Chapter 64 - 64: Meeting The Queen

Chapter 64 of 150 chapters

Long Chen saw a small river blocking their path which made him stop. This River was around 5 meters wide which obstructed their path ahead.

"How can we cross it?" Long Chen asked Xia.

"Simple! Just make the horse jump to the other side." Xia said, smiling.

"Are you crazy?"Long Chen couldn't help but say.

"Don't worry. It's pretty easy for an Elphia horse. We have traveled like this many times. But if you don't want to cross this river using this method, there is another method. There is a bridge which we can reach in just three days of time and cross this river from there. But that will increase our journey duration from two days to eight days." Xia explained.

"I do not have that much time to waste. Are you sure this horse can cross this river?" Long Chen inquired.

"I am two hundred percent sure! Let me handle it for a while," Xia said as she grabbed the reins and made the horse run towards the river. Just as it was at the edge of the river, it jumped.

Long Chen could feel like time had stopped for a moment when he was in the air at the center of this river but this sensation disappeared in the blink of an eye as their horse landed on the other side.

"Amazing! It was really good." Long Chen said smiling soon Tia and the others landed on the other side of the river as well.

As the sky turned dark, they all chose a place to stop and to set up their camp. In just half an hour their camp was set up.

Everyone sat together as they all took out the food they had prepared for this journey and started eating.

"Master Chen! Here's some for you." Xia offered him a portion as she noticed Long Chen eating nothing. Long Chen immediately refused her in a kind manner giving the excuse that he wasn't hungry.

They all entered their tent after eating, including Long Chen. Long Chen started feeding his egg, after which he started cultivation as he wanted to utilize the increase in his cultivation speed due to this environment.

Long Chen cultivated for half a night and reached mid-level of 8th strange of Spirit Establishment realm. Long Chen decided to sleep after that, as he hadn't slept last night either due to cultivation.

Morning arrived, and everyone continued on their journey for the day. Long Chen enjoyed the rush of wind on his face as he was controlling the horse this time as well but since now he had gained some experience with the Elphia horse, he was better than he was yesterday. They kept traveling at full speed with Long Chen in the lead and Xia guiding Long Chen about the direction to take.

After traveling for over ten hours, Long Chen could see the boundary of a tribe, made with white stone-like material. To Long Chen, it looked better and stronger than the boundary of the Elphia tribe.

Long Chen stopped in front of the gates with the other stopping right behind him as they got down getting their horses. Long Chen saw two kids standing at the door. There were two girls who looked 12-14 and were dressed in white clothes looking at Long Chen with a shocked expression. They had completely white-hair, but that didn't make them look weird, instead, it somehow looked even better on them.

"Little girls, what are you doing at the doors? Where are your parents and the guards?" Long Chen asked as he looked at them.

"Master Chen, they are the guards here?" Xia said in a low voice.

"Guards? How can the Banshee tribe keep little kids as guards? Or is it that I'm missing something?" Long Chen said with a confused expression.

"Ah... Master Chen... They may look like kids, but they are probably as old as my father." Xia told Long Chen.

"My greeting to both of you! I am Xia, the daughter of deputy chief Xu from the Elphia tribe and this is Terra, son of the tribe leader. We are here to bring Master Chen to meet your queen." Xia told both of them as she pointed towards Long Chen, but she saw Long Chen not looking in her direction in the slightest. She could see that he was distracted looking at an empty spot.

"Banshee tribe is a special tribe just like the Elphia tribe. You already know the special features of the Elphia tribe and the banshee tribe is unique on its own as well. They all have white hair and look to be around 10-18 years old, but their actual age is totally different. You can meet some 80-year-old girl who'll look just like a 10-year-old. So they can't be judged from their looks." Xun explained to Long Chen as she appeared near him.

"Interesting. Thanks for the info." Long Chen mumbled as he looked back towards the gate.

He saw that Xia was already coming back after talking to both of the guards.

"Let's go. We are allowed entry." Xia said with a smile. All of them climbed back on the horses as they entered the tribe after the doors were opened under the guidance of the guards.

Amidst the strange looks of the crowd, they were brought to a palace at the center of the tribe. This palace looked similar to the Royal Palace and was completely white in color with no blemishes on the outer wall. Long Chen could see that this whole tribe was pretty luxurious, whereas Elphia was more modest in their living standards.

"Hmph, show-offs." Xia couldn't help but mutter under her breath as she arrived in front of the palace.

Long Chen and others were welcomed by two young girls dressed as maids who brought them towards a large hall. Long Chen noticed that this Hall was filled with many people and a large throne was placed at the end of this Hall, where a young girl was sitting with a curious expression looking at Long Chen. She didn't stand up even when she saw Long Chen unlike the tribe leader of Elphia, Tensha.

"You are actually a human. Interesting, a human appeared in the Elphia tribe and even I didn't know about it. You people are becoming better at hiding things, aren't you?" She said smiling.