Chapter 58 - 58 : Impossible Challenge

Chapter 58 of 150 chapters

"You know what laws like the Law of Slaughter are, right?" Xun asked Long Chen.

"I'm not familiar with the Law of Slaughter, but I do know about the laws of nature. I read that people in the Earth Realm can start controlling the Law of Nature.

They are like special powers, giving you the control of an element. For example, the Law of Fire, Law of Earth, Law of Water, Law of Metal and the Law of Wood." Long Chen described what he read before.

"Right, but that's not exactly true. There are more laws than just these 5 Laws of Nature. There are many special laws as well, just like the Law of Slaughter. Don't fret, you will get in touch with them pretty soon." Xun said as he had a big smile on her face.

"Special laws? Like the Law of time and space?" Long Chen asked with a shocked expression.

"How do you know about the law of time and space?" She answered with a question.

"Ah, nothing, I just assumed that there must be one for it as well. So the ability of Terra to control plantation? Is that because of their understanding of the law of wood?" Long Chen said as he remembered the attacks Terra used against him.

"That is kind of true. This universe has a myriad of laws and generally, only Earth Realm Cultivators can learn laws as they have enough comprehension ability, but still, most people can only learn a single law in the Earth realm.

But there are a lot of the so-called geniuses who can learn laws while they are still in the Gold Core Realm or control more than one law while in the Earth Realm. But I do not think you will find any like those in the lower world you are at."

"What the h***? Did you just say that only rare geniuses can learn a law in the gold core realm? I am only in the Spirit Establishment realm! Isn't this test too tough for me?" Long Chen was startled.

"Those geniuses did not have the bloodline you have. Didn't Tian Shen also learn the Laws in this test?" Xun declared in a confident tone.

"What cultivation did Tian Shen have when he participated in this test?" Long Chen asked while smiling.

"Oh! Gold Core Re..." Xun replied but immediately shut her little mouth. Long Chen couldn't help but facepalm himself as he heard her.

"Whatever, if that is the only way to succeed, then I will give it my all." Long Chen said in a voice full of determination.

"That's like my good boy!" Xun smiled as she said.

"Well, since we are done here, let's go outside. And you! Stay with me and do not disappear since they can't see you either way," Long Chen continued as he looked at Xun before opening the door.

As soon as Long Chen came out of the room, the guards standing outside took a step back in surprise before bowing to him.

"Great master, Tribe chief did not know how long you would take, so he left us here to guard this place and make sure no one disturbs you. The master is in the hall with his son at the moment. I will take you to him, or inform him if you want him to come here instead." The guard respectfully said.

"It is fine, I will go to him instead. Go ahead, I will follow you." Long Chen stated.

Through the guidance of the guard, Long Chen found the hall really fast. As soon as he entered the hall, both Tensha and his son stood up to welcome him.

"Master Chen, why did you make the effort to come here yourself, you could have just called for me. Anyways, did you find what you were looking for in this book?" Tensha asked Long Chen.

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just curious about the history. Here, you can have these back." Long Chen said as he returned the book and the portrait back to Tensha.

"Oh Right, I heard about the mystical object of your clan from which you gain the enlightenment to control plants. Can I see it?" Long Chen asked with a smile.

'Ahh... that idiot son of mine! Why did he tell him this? How can I send him away if he decides to study there?' Tensha grumbled in his mind.

"That's... Okay." Tensha thought for a moment before agreeing.

"Come with me," Tensha said as he started walking in a specific direction, Long Chen followed behind until they came out of the residence.

He continued to follow Tensha throughout the tribe. After a few minutes of walking, they reached an old-looking temple.

"Is this the place?" Long Chen asked as soon as Tensha stopped in front of this temple.

"Yes, it is our ancestral temple. Every person in the tribe is allowed to come here and study under our ancestor's object for one month every year. But we have generally seen that people only gain enlightenment in the first two years if they can.

Those who can't learn in the first two years, no matter how much they try, even after coming here every year, none of them were able to gain enlightenment." Tensha explained.

"No one except the members of our tribe is allowed inside, that too without my permission, but you are special. Let's enter." Tensha said, looking at Long Chen.

As Tensha himself was leading Long Chen inside, the guards stepped aside without any delay, allowing both of them to enter.

"It is completely empty at the moment," Tensha said as he led Long Chen.

As they reached the center of the temple, Long Chen noticed a shining green orb lying quietly at an altar.

"That...?" Long Chen felt like he could feel closeness from the orb.

"It is our ancestral object. As Terra already told you before, it is the reason we are able to control plantation." Tensha said as he looked at the orb.

"Can I study here for a bit, alone? I want to try getting enlightenment as well." Long Chen asked in a polite tone.

"Ahhh..." Tensha didn't know what to say. As he wanted to send Long Chen out of his tribe without offending him. If Long Chen stayed here to study the orb, Tensha wouldn't be able to find an excuse to send Long Chen out of the tribe for a long while.

"What? Is there a problem with me being here?" Long Chen said as he stared at Tensha with an innocent look.