Chapter 55 - 55: Trouble In Paradise

Chapter 55 of 150 chapters

"Ah, I apologize! The master is in the study, you can go inside." The old man said as he stepped aside, allowing both of them to enter the residence.

After walking for a bit, they stood in front of a red door. Terra proceeded to knock on the door.

"Come inside." A Dignified voice came from the opposite side of the door.

Terra opened the door after obtaining confirmation and entered inside with Long Chen. As they both entered, Long Chen saw a middle-aged man, slightly taller than Terra, sitting on a chair reading a book.

Long Chen could feel that the person sitting down was stronger than Terra, but he couldn't tell how strong the middle-aged man was because he couldn't see anyone's cultivation after arriving in this world.

"What do you want this time?" This man asked without turning his head to look towards them.

"Father, can you just look at who I brought. You are being disrespectful! Be considerate towards our guest," Terra said in a weird voice.

"What guest?" The Middle-aged man turned to look towards the both of them. He stood up, shocked, as the book on his hands fell to the ground as soon as he glanced at Long Chen.

"I greet the great master! I should be killed for my disrespect," he immediately fell to his knees as soon as he saw Long Chen. Even while on his knees, Long Chen could see that this man was taller than him.

"Get up, what are you doing? It is fine, nothing to worry about, just get up." Long Chen said as he gestured to him to stand.

"How can I? You are a human just like our savior was. You are from his lineage, I should have treated you with proper respect and welcomed you myself." Terra's father replied as he refused to stand up.

"It is fine. You didn't know that I was coming. So get up! Anyways, how are you so sure that I am a human? Don't you want to check my fighting strength to know that?" Long Chen said as he looked at Terra whose face was filled with embarrassment.

"What are you talking about, great master? There is no need for that! In our books, there is a clear description of our savior! In fact, we even have a painted picture and statue of our savior! There is no doubt that you are from his lineage," Terra's father respectfully replied as he stood up.

"Oh? You have a painting of him? May I see that painting? And your history book as well? " Long Chen asked.

"Of course! You just sit here comfortably, I will go and get it! Terra take care of the great master properly while I am not here!!" He said as he ran outside the study in a hurry.

"We are in a study room, right? Shouldn't he keep that painting and that book here?" Long Chen asked Terra, feeling confused.

"That is something very special for our tribe. Every tribe leader safeguards it, keeping it in our treasure chamber! It is the safest place possible in this whole tribe as it is guarded by several guards and only the tribe leader can enter it using a special token." Terra replied.

"Oh? How long will it take for him to..." before Long Chen could even complete his question, the tribe leader was already back, holding a golden book in one of his hands and a yellow scroll in the other.

'That was fast,' Long Chen thought.

"I apologize for making you wait, great master," He said, placing the golden book and scroll in Long Chen's hands.

'Why is he so naïve and trusting? Giving his sacred book to me without asking anything? Just because that guy saved lives here, it doesn't mean all humans are good.' Long Chen inwardly thought.

"It is fine. You didn't make me wait at all. Anyway, what is your name? I don't know what to call you." Long Chen asked, looking at him.

"This little one's name is Tensha." The tribe leader named Tensha replied. Long Chen could hear his heavy breathing from all the running as he talked.

"My name is Long Chen. It's nice to meet you tribe leader Tensha."

"It's the good luck of all our tribe that we could meet you! By the way, should we leave so that you could read in peace?" Tensha suggested.

"It is fine, I don't even know if I could even read..." Long Chen stopped mid-sentence as he opened the book and noticed that he was able to read the characters perfectly fine.

"Actually, it might be a good idea. Can both of you give me some time to read in silence?" Long Chem suggested.

"Of course, we will leave you to it then. Terra come with me". Tensha gestured as he took Terra with him outside, gently shutting the door to avoid distracting Long Chen.

After Tensha came out of his own study, he immediately called for the guards and told them to guard this place and let no one enter inside or create noise around the vicinity of the study. He told them that there was a great entity studying in the room which could destroy their whole clan and that they should be respectful to him if Long Chen decides to come out.

Long Chen was sitting alone in the room, holding a book and a scroll. First, he decided to open that scroll to see if his assumptions were correct or not.

"Just as I thought, it is actually him. Although he looked very young compared to what I saw in my dreams, the similarities can't be ignored." Just as Long Chen saw this portrait, he was sure that this was the guy he saw in his dreams, only slightly younger.

In this portrait, he looked to be around 17-18 years old. Bright red hair, those golden eyes and a handsome face.

"This is a really good painting, I can almost faintly feel the vibe of his scary aura just by looking at it. The person who painted it must be really good." Long Chen muttered to himself.

'Let's see what adventures you had here, Maybe I can find a clue about how to get out of here through you.' Long Chen thought as he opened the book and started reading.

Long Chen's expression kept changing as he continued reading the story.

During the time Long Chen was inside the study, reading the contents of the book. People outside the residence were in a total mess.

After seeing a human, the entire tribe was in unrest. Everyone was talking about this event. Even the deputy chief Xu and his daughter Xia came to the tribe leader Tensha's house after they got to know about a human appearing inside the tribe.

"Come with me. I need to talk to you about something in private." Xu gestured to Tensha as he went straight inside Tensha's room.

"What do you want to talk about? Can't we talk in front of our kids? There's only Terra and little Xia here," Tensha replied as he smiled.

"No, it is not something we can talk about here! Come with me to a private room." Xu insisted with a serious expression.

"Okay kids, you can stay here, while I go talk with Old Xu. We will be right back." Tensha's expression turned serious as well as he told them both to stay back and went with Xu inside the room.

"Is it true that a human has appeared in our tribe? If it is, we have to consider things a little bit more seriously." Old Xu said in a low voice.