Chapter 62 - 62: Having A Treasure Trove

Chapter 62 of 150 chapters

"Xun, you have been with Tian Shen since he received this bloodline before. You must know what is in this egg. Can you please tell me?" Long Chen asked as he continued sending his Qi to this egg as normal/

"It's a... The truth is that even I don't know." Xun replied to Long Chen.

"It has been with master since I came into existence. There was never a mention of what was inside," She said.

"Oh? It is that old? How come it still didn't hatch after such a long time? Did Tian Shen have any thoughts about what could be inside?" Long Chen inquired.

"No, he never even knew about this egg," Xun proclaimed.

"Why not? It was right there in this ring? Of course, he would know about it." Long Chen said seriously.

"Not exactly. He wasn't given access to the space dimension you have in your ring, so he never saw this egg. His space dimension was completely different, although they both reside in this same Ring." Xun explained.

"Haven't you ever wondered why someone like Tian Shen only had these few things in his storage ring?" She smirked as she said.

"The truth is that he had many treasures that could make the world go mad. And many of those are still in this ring, in his space dimension. But just like he couldn't access your space dimension, you can't access his space dimension either," She explained further.

"What the...?" Long Chen stood up as soon as he heard this secret, still having this egg in his hand.

"So I have a treasure trove that can cause envy amongst the strongest and I can't even access it?" Long Chen wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

"Oh, wait. Aren't you my cutest and strongest guardian Spirit as well as the treasure spirit of this ring? Wouldn't you help this poor one out? Just let me take a little peek" Long Chen said as he looked at Xun with a cute smile.

"Hah, you wish! Even if I wanted to, I can't do it as it is against the rules set by the master! You can't access another's space dimension unless certain criteria are met." Xun said as she folded her arms around her small chest with a haughty look.

"What criteria?" Long Chen asked.

"Telling you that is restricted as well," Xun replied with a smirk.

"You... Alright. I will leave that for the future" Long Chen finally gave up as he didn't get an answer even after asking again and again.

Long Chen suddenly felt a slight movement inside this egg as he wanted to continue talking about another thing.

"Xun! I felt a movement inside!" His expressions changed as he looked at Xun with a shocked expression and said.

"You can't fool me! I am not a child like you. There hasn't been a movement in this egg all this while. You are just trying to prank me because I am not helping you." Xun said with a confident smile,

"But seriously! I am not lying! I think this little one is about to come out pretty soon! I really felt some movement inside," Long Chen said with great confidence as he kept supplying his Qi. But he felt no movement after that. He stopped like usual as soon as the egg stopped absorbing his Qi.

"I hope you come out soon little one." Long Chen mumbled while looking at this egg with a gentle smile.

After putting the egg back in his storage time, Long Chen started cultivating. He was pleasantly surprised as he noticed that his cultivation speed was way faster here than it was in the real world.

After cultivating for the whole night, he had directly jumped from the cultivation of the 6th stage Spirit Establishment to the advanced level of the 7th stage Spirit Establishment realm.

"Amazing! Cultivating In this world is so fast for me." Long Chen thought as he continued Cultivating,

Long Chen opened his eyes as he heard a knocking on the door before realizing that it was already morning.

"Master Long, everything is ready. Do you want to rest longer or depart now?" The voice of Tensha came from the outside.

'It is already morning huh, I didn't even realize it.' Long Chen thought as he got up from his bed.

"Give me half an hour, I will get ready really fast and will be outside in a bit," Long Chen said from the inside.

"Alright, take your time. I will wait for you in the main hall," Tensha said and walked back soon after.

Long Chen got ready, as he wore newer clothes that he was keeping inside his ring.

Long Chen left the room and entered the main hall after walking for a little while. He saw that there were five people sitting inside the room

"Let me introduce everyone. You already know old Xu and myself, and this stupid son of mine. This is Xia old Xu's daughter and this one here is Tia, one of our strongest guards. He will be the one leading the guards on your trip for your protection While Terra and Xia would be escorting you." Tensha introduced everyone.

"Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Long Chen. It is nice to meet everyone. Miss Xia, it's good to meet you again. I hope you selected a gift last time." Long Chen greeted everyone before saying to Xia.

"Yes, I did. Thanks for that," Xia replied with a smile.

"I can feel it's going to be a good journey." Terra laughed as he said.

"Let's depart now without any delay," Long Chen said without waiting any longer.

Everyone stood up and walked towards the exit.

"What the hell? This is not what I expected when they said a horse," Long Chen said with a weird look on his face when he saw Elphia horses standing outside.

This horse had two heads and 5 tails, which gave a weird impression to Long Chen. It was way taller than a normal horse, at an abnormal height of over two meters.

"Master Long, What's wrong. Can you ride an Elphia horse?" Xu noticed Long Chen's expression as he asked, worried that Long Chen might change his mind about leaving Elphia.

"Ahh, I actually know how to ride a normal horse, but I don't know how to ride that," Long Chen said as he pointed at this horse with a worried look.

"Oh, It's fine. We already made preparations for such a situation." Tensha said with a smile

"Since Terra can't ride one either, he can sit behind Tia, while you sit behind Xia." Tensha continued.