Chapter 59 - 59: Law Of Wood Or Law Of Slaughter

Chapter 59 of 150 chapters

"Well… Ah... No there is no problem," Tensha said as he could not think of a way to stop him.

"Great. Therefore, I will study here for a bit. Do not let anyone inside for next one month." Long Chen said as he turned his back to Tensha.

'Right. I can try that method.' Tensha thought as he suddenly got an idea.

"Ah... Great master long, there is something that I think I should inform you about!" Tensha thought of something as he replied.

"What do you want to tell me about?" Long Chen turned back and looked at him with great interest.

"Although our ancestral object is the strongest for us, there is one in another tribe that would be even more beneficial towards you. That's something Great master Tian Shen himself studied. If you want, I can bring you to that tribe and maybe you can gain enlightenment from it." Tensha said as he smiled.

"Oh? Which tribe?" Long Chen asked with an interested look.

"The Banshee tribe. They have the ancestral orb from which master Tian Shen gained enlightenment from." Tensha replied.

"How is that possible? I know that Tian Shen stayed with the Barong tribe and studied there. How could he gain enlightenment from the banshee tribe's orb?" Long Chen raised a question looking at him seriously.

"Did the banshee tribe destroy the Barong tribe and took it?" Long Chen thought of a possibility as he asked in a serious tone.

"Ah… No, the truth is... After the great war, the Barong tribe grew really weak and after master Tian Shen left this world, another tribe got into a war with the Barong tribe over some dispute. Since they had no way to protect themselves, they asked us and the Banshee tribe for their help." Tensha answered.

"None of the tribe showed any interest in helping them, even when they offered their clan's treasures in exchange. Finally, when they could not bear the brunt of this attack, they offered the orb from which great master Tian Shen himself studied from, in exchange.

All the tribes decided to help them, even the one attacking them said that they won't attack them if they give it to them." Tensha told Long Chen.

"But the Barong tribe decided to choose the banshee tribe. Although this tribe wasn't the kindest, it was the strongest and had the reputation of following their promises. In exchange for this orb, they got the promise that the Banshee tribe will provide protection to them for the next five thousand years," Tensha continued.

"Oh, that is a pretty good deal. No wonder they accepted. They can build some strength in these five thousand years. Anyways, I will think about going there later, but for now, can you leave me here alone?"Long Chen told him.

"Alright. But I still suggest that instead of spending time here, being near that orb would be greatly beneficial to the great master." Tensha suggested trying to change his mind.

"It's fine, I will be the one deciding. You can go now, I will find you when I come out of this temple," Long Chen said as he looked at him.

"Alright, I will be taking my leave then," Tensha said in a downcast tone as he left.

"Xun, is it true that the Barong tribe's orb is more beneficial to me? Should I learn the law of wood that is in front of me or the law of slaughter that Tian Shen learned?" Long Chen asked.

"It's not totally true. You can use any of the orbs to learn a law. It's just that the law of wood is one of the most common natural laws that you can find back on your lowly planet as well. But still, learning the law of wood won't be any easier compared to the law of slaughter. But I would say that learning a special law would be a better use of your time." Xun said standing right beside Long Chen.

"Anyway, does everyone learn a law in the real world using these orb-like things?" He asked another question.

"No, most people gain the knowledge of a law through their own pondering and enlightenment towards an element. These items here are not what most people use as these aren't something that is present in a large quantity." Xun replied.

"There is only one orb of each law in the real world. Only a few of which were ever found. They are kept hidden like treasures," she continued telling him.

"How were these orbs made then?" Long Chen raised another question.

"I will tell you about that after you pass this test. But I can say that it is somehow related to you." Xun smirked as she said

"You little devil. Always being so mysterious," Long Chen brought his hands near her face as he suddenly pinched her cheeks shocking her.

"What the...! I can actually touch you?" Long Chen had subconsciously done this gesture but was shocked as soon as he realized that he could touch Xun. He could feel the softness of Xun's cheeks.

"You... You Bully!!! Even Tian Shen never dared to do this to me. I… I won't talk to you now." She said as she pointed a finger at him.

"Don't be a kid, aren't you the great Xun? I know nothing can faze you. You are the greatest in the whole world," Long Chen said, trying to butter her up.

"Hmph... At Least you know how great I am. I'll forgive you this one time." She said as she smiled proudly.

'She's so easy to please.' Long Chen thought in his mind.

"So now I guess I should go to the Banshee tribe. I need to pass this test as fast as I can." Long Chen said as he made a decision.

"Oh, can I bring an orb with me from here to the real world?" Long Chen said as he looked towards the green orb.

"Nope, actually the orbs in this world are not real. They were kind of like replicas, just introduced for the testing purposes. After years, they somehow became these tribe's ancestral objects. They will turn into nothing in the real world even if you put them inside that ring and try to bring them out." Xun explained.

"Oh, what a waste of such treasures. Let's go then," Long Chen said with a disappointed face as he got out with Xun.

"Did tribe leader Tensha go to his residence?" Long Chen asked the guards standing outside.

"Yes, he just left a little while ago. I'll bring you to him." One of the guards said.

"It's fine. I know the direction," Long Chen said as he continued walking ahead alone.

Long Chen was walking slowly this time as he wanted to see the whole tribe properly. After walking for a while he entered the marketplace, which he passed by before.

He did not stop to take a careful look at that time as he was in a hurry to see that mysterious object. But now that he was back again, he wanted to take a careful look.