Chapter 71 - 71: The Decision

Chapter 71 of 150 chapters

"Do you want to die, Shentia!!!" Monster Emperor Taras roared as he stood up and an oppressive aura spread everywhere in the place.

"Hold on, big guy! I am not here to fight you! We have anṣ important matter which needed you to be awake and I tried waking you up, but since you weren't waking up, I had to use that method to wake you up. You can ask Balang if you doubt me," Monster Emperor Shentia quickly said.

"He isn't lying." Monster Emperor Balang replied when he saw Monster Emperor Taras looking towards him.

"What happened?" Monster Emperor Taras asked after he calmed down and retracted his aura.

"After so many years, another human was seen in our world. He is staying with the Banshee tribe. We need a proper plan about how to approach this situation," Monster Emperor Balang replied as he showed him Long Chen's image.

"What is there to think about! We need to slaughter him for the crimes of his ancestor!!" Monster Emperor Taras said with an angry voice.

"No! That would be the wrong way to approach this situation! Both of you know what a single human did to all our tribes in the Great War! If we go to another war, we may suffer the risk of complete annihilation! I think we should get in contact with him and try to establish a friendship with him. He is not the same one from a thousand years ago! He doesn't have any enmity with us and if we do things carefully, we may get him to be our ally. That way we won't have to take any risk that may result in a threat to our tribe," Monster Emperor Balang suggested.

"Are you crazy Balang??? You know he is the descendant of a human! A member of the same species slaughtered most of our tribesmen before! My grandparents always told me about the terror our tribe faced when that human attacked us! I can never forget the looks on their faces when they described those events to me! I always wanted another human to appear so that I could personally wipe him out of existence and take revenge for our ancestors!" Monster Emperor Taras roared as he heard the words of Balang, anger clearly visible on his face.

"We don't need to make the same mistakes our ancestors did by making that human our enemy! You know the survival of our tribe depends on our decision!" Monster Emperor Balang said in a heavy voice.

"Don't change the story, Balang! Our ancestors made no mistake!!! They never offended that human! It was the Human who interfered in our war with other tribes and started attacking us for no reason! Our tribe didn't even know that a species like humans existed in this world until he started attacking us out of nowhere!!" Monster Emperor Taras replied immediately.

"I agree with Taras. I also heard the whole story from my parents. Our tribe didn't do anything bad to that human, it was him who suddenly attacked us out of the blue," Monster Emperor Shentia said, voicing his agreement to Taras' statement.

"Exactly! He was a crazy maniac who slaughtered our people for no reason! How can you even suggest friendship with his descendent" Monster Emperor Taras said looking at Monster Emperor Balang.

"I just don't want the same events as before to happen again. I care for the safety of our tribe. Don't let revenge cloud your judgment, my friend." Monster Emperor Balang said in a slow voice.

"Nothing like before will ever happen again! After hundreds of years of cultivation, we are as strong as our ancestors were! While that human is clearly weaker than that human from Thousands of years ago!" Monster Emperor Taras replied looking at Monster Emperor Balang.

"We need to slaughter him immediately, while he is still weak!" Monster Emperor Taras asserted.

"I don't understand why we need to fight him! I understand why you don't want friendship with a human! But why go so far as to create enmity with the human that appeared! We haven't attacked any other tribe in the last thousand years and stayed within our territory. Even if we leave him alone, why would he attack us! Eventually, he will disappear like that human as well," Monster Emperor Balang declared.

"What if he goes crazy just like the last human did? In the last Great War, that human attacked us out of nowhere! What if, after growing stronger this one goes crazy as well and attacks our tribe! Can you be sure that it won't be too late to stop him then?" Monster Emperor Taras said fiercely.

"I like both of you, but I agree with Taras more old buddy! I apologize but I think we should kill him while he's still weaker to avoid future troubles." Monster Emperor Shentia told Monster Emperor Taras.

"But..." Monster Emperor Balang wanted to continue, but stopped himself as he saw their determined expressions. He knew that no matter what he said, he wouldn't be about to convince Monster Emperor Taras and Monster Emperor Shentia.

"I have been sleeping for so long! It is time I get out and kill some insects!" Monster Emperor Taras let out.

"I still think it is a bad idea, but I don't think you will listen to me. I just hope it doesn't cause our tribe to suffer another tragedy" Monster Emperor Balang said.

"Why don't you stay behind, old friend, just like last time when Ancestor Alton stayed behind. You stay here in case something unexpected happens while we go kill that kid and the other tribes for scheming against us with the human." Monster Emperor Taras replied as he walked towards the tunnel leading to the exit. Monster emperor Shentia and Monster Emperor Balang followed behind as well.

After half a day, they all entered the monster city causing a heavy disturbance in the city.

"I saw that the three great monster emperors were walking together! Something of grave importance must be happening!" A monster with the face of a crow and the upper body of a bear said to his friend.

"I saw that as well! They were walking towards the monster palace! Our three great Monster Emperors haven't been seen together in the last hundreds of years! It was said that Monster Emperor Shentia and Monster Emperor Taras left the city and their whereabouts were a secret! Only Monster Emperor Balang stayed behind, but he too was never seen in public in the last hundreds of years!" His friend replied to him.

"I wonder what is going to happen. What can be so important that all the Monster Emperors appeared here together? Are we finally going to wage another war to conquer the lands?" The crow faced monster guessed.

"I think we will know very soon," His friend said, looking towards the monster palace.

This kind of conversation was happening all around the city, with most of the people guessing that they were going to war to conquer the lands again. Somehow a crazy rumor also started stating that four of the monster kings had started a fight against the other six monster king's over an argument and two of the monster kings had already died. The situation was so bad that the Monster Emperors themselves came here to control the situation. No one knew who started this rumor, but it was started to spread widely in the city.

Monster kings were sitting in the Great Hall still thinking about the options they had to handle, the situation involving the human and waiting for the response from monster emperors when the door was suddenly forced open. They all stood up and dropped down to a knee as they saw who it was.

"Rise! We already talked about the situation amongst ourselves and reached a decision! Prepare all our warriors! We will kill that human and slaughter the Banshee tribe who are keeping him!" Monster Emperor Taras said.

'Since both of you already decided to follow this path, I pray for your success, my friend! Since you are taking this step, our survival will depend on your success. I hope you are right this time' Monster Emperor Balang thought to himself as he saw the situation unfolding.

One day had passed since the Monster Emperors declared their decision to wage war on the banshee tribe and for killing Long Chen, but he was busy with his own troubles having no idea of the situation inside the monster tribe.

It was the fifth day since the red speck of light first appeared inside Long Chen's Martial space during his cultivation breakthrough to the Gold Core realm.

After five days of crazy absorption, it finally stopped. However, by that time, most of the qi around the Banshee tribe was sucked dry. It even got to the point where the Elphia tribe and others were starting to feel its effects.