Chapter 63 - 63: Riding(*)

Chapter 63 of 150 chapters

Long Chen departed from the tribe with his companions after bidding farewell to Tensha and Xu.

Long Chen was sitting behind Xia, holding his arms around her slim belly tightly, while the leader of the guards had Terra sitting behind him. They traveled only for a little while until Long Chen realized that although these horses looked different than a normal horse, disregarding the looks, they were pretty similar. Long Chen could feel that he could probably ride one if he attempted.

'Dammit, I should've sat behind someone else! How long can I control myself here?' Long Chen thought in his mind as he tried to control his thing from rising.

Long Chen had only been traveling for a little while, but since he was sitting right behind Xia and holding onto her belly firmly, his little sword was in constant contact with her butt and the fast galloping of the horse was making the situation even worse.

He tried distracting himself by thinking of boring things like mathematical problems that he wasn't able to solve, but these constant rubbing against her butt kept obstructing his thoughts.

'Ahh, here it goes' Long Chen thought as he finally couldn't control his little guy from rising and poking against her. Xia suddenly felt something hard poking her butt from behind as her expressions couldn't help but change.

"Ah, Master long. Isn't that inappropriate?" she said in a voice low enough that only Long Chen could hear. Although she never had a lover or had an experience. but she knew about these things in general. She immediately understood what it was. Long Chen couldn't see her expressions as he heard her say.

"Ah, I apologize. I am not doing it intentionally! Can you just stop the horse, I can sit behind Tia, and Terra can sit here." Long Chen said to her.

"No, it's fine. You don't need to change places with Terra In the middle of this journey. And I can't be sure if I will face the same with Terra. Also, people will wonder what happened," She said in a low voice with a shade of pink on her face without turning back.

"Ah, alright. It'll go away soon... Probably." Long Chen said but his last word was almost inaudible even to himself.

Long Chen kept his hands wrapped around her as he did not want to fall, while his sword kept attacking her butt throughout the journey. Neither Xia nor Long Chen said a word after their initial exchange throughout the distance they traveled. Even Long Chen himself didn't know if he was enjoying the experience of their touch more or being tortured by it/

"Miss Xia, Can you stop for a minute. Allow me to sit at the front as I don't think this thing is going to go down anytime soon if I sit here. Also, I want to give this horse a try?" Long Chen told Xia as she was concentrating on the path ahead.

"Oh? You want to ride it? Is riding me throughout this journey, not enough for you anymore?" She said in a joke-like tone but inside she knew that she didn't want Long Chen to come to the front as she was also starting to enjoy the feeling of Long Chen's little guy rubbing against her. She had already started moving her hips against his little guy more while galloping, acting oblivious.

"Miss Xia must be joking. Anyways jokes aside, I wanted to give horse riding a try. I feel like I can do it." Long Chen said, smiling.

"Oh? How about you give it a try while sitting behind me? If you can control him for a little while, I will allow you to sit at the front." Xia told Long Chen.

"I can't even see what's ahead from here. I don't think I will be able to control it efficiently without being at the front." Long Chen said seriously.

"It's fine. There is nothing in front of us for over a mile. You can give it a try. I can stop this horse if I see an obstruction." Xia insisted.

"Alright, I will give it a try then," Long Chen said as he removed one of his hands from her slim tummy and held onto the reign of the horse. His hand touched her hands as he grabbed the reins. After grabbing with one hand, he removed his second hand as he grabbed the reins from that as well.

Xia withdrew her hands from the reins, allowing Long Chen to take full control of the horse as she just sat there looking ahead.

Others discovered Long Chen clutching the reins of the horse from behind, as he stuck close to Xia, but no one thought much of it. They just felt like Long Chen was trying to gain horse riding experience, so it was normal. Everyone soon stopped looking in their direction as they continued.

Long Chen's hands kept brushing against Xia's breasts with each galloping of the horse, to which she said nothing. Sometimes even intentionally moving her chest forward, hoping for more contact.

"I think it is enough. Can I sit in the front now?" Long Chen asked again after riding for over a mile, breaking the silence.

"Ah, alright." She accepted as she had no reason to refuse anymore.

Xia stopped the horse, and with her, everyone else around her stopped as well/

"What happened? Why did you stop? Are you already tired?" Terra asked laughing as he sat behind Tia.

"You know I am not as weak as you, right?" Xia replied looking at terra

"It is just to allow Master Chen to sit in the front as he wanted to ride the horse for the rest of the journey," She told everyone.

Long Chen and Xia soon switched positions as everyone continued on their journey.

But things didn't improve much as Long Chen was again forced into a terrible situation. Unlike before, now it was Xia who was holding onto him. She was sticking so close to him that Long Chen could feel her chest against his back.

Although it troubled him as well, what made Long Chen's expressions change was something else entirely. It was because he saw what was ahead of him.