Chapter 66 - 66 : Let's Steal It

Chapter 66 of 150 chapters

"What gift?" Xia asked Long Chen.

"These are some gifts for the both of you," Long Chen said as two silver coins appeared in his hands which he gave to both, Xia and Terra.

"Stunning!! These silver ones are even prettier than those bronze coins." Xia couldn't help but exclaim.

"Of course they will be, as they are more expensive coins than the bronze ones." Long Chen replied.

"Fascinating. You people have different types of coins amongst yourselves? Shouldn't having a single currency be better?" Terra said as he intervened.

"That's not what's important, is it?" Long Chen couldn't help but say as he didn't feel like explaining.

"Thanks for the gift Master Long. We enjoyed the journey as well. I apologize that we don't have anything good to offer you but we will leave our Elphia horse here for you. So that if you need anything in the future, you can always come to our tribe." Xia replied as she thanked him, unknown to the fact that her father would probably die of anger if he heard that she invited Long Chen back to the tribe.

"Exactly! Our doors will always be open for you." Terra agreed as well.

"Thank you for your offer. I will definitely come there in the future." Long Chen said with a smile.

"Goodbye master Chen! I hope that we will meet again." Xia said as she bid her final farewell and left with others.

"Can you tell your queen that I want to meet her alone? Tell her that I have something important to talk about." Long Chen said to the maid standing near the door. After telling her, Long Chen went inside the room as he took a shower and waited for the response after getting ready and wearing a new set of clothes.

After half an hour, a knock was heard on the door. As Long Chen opened the door, the maid informed him that the queen had agreed to his request and told her to bring him to her.

Long Chen followed the maid. As he was walking, a little white-haired boy was coming from the opposite direction.

"Greetings your highness." As soon as the boy reached near him, the maid bowed to the boy as she said that.

"You are human! Wow, I couldn't believe when I heard that a human arrived in our tribe! I have read all about the legends of Great master Tian Shen and I am fascinated every time I read it! Master Tian Shen is my idol!! I can't believe I met a human." That man ignored the maid's greetings as he held Long Chen's hands and said with a bright shine in his eyes/

"It is nice to meet you as well. Are you Queen Mia's husband? The king of this tribe?" Long Chen asked.

"Oh, no no no! I can't be Aunt Mia's husband! It would be immoral if that happened! I am her nephew Alton." Alton replied hurriedly.

"Oh right, why weren't you there in the Great Hall yesterday. I didn't see you there?" Long Chen asked/

"I don't know why, but I wasn't informed about you appearing in our palace by aunt Mia or anyone near me! But I accidentally heard someone talking about it today, and then I found out everything after inquiring, I was just coming to your room to meet you." Alton said with enthusiasm.

'I think I can understand why she didn't tell you. You're such a fanboy of humans. If you were there, you would've spoiled all her high and mighty performance.' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

"Let's go to my room! I want to talk to you more." Alton said to Long Chen.

"I apologize Alton, but I have a meeting with your aunt right now. I will come find you later. I should be going now." Long Chen replied as he left.

"Ok," Alton replied with a dull expression as he watched Long Chen walk away.

Long Chen was walking in this long corridor behind the maid, and soon he was brought to a big room. Long Chen could see that a long table was placed at the center of this room, with two chairs placed opposite sides of the table. Queen Mia was sitting on one of them. Long Chen could see that her chair was higher than his.

'Is she intentionally trying to undermine me?' Long Chen thought as he walked ahead and sat on the other chair.

"What did you want to talk about?" Queen Mia asked.

"Queen Mia, I wanted to ask you about something. You know the orb of the Barong tribe that my ancestor studied, right? I heard that it's with you right now. I just want to study it for a little bit of time. Will you allow me this much?" Long Chen asked with a smile.

"It used to be the Barong tribe's orb, but now it's mine! Why should I allow you to even go near it?" She asked in a serious tone.

"Queen Mia, you know my ancestor saved this world and all the tribes in it. Can't you show this Much gratitude to him and allow someone from his future generation to study a single orb?" Long Chen said with an upset look.

'Huh, Tian Shen, your ancestor? At least you're becoming better at lying." Xun commented on the sidelines.

"Hahaha, you are right! He saved a lot of tribes and this world. But what Great Master Shen did has nothing to do with you, does it? Even if he is your ancestor, I owe my gratitude to him, not to you! You weren't the one to save us, and you did nothing good for our empire or any tribe. I don't see any reason I should show you gratitude and allow you to access our orb." Queen Mia said looking at Long Chen as she laughed.

"Why are you against it? I don't think you will gain anything by denying me or lose anything by allowing me." Long Chen said looking at her.

"Well... I can allow you to have access to our orb if you agree to one of my conditions," Queen Mia continued.

"What condition?" Long Chen asked.

I read in the books that Great master Tian Shen was able to fly using wings. Tell me the secret of the wings of humans! I think that you use some secret method to make those wings as according to the legends, they always disappeared after Tian Shen willed them too. Since you are from his lineage, you must know its secret as well. Tell me the method to form those wings and I will allow you to go near our orb." Queen Mia explained to Long Chen about her desires/

"Hah... So that's why you aren't allowing me access? Aren't you afraid that I'll destroy your tribe if you are this greedy?" Long Chen said with a serious look/

"I don't think you can! I saw the portrait of master Shen and after seeing you, I know that humans aren't like us whose looks halt at a certain age. As far as I can judge, you are way younger than he was. He was strong enough to slaughter monster tribe on his own, but that doesn't mean you are that strong as well. Considering the difference in your age, I'd guess that you are weaker than him." She replied with a smile.

"I never judged you to be this stupid. Do you want to give my strength a try?" Long Chen said as he stood up and looked into her eyes and released some of his aura.

"I don't want to fight someone from our Savior's lineage. I didn't invite you here to fight, just enjoy the breakfast," she said as breakfast was brought in by the maids.

"I will be going now, as I have things to do. But you should think about my offer. It's way better than fighting. Don't let your arrogance blind you." Mia said as she exited the hall.

"I hope that you won't regret this decision of yours," Long Chen thought as he left the food lying there as he exited this place as well and entered his room.

"Xun! We are stealing that thing." Long Chen said as he closed the doors.