Chapter 61 - 61: What 's In The Egg

Chapter 61 of 150 chapters

"Who is it?" Tensha asked as he heard knocking on the door.

"It is me, father! I came to inform you that Master Long Chen is back. He is sitting in the main hall waiting for you." Terra replied from outside.

"What???" Tensha and Xu both stood up, completely shocked as soon as they heard it.

"How can he be back so soon? Did he give up on studying our ancestral orb? Or did he get tempted by the orb of the banshee tribe?" Tensha muttered as he remembered what he told Long Chen before he was asked to exit.

"Whatever the reason is, it is good that he did not stay there for long. Now we have our opportunity," Xu replied when he heard Tensha.

"That is right! The gods are on our side!" Tensha said with a smile as he walked toward the exit with Xu.

"Master Chen! Welcome back! How come you are back so soon? I thought you would take longer," Tensha greeted Long Chen as soon as he entered the hall.

"I need you to bring me to the Banshee tribe." Long Chen straight away said looking at both of them.

"Of course, I will immediately make preparations for your departure if that is your wish," Tensha said with a smile as he heard Long Chen.

"You look unusually happy. Was I such a bad guest?" Long Chen couldn't help but ask as he saw both of them smiling.

"Not at all... You were the best guest anyone can hope for!" Tensha said without any delay.

"Whatever! How long will the journey to the banshee tribe take?" Long Chen brought the topic back as he asked.

"If you walk, it will take over twenty days, but with Elphia horses, you will reach there in just two days," Xu replied before Tensha could.

"I haven't met you before. Who might you be?" Long Chen asked with curiosity.

"I haven't had the fortune to meet great master Chen before. My name is Xu. I am the deputy chief of this tribe." Xu said with a smile.

"Oh, I have heard about your great reputation before! The deputy leader of the Elphia tribe and the second strongest person in the whole tribe. It is nice to finally meet you." Long Chen said, smiling.

"Anyways you have horses here? How are they useful in this deserted land? Can they run in the sand? Also, when I met terra before, he was walking and not riding a horse, why?"

"Well, It is embarrassing to say, but this son of mine does not know how to ride an Elphia horse. I tried teaching him many times, but he just couldn't. Whenever we travel on a horse, he sits behind me." Tensha replied as Terra gave an embarrassed look.

"And secondly, although Elphia horses can run in the desert, its speed wouldn't be much faster. But the thing is that there isn't any desert between us and the Banshee tribe. So it is easier and faster traveling by a horse," Tensha told Long Chen.

"Oh, it is good then. I will travel on an Elphia horse. Who will escort me as I don't know the direction?" Long Chen asked Tensha.

"I have a suggestion! That idiot son of mine would only be a burden in your travel and sending you with just guards would not do enough Justice to your prestige. How about I send Old Xu with you or I myself can come if you want?" Tensha suggested.

"You do not need to do that. You both should stay here and handle your work. I am sure that both of you have lots of responsibilities in this tribe. I can just go with some guards." Long Chen smiled as he said.

"Absolutely not! What will other tribes think of us if they see someone from our Savior's lineage was allowed to be escorted without someone special from our tribe by us? Great master Chen, if you do not want to be escorted by us old men, I can have Terra and my daughter escort you with a group of some of the best warriors of our tribe." Xu interjected as he looked seriously at Long Chen.

"Yup, that is a good suggestion. What are your thoughts, Master Chen? You can be escorted by old Xu or by terra and Xia. There is no third option." Tensha said, looking at Long Chen with a smile.

"Ahh, Alright. if you insist, I will accept the second suggestion. Have Terra accompany me." Long Chen gave up trying to convince them as he said.

"It's decided then!" Tensha smiled as he said.

"We will make all the preparations. When do you want to leave?" Xu asked Long Chen.

"As it is already pretty late today, and you still need the time to prepare everything I was thinking about tomorrow morning. I will be staying for the night here." Long Chen replied.

"Alright then. I won't take much of your precious time. Everything will be ready by the time you wake up Master Chen. Terra quickly escort master Chen to his room," Tensha said as he looked at Long Chen.

Long Chen soon exited the hall following Terra.


"Such great luck! He himself asked about leaving our tribe." A few minutes after Long Chen exited the hall, Tensha couldn't help but smile widely as he whispered to Xu.

"Of course, it is our ancestor's blessings! They want to see us become the strongest tribe." Xu said while laughing.


"Have you ever been to the Banshee tribe?" Long Chen asked Terra as he followed behind.

"Yup, I once went there with my father when I was a child. It has been so long since I have been there. It is going to be a good trip, finally going there again." Terra said without looking back.

"Can you tell me some things about it?" Long Chen inquired.

"It is an interesting place is all I can say. You will see when you get there." Terra said, smirking.

'Interesting description.' Long Chen thought in his mind.

"We are here. This is the best room in the whole mansion after my father's. You can spend the night here. There will be a maid standing outside the door the whole night for you. You can tell her if you need anything." Terra told Long Chen as he stopped in front of a door and pointed at the maid standing near the door in the hallway.

"Alright, I will see you in the morning. Goodnight," Long Chen said as he entered the room and closed the door.

Long Chen sat on the bed as he surveyed his surroundings with his divine sense. After finding nothing unordinary, he brought out the mysterious egg from his storage ring.

"Xun, you have been with Tian Shen before. You must know what is in this egg." Long Chen asked.