Chapter 70 - 70 : Monster Emperor

Chapter 70 of 150 chapters

Tiger King pushed the door open. The Monster Kings saw someone sitting on the ground. They could be described as a tall and bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs. As it squatted down, its bent knees reached over its head. He also had the head and feet of a horse.

"Emperor Balang, we have something urgent to discuss with you," Bull King said immediately.

"I know you do, or you wouldn't come to me. Tell me what happened," Balang said slowly.

"Emperor Balang, another human has appeared in our world! This is what he looks like," Tiger King said before he showed the Monster Emperor Balang the image of Long Tian. Monster Emperor Balang's eyes couldn't help but widen at this news. He looked at the image for a second before returning to normal before anyone could see.

"We know the human is a child compared to Tian Shen, so he can't be as strong. In the short term, he poses no danger to us, but we want the Monster Emperors to tell us what we should do!" Skeleton King said to Monster Emperor Balang in a low voice.

"Where is he right now?" The Monster Emperor asked, gazing at them.

"He is presently living with the Banshee tribe. The last we heard, he had been there for three days. He will probably stay for longer," Tiger King replied.

"All of you can leave now. I will talk to the others about this matter and come to a decision. Until then, don't let anyone else find out about this matter. I don't want unnecessary panic on our land," Balang told them. Soon, they filtered out of the house to go back to the palace, leaving Monster Emperor Balang alone.

"Another human has appeared after so long. It can either be good for us or a disaster. It depends on our choices and the human's decisions," Monster Emperor Balang muttered to himself as he stood up.

When he stood, he was over three meters tall. He was said to be one of the tallest monsters in the tribe. He walked out of the house and stood at the brink of the forest.

"Old friend, I know you don't like to be disturbed, but it is time I wake you up from your slumber. But first, I'll talk to him and bring old Shentia with me," Monster Emperor Balang muttered to himself before he stepped into the forest.

He walked for ten minutes before he reached the opening of a cave.

"Old Shentia? Aren't you going to invite me in?" Monster Emperor Balang shouted.

"Hahaha. Old Balang, even if I invite you, can you enter? I intentionally made the entrance of his cave small so that you old fogies can't disturb my peace." A heavy laugh could be heard from inside the cave. After a few minutes, someone finally emerged from inside.

He had a humanoid shape, with bowed legs, and long arms of varying size. His body was muscular and he had two prominent fangs peeping from between his lips. His facial features looked like the combination of an ape and a pig. His skin was a light grey, making him look ashen and weary. He carried a large hammer in his hands.

"I have always wondered why you prefer living in the forest when you could easily stay in the city," Monster Emperor Balang inquired.

"I don't find the city better. In fact, I like how peaceful and calm it is here compared to the city," Monster Emperor Shentia replied.

"But it is too peaceful! You don't know what troubles we are facing right now," Monster Emperor Balang said with a slight smile.

"Hahaha. Aren't you staying in the city to keep an eye on what's happening? I am sure that you would inform me if something important happened. Isn't that why you are here today, old man?" Monster Emperor Shentia laughed as he spoke.

"Of course, while the two of you enjoy your life, I am stuck keeping an eye on our tribe! But that is not important. A human was discovered in our world and he is staying with the Banshee tribe. We need to wake Taras from his sleep," Monster Emperor Balang seriously.

"I agree with you. Let's go wake that fella up. He had slept for a long time," Monster Emperor Shentia uttered as he got out from his cave.

They stood before a humongous stone half an hour later.

Monster Emperor Shentia shoved the stone away with one of his hands, revealing the entrance of a deep tunnel below. They entered the tunnel and found their way through various branches of the tunnel. Finally, they reached an open clearing underground that was at least a kilometer wide, the ceiling twenty meters from the floor. A creature law inside the tunnel in deep sleep.

It was a gigantic lizard-like creature that looked like it came straight from the depths of hell. It was easily four meters tall and nine feet wide. Its form resembled a tyrannosaurus rex, but it was broader and more muscular, the shape of its head slightly different and its hands longer. The most significant difference was its blood red skin.

A glossy, black shell protected its back and tail. Spikes grew from its chin and the side of its mouth, the underside of its neck and the elbows of its front arms. The creature also had two pitch-black horns protruding from the crown on its head. It was Monster Emperor Taras.

"Wake up, old friend!" Monster Emperor Shentia screamed at the top of his lungs, trying to wake the creature up, but it didn't even stir. He kept trying but his words had no effect.

Finally, Shentia grew impatient and picked up a large stone and threw it at Taras. The stone shattered as soon as it touched Taras' shell. Still no response.

"I'll see how long you can sleep!" Shentia picked up his hammer, preparing to attack.

"You remember that you need to control your powers, right? If Taras is injured in the slightest, he won't be happy when he wakes up," Monster Emperor Balang warned Shentia.

"Don't worry. You know how strong his shell is. Unless I use my full strength, I won't injure him. He will feel a mild impact because I will use half my power," Monster Emperor Shentia replied as he swung his hammer in Taras' direction. The hammer made contact.

A loud roar shook the cave and Monster Emperor Taras opened his eyes.