Chapter 50 - 50: Bloodline Temple, Guiding Spirit

Chapter 50 of 150 chapters

Long Chen was sleeping peacefully when a void appeared right above his heart. As soon as it was formed, his soul was sucked in without even a little resistance.

As soon as his spirit came out of his body and before it was swallowed by that mysterious void, Long Chen could see his body lying on the bed, still breathing without any change from before. To him, it looked like he was still sleeping peacefully. Finally, everything turned blank.

"Wake up! How long are you going to stay like that?" Long Chen opened his eyes as he heard a cute voice of a girl.

"Hmm? Where am I? Is this another one of those special dreams?" Long Chen looked around, but he could see nothing except white clouds all around himself. There was only one thing that was visible. It was a big temple which was in front of him. This temple was completely black in color.

"It is not a dream, you idiot! I wonder how someone like you got his legacy. You look like the least worthy person to me." Long Chen heard that voice again. He felt like whoever that voice belonged to, was mocking him. Long Chen looked all around but could not see anyone.

"Where is that voice coming from? Show yourself!" Long Chen said, looking all around.

"You are really an idiot, aren't you? I am right here in front of you, why are you still looking all around." Said that voice.

"Why can't I see you?" Long Chen asked in a confused voice.

"Look upwards, idiot! You are partially his successor. Don't bring shame to him," said that cute voice in an angry tone.

"Wha... what are you????" Long Chen was shocked as soon as he saw that a little girl was floating in the air above him, this girl looked to be around 14-15 years old and had short pink hair.

Her fluffy cheeks and jade-like skin made her look even cuter. But what highlighted her the most was that she had two beautiful transparent wings behind her as well. To Long Chen, she just looked like a little fairy.

"This great one is called Xun. I am your guiding spirit. I won't stop you if you want to kowtow to me." She said proudly while looking at him.

"Guiding Spirit? What is that?" Long Chen could not understand what she was saying and it only got him more confused.

"To know that, you'll first need to know where you are right now!" She said in a master like tone.

"Isn't that the same question I asked at the beginning? You are the one who still didn't answer me" Long Chen said as he facepalmed himself.

"Hush!!! Do not disturb me when I am speaking!" Xue said in an unhappy voice.

"Now where was I?... Oh right, to know more about me, you will need to know where you are first and why you are here." She said.

"Then tell me that first!" He said in a grumpy voice.

"This place is called Bloodline temple! Where everyone who received his bloodline will come to receive their inheritance and the knowledge about this bloodline." She told him in a serious voice.

"There was only one person who received his bloodline and even stepped here like you. Now you are the second one," She said, looking at Long Chen.

"Still, I must say, the last person, although wasn't anything great in my eyes, he was still a thousand times better and stronger than you."

"Can you stop insulting me so much and seriously tell me about where the f*ck am I and why am I here?" Long Chen said in a pitch higher than normal, barely containing his anger.

"Stop being a baby and keep listening without interrupting. As I was saying, the bloodline you now have is very special. It is from someone whose strength you can't even imagine. This Bloodline Temple is something you received with your bloodline. It is kind of a test that you have to pass to have a chance of having a more dense bloodline and gain more knowledge." Said that little girl.

"How did I even get this bloodline? I do not remember hearing about that from my father, mother or grandfather?" Long Chen asked her with a confused face.

"Although I can't see all your memories, I can see your memories up to the moment you first touched this ring, it is easy to judge for me. Do you remember the crystal you found inside that space ring of yours?" Xue said smiling.

Long Chen looked at his fingers and saw that his space ring was still there.

"That crystal was the crystallization of that supreme being's bloodline. Intended for the destined one. As soon as it entered your body, you received a little of his bloodline. It slowly started converting your blood and now that you have 1/100th of his bloodline, you were brought here to this bloodline inheritance temple." She said looking at him.

"Was that supreme being the guy I saw in my dreams? The one who had red hair and golden iris in my first dream and red iris in my second dream?" Long Chen remembered the demon-like guy who slaughtered everyone in his path.

"No. He was not. That was the second person who received his bloodline before you. He came here before you. If I remember correctly, it was around thousands of years ago." Long Chen felt like she was remembering about that day.

'Damn! At first, when she said I am nothing in front of the first person who came here, I thought she was insulting me. But now that I know it was him, there might be some truth to it' Long Chen thought as he thought about the words Xue said.

"So he was his first successor and I am his second? Anyways, who is he actually? You did not tell me anything about that supreme being." Long Chen said looking at her.

"You do not deserve to know it yet," she said, looking down at him.

"Why? Whatever! We are going off-topic now. Instead of being clear about the situation, I am even more confused about it. Let me ask one by one," Long Chen said as he got his thoughts together.

"If you want it that way, then alright." She pouted as she said, making her look even more cute.

"Tell me more about this temple? Why am I here?" Long Chen asked.

"You are here to participate in a test! As you already have 1/100th of his bloodline now. If you pass this test, your bloodline conversion will continue until its time for the next one.

However, if you fail it, you still won't lose his bloodline, but it will stay at 1/100th forever. But even that 1/100th will be very useful for you. Also, if you pass this test, you will be rewarded with more knowledge and rewards which I am sure you will like." She said looking seriously at Long Chen.

Long Chen thought for a while, trying to understand everything clearly.

"Ok, at least that is clear. Second question. What are you?" He asked again.

"I am your guiding spirit or you can say that I am the treasure spirit of that ring you are wearing on your finger." She said as she pointed towards his right hand.

"If you are the treasure spirit of this ring, why are you here in my blood temple," He asked as he touched his ring.

"I have been linked with this bloodline for a long time and now your bloodline, your soul and this ring are all interconnected." She said while looking at him.

"Did that Supreme Being make you?" He asked her, feeling confused.

"I cannot say how I came to existence, but I know that it is my purpose to guide his successor," she replied.

"Did you guide that red-haired guy as well? I saw he had the same Ring." Long Chen asked.

"Yes, I was with him as well," Xue said.

"What happened to him, and why were you below the heavenly cliff?" He asked again.