Chapter 56 - 56: Two Hawks With One Arrow

Chapter 56 of 150 chapters

"Of course it is true. Didn't you hear the commotion outside? We can actually see what our ancestors saw." Tensha said with a smile.

"I did hear the commotion, but is he just like the one described in our history books? Did you feel his strength?" Xu asked Tensha with a serious expression.

"Really! Although I was not able to see his cultivation. It was just as described in the history books about that event. When Great Master Tian Shen appeared thousands of years ago, no one was able to see his cultivation either." Tensha replied.

"Terra told me that he fought the human before, as a form of test. He was defeated in one strike! Also, just as I saw him, I could feel that there's a terrifying strength hidden deep inside of him."

"Terra also told me that he saw him use those angel-like wings, one being golden and one being black. You know what that means, right?" Tensha said, as he tried imagining how that must've looked.

"Yeah, it is just as the book described. That great being thousands of years ago also had these angel-like wings, one golden and one black. There is no doubt about it. He is actually a human and as far as I can guess, he is from the direct lineage of that great being." Old Xu replied.

"I think we should send him to another tribe and not keep him here." Old Xu suggested in a heavy tone.

"Why do you think that? He is a human! Shouldn't we improve our relationship with him?" Tensha asked, giving Old Xu a confused look.

"You know about the history in great detail, right?" Xu said in a low voice.

"Of course I do, why do you ask that?" He asked, looking at the latter.

"You remember the last time a human appeared, right?" Old Xu asked again.

"There was no hint of any danger or trouble in this world until a human appeared. But just as they appeared, our ancestors found out that the monsters were planning to wipe out all life forms of this planet and take control of all the land. After which the great was started and great master Tian Shen saved us." Xu continued saying.

"That's right, but why is that important?" Tensha couldn't tell what Xu was trying to say.

"Although great master Tian Shen slaughtered almost all the monsters, most of our tribe members died as well during this fight."

"Now, after thousands of years later, the monsters have mostly recovered their strength. They are now probably as strong as they were before. Even if they are weaker than they were at their peak, they won't be much weaker than before." Xu said, looking at him.

"Who do you think the monsters hate the most?" Xu continued with a question.

"Tian Shen! A Human!" Tensha finally understood what Xu was trying to say.

"Exactly, I think if the monsters find out that another human has appeared, they might immediately get riled up and attack our tribe. Although we have the help of several other tribes and the human, we may emerge victorious, but at the cost of our tribe men's lives." Xu said with a grave expression.

"Yes, if a fight occurs near our tribe, we will suffer most of the losses. While other tribes will be left in better condition." Tensha agreed.

"So I think that we should send him to another tribe, so that they will suffer this fate, instead of us! When the monsters attack, we can just send some of our forces."

"With all the tribes and that human, we will definitely win this war and we won't suffer much loss either." Xu smiled as he said.

"I think I can understand what you are saying and your logic is right as well, but how can we send him away without offending him?! He might destroy our tribe completely in anger if we take the wrong step." Tensha cautioned with a grave expression.

"We can think about that later. The main thing is that you agree with me that we should send him away, right?" Xu asked again.

"Ah... right! I agree! We need to do it for the tribe." Tensha said with a sad expression.

"Whatever we do, we need a good excuse to send him off to another tribe. Which tribe would be the best to send him to?" Tensha asked again.

"What about the Banshee Tribe? It will be in our best interest if we send him there," Xu suggested.

"How is sending him there specifically, in our best interest?" Tensha asked.

"You know, the Banshee Tribe is the strongest tribe after the monsters. While we are the strongest after the Banshee Tribe amongst all the tribes. So if we can send this human there, they will take the full brunt of this attack, and there is a really good chance that they will suffer a big loss.

And if the Banshee Tribe grows weaker after this war and the monsters are defeated, we will be the strongest in this land. It is like shooting two hawks with one arrow." Old Xu smiled maliciously as he said.

"I feel that we are somehow doing something really bad and betraying the trust of our ancestors. But it is something that must be done for the tribe." Tensha said with a heavy expression.

"First, we need to contain the information that a human is in our tribe and stop it from spreading as much as we can, until we can send him away to the Banshee Tribe. I will take care of that, while you take care of that human and try sending him away without offending him." Xu said as he started walking towards the door with Tensha.

"You are back father, what were you two talking about?" Terra asked as soon as his father exited the room.

"Nothing serious. Your uncle was just telling me about a woman he has a crush on nowadays. He wanted me to hook him up with her." Tensha joked as Xu glared at him.

"What! How can you even think about it? Does Aunty know about it?" Terra said with a shocked expression.

"Your father is only joking you, idiot!" Xia said while she looked at him like he was an idiot.

"Oh, Good one." Terra started laughing.

"I will be going now, do you want to stay here?" Xu asked Xia.

"So early? Don't you want to meet that human?" Xia asked in a confused voice.

"It is fine, I have some important things to do. Also, he will probably take a long time before coming out of seclusion." He looked at Tensha as he finished his sentence.

"I will come with you then, I can see him tomorrow as well," Xia said as she left with Xu.

'I thought they came to meet him? Why was he in a hurry to leave suddenly?' Terra pondered to himself.