Chapter 60 - 60: First Meeting

Chapter 60 of 150 chapters

'They have such weird food here. It is really good that I don't feel hungry in this world, or I don't know how I would have eaten these things.' Long Chen thought in his mind as he entered a restaurant in that marketplace and saw some of the dishes that people were eating there.

He immediately got out, but even his brief arrival was enough to shock the customers.

"Hmm? That place looks interesting," Long Chen said to himself as he saw a man selling objects on a small stall on the street.

Long Chen quickly went there and looked around. He could see there were many objects there like strange coins, some swords, shields, etc. But what caught Long Chen's eyes was a beautiful necklace. Although Long Chen could feel nothing special from it to him, it looked really beautiful.

"What do you need great sir? I have many things here, take a look at this. It is a coin from the Sunmi tribe, the tribe which was exterminated by monsters in the last great war. It will only cost 30 Elphia coins. I don't think you will find something like this anywhere," After his initial shock, the seller immediately recovered as he started describing his objects to Long Chen.

"I don't need those. I just want this necklace." Long Chen told him.

"Oh, this one? Although it doesn't have any special functions, but it is made from one of the prettiest crystals that you can find on this land, Eslil. But unfortunately, I cannot sell it to you. It is already sold." He said looking at Long Chen.

"What are you talking about? It is sitting right there and I see no customer here at the moment." Long Chen asked with a confused expression.

"It was bought by Miss Xia, daughter of deputy chief yesterday. I apologize, I cannot sell it to you without her permission." That seller said with a worried expression.

"If it was bought by her, why didn't she take it with her?" Long Chen inquired/

"Well, I had one necklace here yesterday, she came and bought that. She asked me if I have more like that. When I said that I have one more at home, she told me to reserve it for her and to bring it today." That seller said in a low voice/

"Oh, it's fine then. She can take it," Long Chen said as he gave up.

"I already have one. You can take that if you like it." Long Chen was just about to turn back and way away when he heard a voice from behind.

Long Chen turned only to see a girl walking towards him with a guard following behind. She was wearing a long sleek gown green in color which highlighted her perfect curves.

"Miss Xia. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Long Chen said as he had already guessed who this girl might be.

"The pleasure is all mine," She said with a smile.

"You can sell it to him. I already have one, it is fine if I don't get a second." She said as she looked at the seller.

"Alright Young Miss. It will only be 15 Elphia coins." The seller replied to her before he turned towards Long Chen and told him the price.

"Ah...? I apologize, I don't have any Elphia coins." Long Chen said looking back at him.

"If you cannot pay, I can pay instead of you. Just consider it a gift from the Elphia tribe." Xia said while smiling at Long Chen.

"You don't need to worry about this, Miss Xu. I never said that I can't pay for it." Long Chen told Xia before turning back to the seller.

"Will this work?" Long Chen said as he tossed a coin towards the seller who immediately caught it.

"It is a coin we humans use. Will it be enough?" Long Chen said, smiling.

"Ah???" The seller stood there shocked as he looked at this coin with a feverish gaze.

"You don't need to pay that much! That coin will be enough to buy this whole market if it is sold in an auction!" Xia said as she kept staring at that coin.

'Really? A bronze coin is worth that much here?' Long Chen thought with a weird expression.

"It is alright. Let him keep it. Also, since you said it is enough to buy many things, you can pick up a few more things. Treat them as a gift from me. I will be going now, as I have things to do. See you later," Long Chen said as he smiled and picked up that necklace before walking away.

"This man..." Xia stood there dumbfounded, looking at Long Chen's back.

"Take these 100 Elphia coins and give that human's coin back to me. You know holding a precious thing without enough strength can bring a disaster, right?" Xia finally turned back towards the seller after long Chen disappeared before telling him.

"Ah... ok," He wanted to deny, but he could not go against the daughter of the deputy chief of the tribe so he accepted 100 Elphia coins and have that bronze coin back,

"Fascinating." Xia stood there studying this coin.


Long Chen entered the residence of tribe leader Tensha and entered without any problem as no one tried to stop him. Everyone had seen how respectful the tribe leader was towards him as well as the legends about humans continued to him being allowed everywhere.

"He entered our ancestral temple, I don't think he will come out before a month. We can't send him away now." Tensha said while looking at Xu.

"Ahh... it is a disaster. Why did you bring him there! What did you expect him to do once he reached there? It was obvious that he would stay there to gain enlightenment. I don't know how long this information about a human being here can be contained. I am not even sure if the information about a human appearing already reached the monster tribe." Xu said with a worried expression.

"I could do nothing about it. He already found out about our ancestral object before coming here. And when he asked me to bring him there, I had no way to deny him and now we are stuck here for one month. We can only do our best to contain this information and pray that monsters haven't found out." Tensha said in a downcast voice.

"Who is it?" Tensha asked as he heard knocking on the door.