Chapter 57 - 57: Law Of Slaughter

Chapter 57 of 150 chapters

While there were a lot of schemes being made outside related to him, Long Chen had no idea about it at all, he was simply focused on his reading.

'So that's what happened.' Long Chen thought as he finished reading the golden book.

"Tian Shen... God of heaven. A really nice name... At the very least, I know his name now." Long Chen muttered to himself.

"Xun! Come out." Long Chen said in a low voice.

"Stop playing, I know you're here. Long Chen said again as Xun refused to reply.

"How did you know that I was here?" Suddenly there was a female voice talking behind him. Long Chen turned back only to see this little 14-15-year-old girl, with pink hair standing there. She was Xun, his treasure spirit.

"Can I simply say that I am a genius, that's why I knew?" Long Chen laughed as he said.

"Tell me honestly, how did you know that this great one is here in this trial world with you," Xun asked Long Chen with curiosity on her face.

"I read it in this book," Long Chen said with a smile.

"You can't fool me with that excuse, I know all about that book, there is nothing related to me in there," Xun said, pouting.

"Are you sure? You see... Since Tian Shen was such a great entity here, there are a lot of things written about him here, even the smallest ones.

It was mentioned in the book that Tian Shen was often seen talking to someone, but there was no one nearby that he could've talked to. This event is just described as a legend of Tian Shen, saying that he was able to talk to gods who normal people can't see, but I know who he was talking to." Long Chen explained as he showed Xun the certain paragraph inside the book.

"You said it yourself before, that you were with Tian Shen before me. So it was easier to connect the dots, and if you could come here when he was being tested, I was sure you'd be here right now as well." Long Chen continued.

"Anyways, why did you hide from me and not from him?" Long Chen inquired with a confused expression.

"I hid from him as well, silently watching the test, but he somehow found out that I was in this world with him as well," Xun answered.

"How? I myself only found out because of this book and his mention, but how can he know?" Long Chen became even more confused as he asked.

"Don't compare him with yourself. I don't want your self-esteem to take a loss." Xun said with a smug smile.

"Anyway, even I don't know how he found out. He never told me!" Xun said pouting.

"Is everything written about him and the events true in this book?" He asked.

"Although some events are over-exaggerated, this story is mostly true," Xun replied.

"Tian Shen was sent to this world for this test, just like you are. As he arrived, he first met someone from the Barong tribe. That tribe was and still is the weakest. While the Banshee Tribe and Elphia Tribe that you're currently at was the strongest and still are.

Members of the Barong Tribe were really kind and welcoming of him, despite him being of a completely unknown race." Xun told him.

"As Tian Shen was staying in the tribe, studying under their tribal tome during the day, he continued his cultivation at night while trying to find a way to pass the test. Until one day when he heard a large commotion in the tribe. As he investigated, he found out that the tribe was preparing to go to war.

He met the tribe leader and found out that the monster's tribe had attacked and destroyed the Sunmi tribe and continued ahead. Their target was to conquer this whole land." Xun said, looking at Long Chen.

"All the tribes had decided to join their forces and go fight the final war against the monster tribe under the leadership of Elphia and Banshee Tribe. While the Barong tribe was the weakest amongst all, they still decided to help as well.

Tian Shen decided to go with them, thinking that this might be the event that is the key to passing this test. He kept watching the battle with great interest, rarely participating as he knew that the real strong monsters hadn't participated yet." Xun said reminiscing about the event.

"As the Barong army was weakest, they were given the area where the enemy's numbers and strength were weakest. So Tian Shen didn't stay with them and prompted them to head towards the main area. He fought occasionally but never showed his true strength. Until..." she took a pause as she reached this point.

"Until he noticed that most of the warriors from the Barong Tribe were wiped out. A monster lord had appeared. He attacked and slaughtered them all. Little Shen was so heartbroken and enraged that he finally mastered what he needed to. In his rage, he finally showed his full strength and killed every monster that stood in his path." Xun told Long Chen.

"Without distinguishing between strong and weak. He finally mastered the Law of Slaughter as he slaughtered most of the monster's tribe, shocking every tribe present with his strength. Even monster lords and monster kings were slaughtered until the remnants of the monster tribe ran away. That day he was given the title demon monarch by the monsters." Xun smiled as she said that title.

"Really? The things about the Barong tribe aren't in this book as you described. They are only briefly mentioned as part of the tribes that joined the way against monsters. It didn't mention that they were the reason, Tian Shen was enraged." Long Chen asked as he looked towards that book.

"Of course, in this book, you won't find it. You will find about their side of the story in their books." Xun said as she smiled.

"He was pretty amazing in this battle, wasn't he?"Long Chen said with a serious expression, imagining how it must have felt.

"Yes, he was incredible," Xun said as she reminisced about the past events.

"Oh right, you said he mastered what he needed to. Do I need to master this law slaughter to pass this test as well?" Long Chen asked excitedly.

"Not exactly, but that is up to you to decide," Xun replied in vague terms.

"What do you mean for me to decide?" Long Chen asked, feeling confused.