Chapter 53 - 53: Fighting Another Life Form

Chapter 53 of 150 chapters

"Seven forms of Sword Saint: Second form- Devastation!" Long Chen made a slash with his sword in the air as a terrifying attack was unleashed from it towards the direction of Terra. Terra could feel that this attack was filled with sword aura, making it even more terrifying.

Terra saw the attack coming in his direction, and felt like he could not move in front of this terrifying momentum. He waved his spear as a wall of plantation appeared in front of him protecting him like a shield, but they were slashed apart easily as soon as this terrifying attack touched them, it kept moving in his direction.

At the last moment, as this attack was about to reach him, Terra struck out with his spear as a last line of defense, but in front of this attack, he was sent flying along with his spear as he crashed far away on the ground making a small crater.

"Just as I speculated. His cultivation isn't particularly strong in front of me, he is probably even weaker than a warrior of 3rd or 4th stage of Spirit Establishment Realm if I judge him by our cultivation standards. I guess it was good judgment, only using the 2nd form of Saint Sword instead of the 4th or he would have been easily killed." Long Chen muttered to himself as he landed back to the ground.

His beautiful wings disappeared as his feet touched the ground. He started walking towards the place where Terra crashed at. As soon as Long Chen got there, he noticed Terra struggling to climb out of the crater.

"Are you alright?" Long Chen asked.

"I am fine. Thanks for showing mercy." Terra bowed as he thanked Long Chen.

'His physical defense must be really strong, for him to sustain only light injuries even after crashing that badly.' Long Chen thought as he stared at Terra closely.

"How do you know I showed you mercy?" Long Chen asked with a slight smile on his face.

"After seeing your strength, I am sure that you can easily kill me whenever you feel like it. You also had a reason this time as I was the one who initiated the fight, but you only injured me slightly. Also, I am sure that what you showed wasn't your full strength at all." Terra stated as he patted the dust off his body.

"As you said, you might have been toying with me before, and there's a really good possibility that your last attack wasn't your strongest attack that you could have used. I feel that you could have killed me with one move if you were serious from the start" Terra continued as he stood tall looking back at Long Chen.

"Good observations. By the way, are you sure that I am a human now?" Long Chen smirked.

"There is no doubt about it in my mind, you are a legendary human!" He said as he tried to find his spear on the ground and picked it up as soon as he found it.

"Can you please stop saying legendary? Anyways, is your tribe nearby? You mentioned that you had books about humans here, are they at your tribe? Can you bring me to read them?" Long Chen asked Terra.

"Of course! Everyone in the tribe would be really shocked to see that I, Terra, brought a legendary human back with me," Terra looked proud as he said it.

"Let's go then, I will follow behind you." Long Chen suggested.

Terra picked up his spear and started walking towards the place where he placed his bag before starting the fight. Terra picked up his bag and started walking in a specific direction, gesturing to Long Chen to follow him.

"How do you guys know which direction you need to go to? All I see is desert sand everywhere, there is no sun or moon either to judge the direction." Long Chen asked as he looked around, finding every direction looked the same.

"What is the sun and the moon? We just use this thing for directions. It is something that everyone here has. They all use it for directions." Terra said as he took out a compass-like thing from his bag and showed it to Long Chen.

'Interesting, although it looks like a crude version of the compass, its functions are basically the same. It must be using a different principle compared to the compass on Earth, pretty interesting'' Long Chen thought, feeling amused.

"Oh right, you brought those plants out from below the ground to attack me, how did you do it? Is that a specialty of your bloodline?" He asked after giving that compass back.

"No. Not everyone in our tribe can do it, we are not born with this ability, we can achieve it because of the mystical object of our ancestors. After going near and studying the mystical object of our ancestors for a certain amount of time, some of us gain enlightenment and unlock the ability to control plantation. Unfortunately, those who could do it are pretty rare." Terra replied.

"It is tough to describe it using words, I will show it to you when we reach my tribe. You will understand better then." Terra said as he glanced back at Long Chen.

"Okay, anyway, can you tell me about why humans are a legend mentioned in your book?" Long Chen asked again.

"Oh, it is mentioned in our holy book and the books of probably most of the tribes in this place, the Legend about a human who protected ours and countless other tribes of this world from the brink of destruction. He was the strongest being that ever existed in this world. He once casually told the chief of various tribes that he was a human when asked." Terra briefly explained the situation.

"That's only about one human? What about other humans?" He continued.

"No other human was seen in this world before and after him... That is until you appeared today." Terra replied to Long Chen's question.

'I think I have an idea of who the other human can be then!!' Long Chen thought as he remembered a certain golden-haired person.

"How did that person save your people?" Long Chen asked.

"I think our tribe elder can explain it much better than me. It won't take long, we are almost there." Terra said as he continued marching on ahead.

After walking for a while, Long Chen noticed that on the ground, he could finally see some signs of the plantation. There were patches of red grass that he passed by at regular intervals.

As Long Chen was looking at these small changes with great interest, Terra's expression suddenly changed into a fierce one as he gripped his spear with force, ready to attack.

Long Chen noticed these small fluctuations in Terra's posture as he brought out his mountain destroyer and attacked.