Chapter 52 - 52: Human... Legend?

Chapter 52 of 150 chapters

Long Chen walked in this deserted place for more than half a day until he finally saw someone or something moving at the end of the horizon. He felt like it was a human, or at least that's what it looked like to him from such a distance.

"Finally there is someone," Long Chen thought happily as he immediately started running in that direction.

After running for a while, he could finally see a clear image as he neared his target, but he just came to a sudden stop as soon as he saw what was in front of him.

It looked like a human, at the same time it didn't. This person had a humanoid body and a human-like skin, but what made him different was that he had a third eye at the center of his forehead. While his height was over 3 meters tall, his build was actually thin.

This person was carrying a red bag on his shoulders while holding a big spear in his hand which was reeking of blood.

As Long Chen got near him, this three-eyed Person turned his attention towards Long Chen as well. His eyes couldn't help but widen as he saw Long Chen as he took a step backward.

As he saw Long Chen standing still and not doing anything, he found his bearing again.

"Are you a human? You look like what was described in our books," He said in a heavy voice as he looked towards Long Chen.

Long Chen was amazed that he could understand his language. Long Chen knew that this person wasn't speaking Chinese, English or any other language he knew from his new world, but still Long Chen was able to understand him.

"Ah yes, I am a human. Are there more humans here like me?" He asked in a calm voice.

"How can there be more humans here! Humans are only a legend that do not exist! Till now, I thought it was only a made-up legend." He said as he looked at Long Chen with curiosity in his eyes.

"Legendary humans...? can you tell me more about it ?" Long Chen asked again.

"Although you look like a human, I can't be sure that if you're just a similar life form which we haven't seen before, pretending to be one! You will need to prove if you are actually one!

According to legends, Humans are the greatest warriors! I will fight you. If you can defeat me easily, I will believe that you are a human!" This three-eyed person said as he put his bag down from his shoulders and brandished his spear.

"What? You want to fight me? Shouldn't you at least tell me your name first?" Long Chen asked as he looked at him with a baffled expression.

'What the ***, this big guy looks really strong. Can I really defeat him? Anyway, why does he have such a good opinion of humans?' Long Chen thought in his mind.

"My name is Terra, and I am a 3rd level Spiritual Ascension realm warrior of my tribe," He said as he stood tall like a mountain.

'What is the Spirit Ascension realm? This place must have a different Cultivation system than ours' Long Chen thought in his mind.

"My name is Long Chen. And as my cultivation system is different from you, you won't understand even if I tell you. You can find out more by fighting me since that's what you want," Long Chen said with a slight smile as he took out his king's sword and got ready to fight as well.

As soon as his sword came out, a strong sword aura spread in the atmosphere. Even terra who was standing at some distance from him was able to feel it.

"Really good weapon! I can feel its strength even when standing far from you. A worthy weapon for a human," Terra said as he looked at King's sword.

"Let's see, if your strength is good enough to hold this weapon or not," Terra said as he stuck the tip of his spear in the ground.

Long Chen couldn't understand why he wasn't attacking directly and inserted his weapon in the ground.

'Was he giving up after such a brave declaration?' He thought.

But his thoughts changed as he felt the ground vibrate.

"Flash steps!" Long Chen used his movement technique as he shared in a different spot instantly. Long Chen saw a large amount of tree roots suddenly grow out from the ground of this desert, at the spot where he was just standing.

'What the! Why are there tree roots there in this desert where there are no trees?" He muttered as he saw the roots return to the ground.

"Do not take your eyes off the opponent before the fight is over!" Long Chen heard a voice as he was looking at that spot where he was standing before. He turned back only to find terra thrusting his spear towards him.

"Block!" Long Chen used his king's sword to defend himself from that attack. Long Chen was pushed back one step as that attack struck his sword while terra was pushed back 10 steps before he found a stable footing.

'What the...? He is not as strong as I thought? Even with an unexpected attack and such a large body, he was only able to push me one step back while he himself was pushed back 10 steps?

I think his 3rd stage Spirit Ascension realm is weaker than my 5th stage Spirit Establishment realm.' Long Chen thought to himself.

"You are really strong! But not enough to defeat me," Terra said as he struck with his spear again, but this time Long Chen felt things were different as he again felt the vibrations from the ground. This time more than 10 tree trunks came out from the ground and towards him from the three directions while terra's spear came from the front.

"Heavenly demon wings!" Two beautiful wings, one golden and one black, appeared behind his back as Long Chen flew in the air.

As Terra saw Long Chen fly, he was so shocked that he stopped at his spot and did not notice the trunks coming towards him but at the last moment, before they struck him, he noticed them. Those tree trunks stopped where they were and disappeared in the ground, merging with it.

"Enough playing around, I guess it's time to defeat you for real," Long Chen said, looking down at Terra getting above. Terra felt his heart tremble as he heard Long Chen's words and saw a terrifying momentum appearing around him, Long Chen.

"Seven forms of sword saint: second form- Devastation!" Long Chen made a slash with his sword in the air as a terrifying attack was unleashed from it in the direction of terra.