was in her hands.

"Ahh..." a voice escaped her mouth as her face turned red. Her voice attracted the attention of Xue, who saw where her hand was.