Chapter 54 - 54: Monsters?

Chapter 54 of 150 chapters

The direction Long Chen attacked was not towards Terra but towards the direction to his right. Long Chen's Mountain Destroyer slashed apart towards his right. His sword struck something as the thing that was hit fell on the ground. A weird creature could be seen on the ground, dead.

Long Chen was using his divine sense at regular intervals throughout his journey, as he just wanted to stay aware of the surroundings. But this time, just as he used it, he noticed a shadow moving towards him really fast. Long Chen immediately attacked without hesitation.

Just as he slashed what was attacking him in two parts, he noticed Terra had killed one as well with his spear. Long Chen felt it once again behind him as he turned around and attacked the creature, pouncing at him, killing it as well.

"Hmm, that is something weird, I haven't seen one like this before. It is a skeleton, It kind of looks like it belongs to a rabbit, but those two skeleton horns on its head make this creature a lot more different." Long Chen muttered to himself as he saw what attacked him. It looked like a Spirit beast, there was no flesh nor skin, only bones. Its bones weren't normal either, they were pitch black in color.

"Do you know anything about this creature? What is this thing called? Is it a special type of spirit beast?" Long Chen continuously asked Terra with a confused look.

"What is a Spirit beast? This creature is called a skeleton horned rabbit. It can easily kill unsuspecting individuals using its stealth, speed and sneak attack, but it is pretty weak against strong individuals. You can say that its defense is its weak point.

This one here belongs to the species called monsters. You will find countless monsters here, some of which are really strong that even I pray that I don't cross their path." Terra said as he pointed towards the dead monster.

'Monsters huh, interesting. To me, it looks more like an undead, but it's a different world so anything can happen.' Long, Chen thought as he placed his sword back inside his ring.

"Oh right, where do you keep your swords? It suddenly appears and disappears from your hands. Is it a unique special power of humans?" Terra asked with a confused look.

"You can say it like that, just like the thing with you and the plants, it's something that humans can do but not everyone." Long Chen said, smiling.

"Anyway, why didn't you inform me that there may be things like this on the way?" Long Chen asked.

"You are a human, even if I didn't tell you, these things are nothing in front of you! Let's continue ahead." Terra snickered.

'Divine sense is really useful if I hadn't noticed it attacking me, although I would have still killed it before I was injured. My victory wouldn't be as easy like this,' Long Chen thought as he followed Terra.

'It is really unfortunate that I can't constantly use my divine sense as it causes too much mental burden, or it would be even more useful.' He continued as he spread his divine sense once more.

After walking for a little over half an hour straight, Long Chen finally saw what he assumed to be Terra's tribe. There was fencing made of red wood on the parameter and two guards were guarding the gate, surprisingly they were both women. They mostly looked like Terra from the outside, the only difference being their bulging chest.

They did not wear much clothing. Only a small skirt and a small wrapping on their chest, which only covered their peaks, so their chest were mostly exposed.

'Does their tribe not like clothes? Terra is bare chested, and those two females' guards are barely wearing any clothes, but it is a nice view for me, so I don't mind. Their peaks are really big though, the biggest I have ever seen so far,' Long Chen thought.

"Are all the females here this gifted, physically?" Long Chen asked, looking at Terra.

"Of course they are! All of them are pretty strong, except for a few," Terra replied proudly as he misunderstood his meaning.

As they both got near the gates, the two female guards saw them. They just stood in place, dumbfounded, with their mouths wide open as their eyes fell on Long Chen that they even forgot about Terra's existence.

"Ahem, what are you doing standing there so shocked! Open the gates." Terra said as both of them finally regained their focus.

"We apologize for the delay, welcome back, Lord Terra. Greetings," they replied as they bowed in front of Terra and then in front of Long Chen.

'The girls here are pretty open.' Long Chen thought, as he could see more of their bountiful chest as they bowed.

Terra and Long Chen entered inside as the guards opened the gate.

"Was.... was that actually a human?" One of the guards asked, looking at the other.

"Looked like one, and lord Terra was so respectful towards him, there is a really good chance that we finally got to see a human. The legend might be true after all." The other one said with a cheerful tone.

"They were really respectful towards you and they called you Lord terra, you must have a good position in the tribe," Long Chen said as they continued walking, ignoring the shocked looks of the crowd.

"Of course! I am one of the strongest warriors in the tribe, there are only four who are stronger than me, my elder brother, my Old man, Uncle Xu and his daughter Xia." Terra replied.

"Which is the strongest amongst the four?" Long Chen asked.

"My father, the tribe leader is the strongest, after that uncle Xu, then his daughter Xia and lastly, my eldest brother." Terra answered.

'His father is the leader, hah... No wonder they were so respectful to him, calling him lord, also since he's the strongest in the tribe, I wonder how strong the tribe leader is, is he weaker than me just like him?' Long Chen thought as he glanced at Terra.

As they walked inside the tribe, everyone who saw them or passed by them stopped in their tracks, stunned at Long Chen's appearance.

"This one here is my father's residence, let's go inside. I am sure he will be delighted to see you." Terra smiled as he said

An old-looking guy with a head full of white hair opened the door.

"Where is my father right now?" Terra asked the one who opened the door.

There was no reply from the old man as he just stayed there looking stunned. Terra put his hands on this old man's shoulders and shook him a little, bringing the old man out of his daze.

"Ah, I apologize! Master is in the study, you can go inside." He said as he stepped aside.